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>If you haven’t read part one yet… feel free to do so here. 🙂

When we got up to our room.. I kicked off my heels. I was certainly happy about that after hiking half a mile back to hotel. That sure doesn’t SEEM like a lot… but when you don’t wear heels a lot, it sure is. I walked over to the huge windows and pulled open the curtains. I looked out over the city towards the Space Needle all lit up… and smiled. It had been a wonderful night…. quite possibly one of the best dates we have ever been on.

Ben walked up behind me… wrapping his arms around me. We stood there together.. soaking in the beautiful sight and just enjoying being together. I closed my eyes and sighed… knowing that this moment was perfect- that nothing else mattered at that second but being there with him.

Minutes passed before I felt the warm touch of his lips on my neck. My eyes stayed shut… as they continued down my neck to my left shoulder. I turned my head back just enough for me to open my eyes to see him just for him to look up at me. My breathing was already shortening…. my body already tingly and needing him.

Our lips met… kissing each other wanting to encompass each other. I shifted.. turning around to face him… he wrapped his arms around me pulling my body into his. Our hands wandered… my hands reached around running my fingers over the fabric that covered his ass.

His mouth parted from mine… and back to my neck causing my head to fall to the side allowing him access. In my daze… he had unzipped my dress…. and then pulled it down off my shoulders. It fell to the ground, a puddle at my feet leaving me only in my bra in front of him. I took the opportunity to pull his shirt out of his pants then started unbuttoning it…. wanting him in the same state of undress as me.

Once all the buttons had cleared the holes…. I ran my hands up his chest… our mouths busy with each other. I reached his shoulders then pushed the fabric off him… adding to the pile at our feet. Quickly my fingers went to work on his belt… unbuckling it.. then to his pants. Before long… we were both completely naked.

Ben pushed me to the floor… and I wasted no time taking his cock into my mouth. He sighed with pleasure finally feeling the wetness of my orifice. I went slow at first…. on my knees… while he looked out over the city, knowing that at any minute someone from the neighboring apartments could see in. What a show that would have seen.

My pace picked up.. his hand on my head…. his hips meeting my movements. He was becoming rougher… taking charge in only the way he can do to me. He pulled away… turning me then pushing my face down, leaving my ass in the air. Ben straddled me and slid in with such force it took all I could for my face not to rub against the carpet.

He slammed into me over and over…. I still struggled to keep my head away from the carpet… it certainly was a challenge. It was a balancing act between pleasure and pain… so much so… I wasn’t sure how I felt about it… but I went with it anyway.

Finally he decided I had enough…. and got off me… pulling me onto the bed. I laid on my side giving him entrance to any hole of his choosing. My leg hooked his waist pulling him to me… till I felt the head of his cock press against my ass. He pressed gently… I gasped… then asked for lube (that I had conveniently packed for such an occasion… always be prepared for anything on vacation I say).

He reached over to the end of the bed where our black backpack was laying…. I guided him to the right pouch. He pulled it out… drizzled some on us both… then guided his cock into my ass. As always he met some resistance but slowly kept to his task of stretching. When he finally was in to the hilt… he gradually moved in and out… getting the muscles to relax and accept the intrusion.

Once I was just as much into it… over the initial pain…. he quickened his motion. My hand was on his chest… moaning with pleasure….. the other on my clit. Time faded away… I don’t know how long we were at it before I begged him to cum. I needed to feel him fill me… to fill my ass…

My fingers moved up to his nipple… tweaking it… knowing that would push him over the edge. His movements started to become ragged… I knew he was close. I knew all I had to do…. just a few words…

“Cum in my ass please”.

His eyes snapped shut…. a few more thrusts… and then his body shook… and he grunted with each spurt inside of me. A couple more thrusts left him completely spent… he pulled out… then laid down next to me. I curled up into his arms. It was just after midnight by then… our anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary baby… I love you”, I said… laying my head on his chest and sighing.

The perfect date indeed.


>Sooooo Ben apparently felt the need to bring back out BDSM with fury. We haven’t really done much extreme stuff lately.. something that I was really missing.. as it does help keep me grounded. But what can you do? Life happens… you just have to make the effort to keep it up. I mean, I couldn’t really remember the last time he flogged me. I guess I could go back through my archieves and see.. but I think that may have made me sad. I think that this whole IUD really put a big strain on us both… but anyways!

Last night… one word to describe it… WOW. It was intense and moving and grounding… well I could go on and on trying to describe it.

We had went to take a shower early in the evening… around sevenish. I had went into the bathroom to do my preshower ritual. I always make sure there are no stray hairs around my eye brows and such… so I was doing this.. when Ben came up beside me. He wrapped his arm around my neck pulling me close to him then began spanking me over and over.

Honestly, I’ve become soft…my tolerance for pain is not what it once was. It is amazing to me how quickly it goes away. So the blows to my ass were not comfortable to say the least, but I will tell you this…. I was wet… instantly.

Before he finished he leaned into me… growling into my ear…

“After our shower.. I’m going to whip you… hard. Now go start the shower”.

I did as I was told and got into the shower. I helped wash his body.. completely turned and aching to feel him inside me. After he was done washing, he shoved me to my knees and fucked my face. When he got his fill, he left me wanting more.

I finished showering and got out.. dried off and did my after shower stuff.. hurrying so that I could actually finish before he came to drag me into the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom I went to my knees again…. taking him deep into my mouth… though this didn’t last long.

He pulled me to my feet and shoved me over the bed. I felt the flogger slap against my back… hard… unforgiving. His assualt was the same.. never letting up… and for the first time ever… brought tears to my eyes. Not just the watery, welling up of tears… this was full on sobbing… and all I could think was that it hurt… and that I hoped that he would not stop.

He switched up a little and had me suck his cock while he flogged me… this time he spoke… mostly to amuse himself I’m sure.

“Know what my goals are tonight?…. Well do you?… HMMM??”

All I could say was I dunno in between having my face fucked.

“Well one is that I’m going to have you begging for more and the other is… I’m going to bruise you tonight”.

This of course made me even more wet. He didn’t let up… he flogged me.. my back.. my legs.. my ass… and fucked my face.. forced me to make myself cum over and over to the pain he inflicted on me. I may have been crying.. but I was in pure bliss.

Then. He stopped.. leaving the flogger on my back… and told me not to move. I made sure not to move an inch. I heard him leave the room and go into the kitchen in which he was rattling around in the drawer… I felt a sense of panic come over me… knowing that that must only mean he was after a spoon.

I was right…. he smacked me with it over and over.. which made me cry more. He later told me that he wasn’t actually hitting me that hard… but it sure as hell felt like it. He hit my ass then began moving down my legs till he got to my feet. I freaked and pulled away.. falling to the ground and pulling my legs into me. Not a good idea.

He yanked me up and tossed me onto the bed again and spanked my ass hard. I wasn’t going to move again. He went back to work on me with the spoon.. me crying out in agony…. it was not pleasant… but…. I would so do it again. Funny how that works.

Finally he decided to fuck me… and kept flogging me. Before I knew it… fucking my ass came into play… and he was deep inside my ass… claiming my body.

So yeah.. it was freaking amazing… and seriously.. its a good thing I don’t sit at work.. that would have been interesting. I have this amazing bruise on my ass with stripes from the spoon. I do like the way it feels to have to sit.. but doing it all day would have been hard I’m sure.

Ben has never bruised me before… only left red marks… and let me tell ya…. I’m all for it!

>now thats how you wake up

>Ben and I slept in this morning… and when we woke up… it was about the same time. We laid in bed… just enjoying being against each other. One of those lazy mornings where you don’t have to get up and be anywhere so you take in that moment.

I could feel the stir in me.. that desire of wanting. Ben was on his back and so I rolled over on my side… thoughts running through my mind of all the things I wanted him to do to me. He rolled over and wrapped his arm around me and so I wiggled back into this body letting his cock rest in the crease of my ass. My heart beat a little faster.

We laid like that for a bit… and I could hear his breathing fall into a easy pattern. He had obviously fallen back asleep. This did not make my thirst for him go away though… it just presented a new challenge to me.

I pushed my hand gently under his arm and started caressing his hips. I stroked slowly but with a sexual touch to it. Sometimes only with my finger tips.. and other times with my whole hand… as my mind wandered. From time to time my hand would wander down to right next to his cock… trying to get the response I was hoping for.

After a while… with nothing happening… I was frustrated… horny… and not getting anywhere. I finally stopped and rolled away to pout. I always can get him going that way… and for some reason… it wasn’t working this morning.

As I did this.. he asked where I was going… I said no where… but was full of disappointment. He wrapped his arm around me again and pulled me back into his body. His hand found my chest… and wandered down to my nipple.. stroking it gently. It was then I realized that he was no longer soft… but at full attention against my ass.

He rested his face against my neck and started kneading my breast harder. My hand reached back and started touching him.. running my hands over his hip…till it finally found his cock. I began stroking him slowly… loving the way it felt in my hand.

His hand reached down and found my hungry pussy. He stroked it making my body shiver… getting it nice and wet for his entry. I spread my knees and he slid deep inside of me with a moan of pleasure escaping my throat. I had ached for this… the feeling of his cock inside of my cunt.. and I was getting exactly what I wanted.

Our bodies began to glide together… in a movement that was almost choreographed. His hand came up around the front of me… finding my throat and grasping it. I could feel the muscles in my pussy tighten around him.

He whispered for me to cum… to cum now for him. It didn’t take long for my body to respond to such treatment. I came hard all over him.. with a force that pushed him out of my pussy.

After this… he slid back in and I began to fuck him harder… pushing back into him… feeling full. Soon his hands found my face and blocked me from breathing. I could feel myself getting wetter…. as the words from earlier poured from his mouth… and like earlier.. a violent orgasm ripped through my body.

This time, Ben used my wetness to slide into my ass…. a feeling a welcomed. At first he went in partially.. then pressed hard till he was deep inside my ass. Surprisingly to me… it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be… it felt- amazing.

He fucked my ass roughly… his hands about my throat again. I was loving every minute of his assault trying to hold my breath and gasping when I couldn’t. I could feel the build in his body… I could feel his orgasm coming.. and I welcomed it.

Before long… Ben spilled his seed in my ass…. filling me full… making me feel content and proud. He slipped out and I leaned back against him feeling the glow of great sex.

>…. sex… raw… sex

>I had just finished my shower… I got off and dried off then proceeded to do my nightly grooming ritual. After I finished I headed to the door and opened it.. only to be surprised by Ben. I didn’t have much time to think as he grabbed my hair and pushed me to my knees.

He was already fully erect which made me very happy to say the least. He shoved his cock into my mouth which I eagerly started to suck. I moved my lips up and down on his shaft, taking him in as deep as I could. His hips were meeting my movements with such vigor it was hard not to choke.

We did this for a bit before he finally pulled away and “walked” me into our bedroom by my hair. His hand never left my head as he had me get to my feet and lean over the bed. The first lash of the flogger hit my somewhat damp skin hard making my whole body tense. I cried out…. wishing that I had got a warm up but could see it was something I would not get.

Each hit was like lightening through my body. It seems to me that since our play has been spread out lately, my tolerance to pain has diminished some.. which makes me kind of sad. So who is to say he was hitting harder? Maybe it’s just me and my lowered threshold.

I kept crying out… over and over.. more in pain than in pleasure.. even if I was enjoying immensely. Minutes passed and my back.. shoulders… sides.. ass.. and thighs were being assaulted. I could feel spots he hit over and over… the pain was intense… at times barely to where I could handle it.

During his onslaught, he would ram into me with deep furious thrusts that took my mind off the sting of my skin…. which made it so much easier. Until. He pulled away and began to batter me again.

Finally some relief came…. and onto my knees I went again. I sucked vigorously as he ordered me to rub my clit and cum. I made quick, small circular strokes on my clit was I swallowed his cock in my mouth… feeling the orgasm grow inside of me. His words flowed out of his mouth like velvet… “Cum. Cum now.” That was all it took… my body shook with pleasure.

Back on the bed he began to flog my back again and tease my cunt with his dick. My fingers dug into the bed and gripped at the sheets. Over and over he hit me with an intensity that had me wrapped up in little knots… of course in a good way.

Soon we got to a point to where it was too much… I squinted my eyes and begged to have some relief.. to have a moment.. a break to soothe my burning flesh. I got my wish…. back on the floor I went.

I sucked him in to the back of my throat this time… he started to face fuck me at a steady pace. Again he ordered me to rub my clit. I did so.. then was pulled off his cock. He pulled me back by my hair, arching my back. He started hitting my left tit.. over and over…the pain was terrible.

“Cum for me. I want you to look in my eyes and cum”

And so I did… I rubbed feverously till I came again…. making eye contact the whole time. I felt so vulnerable.. knowing he could see into my soul at that very moment. That he could prbably see what was in my head and heart… the lust that was there for him.

I was pulled to my feet and pushed back across the bed. I continued rubbing my clit as he started to flog me again. I was very sensitive by then… and could feel the overwhelming pleasure growing between my legs again. I tried to stop… to keep it from happening… but it was too late. My body convulsed again.. a powerful orgasm ripping through me.

“Did you just cum without my permission”, he asked. I answered with a yes.

“I think you need to have your pussy whipped for that. Two times. Don’t you think?”. Again, I said yes.

So, I climbed onto the bed laying back spread eagle. He ran the flogger gently over my pussy lips… making my body tremble with nervous anticipation. When it came… the shock wave through me was intense to say the least. It rippled from my cunt to every extremety.

I forced myself not to completely close my legs…. as he said to open them up. Again, he teased me…. gently running the leather over my heated skin. When it hit again… I cried out… feeling the throbbing left behind….. and before I knew it… again painful hit.

I breathed deeply.. trying to calm myself and somehow found myself on my knees again. As I sucked this time… he talked.

“You have a choice. I can cum in your mouth. Or. I can cum in your ass.”, Ben purred.

I pulled away just long enough to utter the words, “in my ass”. He seemed to like this idea very much and was very condescending about it. After a few more pumps into my willing throat… he told me to get the lube and lube up my ass for him.

I did so.. making sure to be generous in the amount used…. trying to keep from being in too much pain. Once I was ready for him… I laid across the bed with my ass in the air. I breathed slowly… trying to push out any tenseness I had in my muscles.

When the tip of his cock touched my ass… it was so hard not to tense… but I kept breathing. He pushed in slowly… being gentle.. but forceful. Slowly he inched his way in till he was almost all the way in… and I felt panic wash over me as he began to slide in and out.

My breathing quickened and pain shot through me.. and not the good pain. He stopped.. telling me to calm down and breathe. I listened to his words and worked through it… keeping my arm wrapped around my waist to calm myself.

When I got it under control again he began fucking my ass again. He told me to rub my clit… and I did.. slowly… trying to keep out any bad thoughts of pain. His pace quickened.. and it started to feel better. He ran the flogger over my back as he did this…. hitting me gently…. I’m sure to keep from making me tense.

Before long I was fully into it.. enjoying every inch of his cock in my ass. He was really pounding away at me when I cried out for him to cum inside of me. The words put me over the edge and I begged to cum as well…. over and over till he heard me.

Ben told me to cum… just as he spilled his seed into my waiting ass…. to say that it was good… is an understatement.

>Saturday night.

We had went to bed… I think it was eleven or even midnight… I’m not sure anymore. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get laid… as it seems I never do on Saturdays because Ben works twelve hours that day.

He was quiet.. but would let out these sighs.. the type of sigh that says something is bugging you. I inquired… twice. Finally he said what was on his mind. I had done something that upset him… I listened as he talked… telling me his thoughts on the matter.

I laid against his chest hearing his words.. feeling my eyes fill with tears. I felt terribly that I had hurt him… it was all very stupid of me. Not that I felt bad.. but that I had done it.

After talking about it… he wasn’t mad anymore… he wasn’t hurt anymore… but that really didn’t MAKE me feel any better. We laid there together… just being next to each other. As we did Ben stroked my back- gently at first then with a bit of passion behind it.

Before long.. petting turned into full blown making out and touching.. his knee between my legs grinding against my pussy. Words poured from his lips… asking things about what had happened and such.

I answered… only to feel his hands slip around my neck. He squeezed hard.. and I could feel the wetness grow between my legs.

For the next little bit.. it was kinda a blur… all I remember is being taken to the living room to log onto the net.. to tell someone what I done. I was supposed to ride Ben as I typed… not so fun.

From there he asked if we were ok.. if I was ok with it. I really didn’t want to tell anyone what happened… I wanted to keep it between us. He said he understood… and we started to watch porn instead.

We watched for a bit.. then I turned to him and asked him to punish me… because deep down I knew I needed to be. He obliged me.

In the process… he sent me into our room a few times. I retrieved a vibrator… nipple clamps…. our flogger.. lube… my collar… and a towel. He had me suck his cock over and over… in between fucking him with a vibrator in my pussy or against my clit. I squirted three different times doing this.

The nipple clamps went on… and he’d pull them… hurting me like I cannot describe. Sometimes they’d pop off and he’d reattach them… threatening to attach them to my clit. He even had me hold the chain my teeth.

He had me get on my knees with my vibrator in my pussy while I sucked him off. Every time I’d squeeze it out… he’d make me go clean it… then come back… fucking my face even harder for making him wait.

He then had me lube up my ass and finger it while I sucked him.. it was all very intense… and very surreal.

Finally he was ready to fuck me in the ass.. a thing he had been threatening all along. He wanted to flog me first though. The stings were harsh… no warm ups for Sierra. I came close to crying several times… but I was tough and didn’t. He whipped me over and over… intense, harsh blows that almost knocked the wind out of me.

He stopped.. and I felt the head of his cock press against my ass. I was leaned over the couch and tried hard to relax knowing that if I didn’t… he would end up hurting me (something neither of us wanted).

He slow inched in till he was deep inside me. It hurt… but I stayed calm. I reached down and started rubbing my clit trying to take away from some of the feelings of pain as he started to pound my ass.

While he fucked my ass he’d occaisioanlly flog my back making me tense a little. I kept at my clit though… trying to stay focused… hoping he’d cum soon. I didn’t have to wait long.. before I knew it he let his load go, filling my ass with his reward.

I was spent to say the least… but I felt better… as did he.


>I had spent the afternoon reading blogs… random ones… ones about lurid sexual moments… moments that stirred passion inside of me. I felt the familiar twinge between my legs… a dull throb… of lust and want. I couldn’t take the torture any longer.

To my bed I went (my preferred masturbation spot.. just because I can stretch out). The room was barely illuminated.. just enough that I could still see. I stripped off what little clothes I had on till I was completely naked then laid down. My legs spread and my wanton fingers went straight for my clit.

I started rubbing slowly… then dove slowly into my cunt, wetting my fingers. Back up to my clit I went… working it gently… be intently. I closed my eyes.. imagining all sorts of things… trying to find the right image.. the right set up to give me the intended result.

Finally I landed on one…

We are in a vintage hotel room… dark colors… heavy drapes… rich textures… very.. Victorian. Ben is in an arm chair… dressed. He has his elbows on the arms with his hands joined in front of him… clasped… looking intent. He’s kind of slumped down a bit… casual.

On the bed.. my legs are spread.. high in the air. My fingers are on my pussy rubbing it.. looking up at my partner… speaking filthy, slutty things to him. It’s an old fuck buddy of mine.. the one that introduced me to bondage.

I glance over at Ben… still sitting there… watching us… then back up to this man who is about to fuck me. I beg for him to slide his cock in my ass.. and in seconds I am filled. He fucks me slowly at first but is soon pounding me.

I feel my orgasm coming… building up to a sweet blissful end. I slid my vibrator into my drenched pussy and turn it on.. fucking myself. I keep rubbing my pussy.. playing images over and over in my head. I am on the verge… I feel it… I keep my steady pace… and finally… a powerful orgasm rushes over me. I cry out in pleasure as waves engulf my body.

Once is subsides… I leave my vibrator inside of me… letting me come down easily. My body relaxes… eyes still shut in a quiet content world.

>just what I wanted

>After getting out of the shower, I draped myself across our bed. I waited for Ben to join me… listening to him shave in the other room. Once he finished he came into our room and grabbed our water glass. He was gone for a few minutes then returned with a full glass and my vitamin.

I could hear him behind me crunching some ice… at some point he set the glass and pill down on my nightstand and came around to his side of the bed. He stopped by my head… standing there naked… it meant for me to move out of his spot. I just laid there and smiled.

He grunted at me and then climbed onto the bed placing his left arm over me. He crouched down and kissed between my shoulders. I let out a little sigh at the feel of his tender lips against my back. He kissed around my shoulders and down my back. Before I knew it… his kisses turned into bites. I was elated… letting out moans… and digging my fingers into the bed when it would get intense.

He repositioned himself between my legs… continuing his work on my back. Out of no where, he stopped… there was silence.. then TWHACK! His hand made contact with my ass cheek. I yelped at the unexpected attack… but inside… I was excited… how had he known that I wanted that? That before he even touched me as I stood by the bed, that was what I had wanted. I purred.

He kept smacking my ass.. over and over.. randomly and then in the same spot several times. I squirmed… wanting him to stop… but not wanting him to in the same sense.

He pulled me back towards him and slipped the tip of his cock into my pussy… teasing me. He wrapped his free hand around the length of his beautiful member to keep me from mounting him fully. I whined in dismay… moving my body back and forth… fucking myself with the head.

Again he slapped my ass… being relentless on his task of spanking me. I could feel it coming.. I rode his head even faster till I came all over him and the bed. I cooed… I felt amazing and didn’t want it to stop.

He pulled away, though… and climbed off the bed.. his cock at full attention… awaiting my service. I promptly wrapped my lips around it and began sucking. I took him deep in my mouth hitting the back of my throat.

He began fucking my face hard… making me gag… but I wasn’t going to move.. I kept focused on my task. Between some of his movements.. he would lean in and spank me hard… unexpectedly. I would yelp but my mouth was full.

He pulled away from me and went behind me again…. teasing me once more… fucking me with only the tip of his dick. He told me to rub my clit while he did.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”, he asked.

I almost yelled a yes… and with that he plunged deep into pussy. He kept spanking me… not letting up… but threw in something new. He pinched my ass… which was met with a scream. He asked if I liked… of course I did! He kept pinching and spanking… it was so hard to keep my composure.

Suddenly I could feel another orgasm coming… he told me to cum…. and I did.. hard. He didn’t let up though. He kept fucking me.. spanking me… pinching me. He asked if I was going to cum again. Honestly.. it had been maybe two minutes.. but yes… I was… I was going to cum again.

Once I came, I asked him to fuck me in the ass. He asked if I was sure.. and when I was… he told me to beg him… and I did. I begged to feel his cock in my ass.. to fuck me. He reached for the lube (not that I really needed it… he just really doesn’t want to hurt me-not like that atleast), lubed up, and slowly started to slide his dick into my ass.

He went slow.. putting his hand on my back to soothe me… to keep me calm so I wouldn’t tense up. I know I wanted it.. but I was seriously tensing. I tried not to… I kept rubbing my clit to keep myself calm. I hate when my brain works against me!

I did manage to calm down for him to get deep inside of me. It hurt… it hurt bad… we really need to work on that! I dont want it to hurt damn it! He began to fuck me slowly… rubbing my body to keep me fuckable (hehe). I wanted to cry it hurt so bad… but I focused… I wanted to feel him cum in my ass more than anything.

He started talking to me… to keep me distracted from the pain… asking me if I wanted him to cum in my ass… if I liked him fucking my ass… I of course did like it.. pain or not. I begged him to cum in my ass…. and finally he did… it was an amazing feeling.

When he pulled out… I rolled over and he pulled me into his arms. After a minute of holding me.. it was my turn to cum again. 🙂