>So I must apologize for my absence of late… I have not been feeling well. Apparently spring as arrived and it has been kicking my ass. I just love allergies… but anyways, I am feeling better and trying to get back into the posting groove. Please bear with me.

Right before I started feeling bad last weekend.. I had quite an experience. We were on the couch watching Resident Evil Apocalypse and I got a wild hair up my ass to put my hair in pigtails. I’m not really sure where it came from… but once in a while I do like to do it.

I joked with Ben that they were handle bars and he laughed with me. Little did I know, they would be later.

I wasn’t completely enthralled with the movie… we’ve seen it before… it was just on to pass the time. My mind raced with thoughts of feeling Ben inside of me… of him taking me and using me. I felt the lust grow in my body and mind… so much it was all I could focus on.

I let my hand wander over to him…. rubbing his leg… letting it go further… rubbing his cock through his jammie pants. I grinned over at him with my “I want to fuck” look. He asked me if I indeed wanted something. I shook my head yes feeling very little girlish.

His attention went back to the tv. I upped my game. I scooted over and leaned in to kiss his neck softly. I couldn’t contain myself though and attacked his neck with heavy kisses… feeling the urge in me growing.

My lips trailed up his neck and to his lips where they locked in a passionate kiss. After a minute he pulled back and put his hand up.

“Not right now”, he said gently. I didn’t listen and went to lean back in.

“No”, his gentleness melted away and became confident but stern. I pulled back pouting.

I sat in my spot.. glancing over at him every few minutes before I couldn’t wait… and I found myself with my body pressed against him kissing his neck again.

“I said no”, Ben commanded pushing me back firmly but not hurting me. I sat back and put my head against his bent knee. I looked at him begging with my eyes almost… trying to show him how badly that I wanted him.

I felt like a little girl completely… wanting a piece of candy but being told I couldn’t have it. Begging for it… but still not getting it.

“Not now, later”, he said. I looked at him with big eyes… then shut them turning my face to the seat… I nuzzled his knee with my head gently feeling ever so submissive. I then sat up…. waiting impatiently for when I could have him.

I waited maybe ten minutes…. then I leaned back into him receiving another stern no. All of me wanted him to pull me over his lap and spank me for being such a bad girl… for not listening to him. This didn’t happen.

Finally the movie ended and we got up to shower. I stood in the way of him walking into the bathroom. Ben wrapped his arms around my body and began massages my breasts. I leaned against him.. feeling his strong body holding me… and just let go. I was wet and willing to do whatever he wanted.

He kissed my neck…. making my pussy ache for his cock…. it was so close… yet I didn’t have it. He pushed me forward into the bathroom. Once in there he spun me around and then used my pigtails to push me down. He pulled out his erect cock and I eagerly took it in.

He wrapped his hands around my pigtails and pulled my head into him. I sucked him hard and fast… just what he wanted.. taking him deep into my mouth. I got a few good sucks in before he was pulling me to my feet and turning me back around.

He plunged his cock into my dripping hole. Finally… fulfillment. I met his bucking with my hips… I fucked him feverishly… not taking a moment to breathe almost. However, this did not last long… I guess it was intended to be more of a tease. He pulled out and left me feeling empty. He told me to start the shower… which I did.

Sitting on the edge of the tub… my eyes were transfixed on his beautiful member. I wanted it in my mouth again… to taste my juices on it. The shower was running… I stood and stripped.. then promptly dropped to my knees, turned him to me… and had him ram his cock down my throat again.

This time it was my turn to tease… a few good sucks… and I stood and climbed in the shower.

I washed up diligently… he joined me in there also washing. All the while I was thinking of all the nasty things I wanted to do to him and vice versa. After we were all clean… he kissed me.. signaling that he was getting out.

I wasn’t having that. I grabbed his hips and down to my knees I went…. taking just the tip in my mouth this time. He placed his hand on the back of my head and buried my face in his hips. I could feel the water beating down on my back….. every sense of mine was alive with feeling.

I stopped… looked up at him and grinned. He pulled me to him.. kissed me softly and got out of the shower.

I followed him shortly after… and this little girl got her justs desserts 🙂