I love the way it feels… crawling into bed next to him each night.   I love the way his body keeps me warm when we are cuddled up on a cool night.  I love the way our feet always touch when we lay in bed… the simple way we connect and how it makes me feel.

I love the way we walk next to each other when we go out.  I love the way our arms linked together makes me feel… how much I feel like his.  I love how close we feel when we talk softly.. and make each other laugh walking down the sidewalk like we are the only ones walking down the road.

I love how after sex… we always hug and kiss before we clean up.  I love the floaty feeling I have as we connect in such an amazing way… the way his lips feel against mine.  I love wrapping my arms around him… sliding my fingers down the middle of his back.

I love the way he looks at me… the way his eyes sparkle.  I love the way he sees me.. like I am this amazing person…. and I want to be that for him.  I love the way he rounds the corner when he comes home work and sees me waiting on him… the way his eyes light up.  What could be better than that? To know he is just happy to see me.

I love the way it feels to wake up to him in the mornings.  I love the way it feels to reach out and know he’s next to me.  I love the way it feels to start off my day next to him.. like I’m ready to take on the world.  I love when that lazy morning turns into sleepy sex… and even more so when we fall back asleep after.

Simply put… I just love him.