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>the dress

>I had looked far and wide for a dress for our upcoming (now passed) anniversary weekend away. You see, I’m really not a big fan of dresses. I not 100% sure why that is… I just know that I don’t like them… and I know… I don’t think most are very flattering on me.

About a week before we were supposed to leave…. I had enough. I hadn’t found a dress… and the ones I had found quite frankly sucked ass. So.. I gave up. I was going to wear my black and blue pin striped pants. The thing is I wanted to find a new shirt to wear.

Friday I set out to find a new shirt on lunch. Much to my surprise.. I found a ton of dresses that I loved… weird. I tried them all on… and one of them was just “it”. I was thrilled.. and more so when it was 50% off! Sweet deal.

Friday was the last day of work before my ten day vacation started. When I got home… Ben was just getting home around the same time. I told him about the dress then tried it on… with the shoes and earrings I planned on wearing. Ben said…. “cute”. I laughed and said I didn’t want to look cute.

Ben wanted to pop into the shower before my niece and her fiance showed up and so I was going to go to take off the dress. He walked up behind me.. and wrapped his arms around me.

“The best thing about a dress… is this…”, he said… as his hand snaked down my thigh and hiking up my skirt. His fingers worked their way around to the round of my ass… making me exhale. Before I knew it… his fingers were working their way to my pussy… to my clit.
I pushed my ass back and against him… feeling his hardness against me…. and I must say.. I loved every moment of it.

Then out of no where… he bent me over the bed.. and slammed deep inside of me. He pounded away… the moans slipping from my lips. I could hear the tinkle of my dangly earrings with each thrust. I felt deliciously slutty. The kind of slut that is only brought out by the best lover. The kind of slut that the sophisticated woman wants to be… and is only made to be so when its forced upon them.

He pulled out.. only to let me shed my garments… and head to the shower. Inside the bathroom I was fucked before I could turn the shower on…. more inside the shower… twice before he finally decided that what he really needed was to cum inside of his wife.

I think he liked the dress.



>We were laying on the bed.. all the wrong way. My legs were over the side with my back flat against the mattress. Ben was up next to me… laying there in a perfect little silence. Minutes passed before Ben said we should go get a shower.

He got up…. taking his shirt off. I watched him as he disappeared from the room. I heard him call for me.. asking if I was coming. I was…. just not that very second. I closed my eyes and imagined how I had wanted that moment to go…

On my back… my shirt rose a little.. leaving a little strip of skin exposed above my jeans. I could imagine his fingers tracing the waistline. I could imagine his hands working north… feeling my smooth skin under his fingertips. He would keep moving till he reached the bottom band of my bra slipping underneath.

He’d trace that band as well… inching up a tad.. to feel my nipple… all hard and ready to be teased. He’s slip his whole hand inside… wrapping it around the full of my breast.. squeezing it gently much to my approval. Before leaving… he’d gently pinch the hardness.. exciting a moan from me.

He’d move south again… exploring a different route this time. This time when he reached my jeans, he’d unbutton them. Slowly unzipping them.. his fingers would move inside… grazing over the smooth lips of my pussy making my breathing grow more rapid.

He’d remove them… and use the other to pull my jeans down my legs. He’d inch up my legs to the inside of my thighs.. kissing gently. When he reached my pussy… he’d lick slowly… teasing my clit.. making my body writhe under his tongue. His hands would move back up… under my bra and pinch both of my nipples again.

And this is where my imagination stopped as the husband was calling for me again. I got up in my dreamy state and joined him in the shower.. leaving my thoughts in the bedroom.

>It was late… shower time.. right before bed.. our nightly ritual. We were messing around after getting washed up.. playing around with each other…. or should I say.. I was antagonizing him. I tapped him on the forehead… he retaliated by grabbing my arm and swatting my butt; not hard.. just a playful little tap. I felt a twinge.. and knew I wasn’t going to stop… it would lead to more.

I did it a few more times.. and with each time.. he was more forceful… pulling my arm up higher and higher behind my back… smacking my ass a bit firmer. Before I knew it…. he had a good hold on me… pushed me up against the wall of the shower…. and started spanking me pretty hard.

I welcomed his assault… feeling the slight burn of the spanking and pulling of my arm. It was all kind of sudden…. but I was loving it… the unexpected. Within seconds I felt his fingers slide into my cunt from behind… filling me up… aggressively sliding in and out with such vigor it took my breath away.

He fingered my pussy hard and fast… not letting me catch my breath… then pulled out smacked me a few more times…before shoving me to the bottom of the tub. His cock penetrated my mouth.. and slammed into the back of my throat. He was brutal… not being easy on me…. as I gagged and fought to gain my composure. He wasn’t letting up though.. not till he was ready.

Minutes passed before he left me a heaving mess. I pulled myself together… stood in the warm water for a bit longer.. then left the shower. He had already left the bathroom.. I saw him in the hall area. He glanced at me.. in a kind of cold distant glance… it was kinda strange… and kinda thrilling all at once.

I brushed my teeth and did my before bed stuff then walked into our room.

Ben stood there.. completely naked… the warm glow of a candle filling the room. He reached out for me… cupping my neck and pushing me to the ground. Once again, I found my mouth filled with his cock…. penetrating my lips and back to my throat. He was not gentle… and I adored him for that.

Before long I was bent back over the end of the bed…. him straddling my face… riding me with no abandon. There was something beyond erotic to me about it… the way it felt to be there underneath him almost as he took what he needed from me. I was a puddle without a doubt.

While he did so.. he told me to rub my pussy… make it cum he instructed… and so while he was brutally fucking my face… I was vigorously attacking my clit…. moments away from explosion.

What lay ahead for me… left my face wet with tears…. and my cunt aching for more.

>my cracker

>It was night… we were showering to get ready for bed. We were joking around… playing. He taped me on my face gently and I pretended to be shocked.

“I’m not afraid of you hoopty”, I said with a grin on my face.

“Do you even know what hoopty means?”, he asked amused. I pondered it just for a moment.

“All right, then… I’m not afraid of you cracka”, I giggled, “yep, that’s right… you’re my saltine cracker… just a little salty.”

We joked a bit more and finished our shower in which he got out first… like usual. While he was still at the sink… I laughed to myself.

“Actually babe, you’re not a saltine….you’re a Ritz cracker.”

“Why is that? Because I’m small and round?” he joked. (He isn’t small and round in my opinion. He is short by guy standards.. but still taller than me… and has a little bit of a belly… but I see it as more of him to snuggle up to).

I laughed heartily… he truly cracks me up sometimes.

“No, I was thinking more along the lines of that you’re sweet.”, I smiled.

“Well, mine was funnier.”, he smirked.

>what wonders the shadows hold

>I was laid out diagonally across the bottom of our bed… totally spent.. eyes closed almost unable to move part of the sheet bunched in my hand. I felt Ben’s hand touch my flushed skin… gently running his fingers across my back.

“Come on baby”, he said sweetly, wanting to take me into his arms.

He crawled onto our mattress and I slowly followed. He was already on his back when I curled my beaten body into him…. feeling completely loved and safe with his arm wrapped around me. I laid my head on his chest and felt completely at peace.


Ben had texted me earlier in the day… letting me know that his back was hurting and that most likely that meant no sex… hope I wasn’t horny, he said. I, of course, was. It had been two weeks since we had done anything remotely painful… and I was feeling restless to say the least. It’s weird how I almost need the pain to stay grounded these days.

I prepared myself for the rest of the day not to get what my body and mind needed. I was tired… and feeling my day at work. It seemed very late at night… even though it was only a little after seven (or so).

I went to our bedroom and laid down, cuddling up to one of our cats. Ben followed and we talked and cuddled for a bit. He asked me what I wanted to do… and since sex was out… sleep was the next best thing. He agreed but said we should go take a shower.

In the shower… after he finished I needed to shave still before I would be done. He was just standing there…. so I kissed him (which is usually when he leaves to dry off). He continued to stand there… and I complained saying I needed to shave and I didn’t want to run out of hot water.

He kissed me again… deeply…. with my razor in hand (funny the things that stick out in your mind). I kissed him back passionately… locked in his embrace as his hand went to my hair and tugged. I was a instantly weak in the knees.

After a few minutes I complained again about needing to shave (assuming that I wasn’t getting laid… and so therefore no reason to get me riled up). He wasn’t done with me though.. and kissed me again.

He broke the embrace and pushed me to my knees in the shower…. then rammed his cock down my throat. The roughness seemed more harsh.. given the time that had elapsed since the last time we played that way. Every tug on my hair was more painful than I remembered.

He fucked my face… and then opened the shower curtain and stepped out… leaving me on my knees. He grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my feet. This is where he began his assault on my ass. He smacked it over and over…. and I yelped… feeling each sting deep inside of me.

After he got in many good blows… he pulled my hips into him and buried his cock inside of me. I cooed with happiness… though it would be short lived. He slammed me a few times then abruptly yanked out.. ahh you have to love a good tease.

I shaved quickly knowing that my hot water was almost gone. Sure enough, I shaved most of my legs in cold water…. nicking my legs in the process. When I opened the shower curtain the door to the bathroom was slightly open (nothing out of the usual) but I could see that the lights were off…. excitement flashed through me.

I dried off quickly and did my after shower rituals… I’m a creature of habit. I stepped out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom. Ben was standing there… still hard… waiting for me in a candlelit room. I glanced at the bed, it was stripped except the bottom sheet and laying on the side was our blue flogger. I thought to myself that was strange knowing that he prefers the red one… but I was NOT going to complain.

From there its some what of a blur between sucking his cock while he flogged me…. being bent over the bed and being flogged. The pain, just like it was in the bathroom was just the same…. intense. It stung bad… but in a good way… and in my head I wanted the pain to stop…. yet… I didn’t.

I do remember him pulling me back against the bed with my hands over my head… holding me in place as he flogged my stomach.. my legs… my tits. I spread my legs… he was almost amused… asking if I wanted my pussy spanked…. and like the pain.. I did but I didn’t.

After a while he finally fucked me… and it felt fantastic. I laid my head down on the mattress as he pounded away and I noticed an odd thing…. I could see our shadow on the wall.. flickering. It was…. well.. I don’t have words for it.

I was intoxicated with the image of our bodies mingled together… I stared at it but still held onto our actions. Several times I would stare off at it… being able to see my wonderful husband behind me.

It seemed like forever… but I could finally start to feel his frenzied bucking against me. I knew at any minute… he would be filling me with his cum… I pushed back against him.. totally lost in lust.

I gasped… screaming… and felt his body convulse against me….

>Sierra wants a new toy!

>In the realm of wanting to push myself.. in wanting to see how much I can take and try new things… I’ve decided I want a new toy! I want to try out a cane. Now this scares and intrigues the hell out of me… but I really, really want to try it. I want to feel the sting of it against my ass and legs…. I want to see the lovely red whelps left on my skin when Ben is done with is assault on my flesh. Just the very thought of it makes me moist.

When Ben got home tonight we went and took a shower. I mentioned to him that the next toy we get I wanted it to be a cane. He asked me if I was sure about that.. and I said yeah. His words- “Ok, just remember YOU asked for it”. I think I got a little nervous at the sound of that (haha).

I told him just to start out slow.. and we will work ourselves up to full blown caning. After that, he climbed out of the shower and leaned in to kiss me. Me, being the feisty girl that I am.. didn’t kiss him. He said for me to kiss him.. but I still didn’t.

This is when he got inpatient… grabbed my hair.. and told me to kiss him. I felt a twinge in my cunt. Again, I didn’t kiss him. This time.. he pulled harder and put his hands around my throat. I kissed him.. deeply and passionately. I could feel the air slipping from my body as I kissed him… so helpless in his arms… so lusting after him.

Our kiss lasted for a while before I couldn’t breathe anymore and pulled away. Ben stepped back into the shower…. pulled me to the bottom of the tub and shoving his cock down my throat. Oh how I love when he does this.

He face fucked me…. holding my hair tight in his fist. I was barely able to breathe… and he kept pounding away. Then suddenly he slammed deep in my throat with my nose buried in his groin cutting off my air. I could feel my eyes tearing up… and my mouth salivate.

When I couldn’t breathe again… I jerked about trying to get away. He released me… I gasped for air for a few seconds for him to slam back down my throat.

This went on for a bit.. until he wrapped his hand around my throat and weaved his fingers through my hair… and pulled me to my feet. He squeezed hard… and tried to keep breathing. Words spilled out of his mouth.. asking me if I wanted him to whip me… and when I said yes… he asked now… I of course said yes.

Then he let go.. and left the shower. I stayed in for a few more minutes.. getting my footing. When I turned the water off and opened the curtain.. he was standing there in front of the sink. I started to wring my hair out and got half way down when he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out and onto my knees.

I took him deep in my mouth.. working diligently as I sucked his cock. He stood still as I worked him… his hands still in my hair… holding me close enough without letting me go. After a few moments.. he pulled away… taking me by the hair still and walked out of the bathroom… still dripping with water.

He pulled me into the bedroom and yanked the blankets off the bed. Again… on my knees he fucked my face. He was relentless.. shoving his cock down my throat. I was starting to get cold.. feeling the water roll down my naked body.

When he was done with me he got me on the bed bent over. He went for the flogger and I winced a bit. I knew that what was about to happen.. would hurt.. a lot.

The first it shot through my body… and hurt like hell. I cried out.. and he hit again… and again. Each time was just as painful and I gasped for air each time. He kept whipping me and whipping me… each time I cried out… and all he did was mock me by laughing and being pleased with himself.

He alternated between fucking me and whipping me for a while. Sometimes doing both. He’d go around and have me suck his cock as well… switching things up. He climbed off the bed and behind me again… and nothing.

Then he told me what he had…. a yellow switch like thing. It’s part of a cat toy we have… its like ten inches long and tapered. I think… he wanted to simulate what the sting of a cane could feel like. Suddenly I felt it hit my skin… and it stung.. BAD.

He did this over and over again.. in different spots… I wanted to cry. The last blow was just below my ass.. in the very tender skin. It took my breath away.

After he was done with that.. he slammed back into my dripping wet pussy. He slid in and out a few times and told me to climb onto the bed on my back. He slid his cock down deep into my mouth and told me to spread my legs. He told me he was going to whip my pussy. This is where he began toying with me.

He ran the flogger over my cleaned shaved pussy.. teasing me… he whipped my thighs softly… moving up to my breasts… whipping those. He asked me if I was ready… I was. Seconds passed, yet they seemed like hours… and he dealt the blow. It was harsh.. and it shot through my body like lightening. I kept sucking his cock though.. never stopping.

He ordered me to get back in the position I was in. I crawled back to where I was. He climbed in behind me.. and slid inside of me. He started fucking me hard… with a mission. He flogged me over and over… till I felt his body tense… and felt his cum fill me.

So yeah.. a hot time was had… and I think he likes the idea of a cane.. what do you think?

>I had yesterday off and was very happy to see Ben when he got home. We are always kind of silly with each other when we first see each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck and barraged him with kisses. He asked if I wanted to take a shower… I was completely up for that.

So we got into the shower and my silliness did not end there. I grabbed one of his nipples in my fingers and asked him if that was an on switch. I smiled sweetly. He just laughed and said he didn’t know. I let go and started washing my hair.

My eyes were closed when I felt a tug on one of my nipples. I felt a surge of lust throughout my whole body and let out a tiny sigh. I rested my hand on his chest and opened my eyes… our eyes locked in an intense stare.

“Apparently it is an on switch for something”, he said looking down… I giggled.

He grabbed my nipple again and pinched hard. My knees went weak and I started to breathe heavily. He grabbed the other one… intently staring at me as I moaned. I could feel the warmth grow between my legs. The pain shot through my chest… a good pain.

Finally he released them and I almost fell against him. His fingers slide around the back of my head and pulled me to his lips, kissing me ever so passionately. The throbbing in my pussy was almost more than I could bear… I just wanted to feel him inside of me.

Our kiss broke and he pushed me to my knees. I hungrily took his cock in my mouth. He pounded my face making me gag and gasp for air. I loved every minute of it. His fingers were weaved in my hair tug my head to meet his movements.

Ben pulled me back and shoved my face in his balls making me suck them. He stroked his cock with his free hand and then shoved my nose into his groin cutting off my air. When I would run out of air I would struggle to get loose and breathe deep to replenish my air supply.

After this a few times.. he pulled me by my hair to kiss me again. I felt high… completely drunk from it all. He spun me around and pushed me forward. I put my hand out to catch myself just as he smacked my ass.

I felt the head of his dick slide against my ever so wet slit. I drew a breath in… wanting to so badly for him just just glide into me. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and teased my pussy with just the tip.

“Is this what you want?”, he asked. I yelled out yes.. almost exasperated. He teased my wet hole still.. and told me too bad. I began to beg… all the while he relentlessly teased me.. making me ache for him. This went on for what seemed forever.

Again he smacked my ass and slammed his cock into me. It felt amazing… just as I knew it would. He pounded me a few times… yanked out, and then left the shower. I turned around just in time to see his face as he closed the curtain. To say I felt like sitting at the bottom of the tub and pouting would be putting it easily. It wasn’t fair.

I finished showering and opened the curtain. I reached for my towel but before I could he grabbed my hair and pulled me out… still dripping wet. He shoved my face onto his cock and fucked my face hard. I reached up and cupped his balls while he did so being perfectly still letting him take me.

When he was done.. he again turned and walked away. I didn’t move.. not sure what he wanted me to do. Did he want me to follow… to dry off.. to wait like a good girl? After a minute I decided to get up and dry off. I had only halfway done when he came in and said that was good enough.

He pushed me out of the bathroom and into our room. He stopped me in his favorite place to torture me.. the foot of our bed. He shoved me forward again and kicked my legs apart… leaving my pussy and ass exposed to his whim.

On the bed in front of me was some rope… he picked it up and lightly struck my ass. Then again.. and again… gaining strength with each strike. With every contact of the rope… my body would shake and a whimper would escape my lips.

Once again he felt the need to torment my pussy… just sticking the tip in. I begged for him to fuck me… as I moved my hips against him. I begged more… pleading just to feel him satisfy my cunt. Finally he felt I needed it bad enough- with a fist full of my hair… he pounded into me. He dug his thumb into the small of my back… screams echoing in the the room.

It didn’t last long, though. He pulled out.. climbed on the bed.. pulling my body to him.

“Suck my cock”, he ordered… and so I did. I took him deep in my mouth as I felt the rope slap down on my ass again. “Legs spread”.

I spread them quickly and was asked if I was ready. I mumbled yes with a full mouth. I kept sucking as I felt the rope come down on my pussy lips. It hurt… very bad.. but I kept sucking. He repeated it over and over till one hit on the soft folds of my pussy.

I recoiled into a ball.. trying hard not to cry. He sat there… touched my back… waiting for me. To see what I was going to do from there. He stroked my hair as I tried hard to compose myself. Finally I managed to straighten back up and took his cock back in my mouth.

Despite the burn… I was insanely wet. I was hungry for more. I sucked like a mad woman. I wanted him to want me as bad. I wanted him not to be able to resist anymore. And soon I got just that. He pulled out of my mouth and had me turn with my ass in the air.

My pussy glided down on his hard cock and I begin riding it like there was no tomorrow.

“Rub your clit”, he barked… and I did. I reached down and began rubbing.. making my pussy muscles contract. And just by doing that he was done for… filling me full of his wonderful cum.

>sorry- Im back

>So I must apologize for my absence of late… I have not been feeling well. Apparently spring as arrived and it has been kicking my ass. I just love allergies… but anyways, I am feeling better and trying to get back into the posting groove. Please bear with me.

Right before I started feeling bad last weekend.. I had quite an experience. We were on the couch watching Resident Evil Apocalypse and I got a wild hair up my ass to put my hair in pigtails. I’m not really sure where it came from… but once in a while I do like to do it.

I joked with Ben that they were handle bars and he laughed with me. Little did I know, they would be later.

I wasn’t completely enthralled with the movie… we’ve seen it before… it was just on to pass the time. My mind raced with thoughts of feeling Ben inside of me… of him taking me and using me. I felt the lust grow in my body and mind… so much it was all I could focus on.

I let my hand wander over to him…. rubbing his leg… letting it go further… rubbing his cock through his jammie pants. I grinned over at him with my “I want to fuck” look. He asked me if I indeed wanted something. I shook my head yes feeling very little girlish.

His attention went back to the tv. I upped my game. I scooted over and leaned in to kiss his neck softly. I couldn’t contain myself though and attacked his neck with heavy kisses… feeling the urge in me growing.

My lips trailed up his neck and to his lips where they locked in a passionate kiss. After a minute he pulled back and put his hand up.

“Not right now”, he said gently. I didn’t listen and went to lean back in.

“No”, his gentleness melted away and became confident but stern. I pulled back pouting.

I sat in my spot.. glancing over at him every few minutes before I couldn’t wait… and I found myself with my body pressed against him kissing his neck again.

“I said no”, Ben commanded pushing me back firmly but not hurting me. I sat back and put my head against his bent knee. I looked at him begging with my eyes almost… trying to show him how badly that I wanted him.

I felt like a little girl completely… wanting a piece of candy but being told I couldn’t have it. Begging for it… but still not getting it.

“Not now, later”, he said. I looked at him with big eyes… then shut them turning my face to the seat… I nuzzled his knee with my head gently feeling ever so submissive. I then sat up…. waiting impatiently for when I could have him.

I waited maybe ten minutes…. then I leaned back into him receiving another stern no. All of me wanted him to pull me over his lap and spank me for being such a bad girl… for not listening to him. This didn’t happen.

Finally the movie ended and we got up to shower. I stood in the way of him walking into the bathroom. Ben wrapped his arms around my body and began massages my breasts. I leaned against him.. feeling his strong body holding me… and just let go. I was wet and willing to do whatever he wanted.

He kissed my neck…. making my pussy ache for his cock…. it was so close… yet I didn’t have it. He pushed me forward into the bathroom. Once in there he spun me around and then used my pigtails to push me down. He pulled out his erect cock and I eagerly took it in.

He wrapped his hands around my pigtails and pulled my head into him. I sucked him hard and fast… just what he wanted.. taking him deep into my mouth. I got a few good sucks in before he was pulling me to my feet and turning me back around.

He plunged his cock into my dripping hole. Finally… fulfillment. I met his bucking with my hips… I fucked him feverishly… not taking a moment to breathe almost. However, this did not last long… I guess it was intended to be more of a tease. He pulled out and left me feeling empty. He told me to start the shower… which I did.

Sitting on the edge of the tub… my eyes were transfixed on his beautiful member. I wanted it in my mouth again… to taste my juices on it. The shower was running… I stood and stripped.. then promptly dropped to my knees, turned him to me… and had him ram his cock down my throat again.

This time it was my turn to tease… a few good sucks… and I stood and climbed in the shower.

I washed up diligently… he joined me in there also washing. All the while I was thinking of all the nasty things I wanted to do to him and vice versa. After we were all clean… he kissed me.. signaling that he was getting out.

I wasn’t having that. I grabbed his hips and down to my knees I went…. taking just the tip in my mouth this time. He placed his hand on the back of my head and buried my face in his hips. I could feel the water beating down on my back….. every sense of mine was alive with feeling.

I stopped… looked up at him and grinned. He pulled me to him.. kissed me softly and got out of the shower.

I followed him shortly after… and this little girl got her justs desserts 🙂

>Saturday night I was feeling particularly rambunctious. Ben had worked late, and I was home…. horny and anxious for him to get there. I texted him and said hello… said I was ready for him to get home. He responded that he wanted to be as well.. in which I replied that I was horny. He responds… I love you. What the fuck? I was bummed he didn’t want to play my game of getting each other riled up. Who answers that comment with I love you?

When he finally got home we talked about what to have for dinner. We decided to go and get something non-healthy cause neither of us wanted to actually cook. After returning with our food we settled down to watch Mina’s First Time… if you haven’t seen this movie… do. It was way better than I expected.

When the movie was over we sat and talked a bit and then I brought up the text. I was feeling playful so I told him I wasn’t going to talk to him. We joked a bit and then got up. He turned off the light in the living room and said something about a shower. I didn’t want to take a shower yet, but decided to just go along with it.

I kept my mouth shut as we stripped and did our pre-shower rituals (we’re weird… we have routines for EVERYTHING). I climbed into the shower and started washing up. Ben came in very shortly and said something to me. I just smiled and looked off.

“Oh, you’re not going to talk to me huh?”, he said slightly amused. I just glanced back over at him smiling and kept washing.

I finished showering before him but always linger to stand in the warm water till after he gets out. I started to poke at him playfully and giggling. He rinsed off… and I kept bugging him… thoroughly enjoying myself.

This is where he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head gently sideways. I was quite happy about this…. it was about time he figured out what I wanted. He pulled me to him and got within inches of my lips… tempting me.. I tried to lean forward to kiss his lips but he’d just pull himself back.

He teased me like this for a few minutes then dove in for a deep kiss. I sighed with relief and pleasure… feeling the breath leave my body. He broke the kiss before I was ready and I let out a whine.

He moved his arm to be able to control me better… pushing me slowly to my knees. His wet cock stood up in front of me… taunting me… making me want to suck it into my mouth. I didn’t move… he was going to make me…. even if its what I really wanted.

“Suck my cock”, he ordered and pushed my head towards it. I felt the grip on my hair become tighter urging me to do as I was told. And so I did. I wrapped my lips around it… taking his cock all the into my mouth.

He told me he was going to fuck my face and to be ready. He glided in and out a few times then violently slammed his hips against my face over and over… pounding me with such force I wanted just to stop and take deep breaths… but I also didn’t want him to stop. I was torn.

Finally it stopped and he pulled me to my feet. I looked him in the eye…. feeling very submissive. He had this look on his face… such confidence…. such command… it was such a turn on. He kissed me deeply again then pushed me back to my knees.

Again, he shoved his cock in my face and obediently took it into my mouth. It seemed only a few minutes passed before he pulled back from me. I didn’t look up. He pulled the shower open and stepped out… I stayed on my knees till he pulled the curtain back shut.

My mind was aflutter with thoughts of what was going to happen next. As the warm water cascaded down my skin, I shut my eyes and dreamed of what I wanted. Shortly the water started running cold and so I turned it off and opened the curtain.

There he stood…. completely naked… I couldn’t possibly want him more. I squeezed the water out of my hair began drying off. I wasn’t even half finished when he grabbed the back of my neck and forced me to my knees again. I took him in hungrily wanting every inch in my mouth… to make him ache to want to be inside of me.

Apparently I did my job because he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet again… turning me around. He pushed my head down so that I was bent at the waist… I grabbed to side of the tube to steady myself. He used his foot to spread my feet further apart then slammed his cock deep inside of me. I let out a moan that almost sounded like a scream. The sudden fullness was wonderful and I didn’t want him to stop.

He pounded into me for a bit then pulled out, grabbed my hair, and once again I found myself kneeling before him. He instructed me to taste how good my pussy was and slide slowly into my mouth. I have always loved the taste of my pussy on his cock and so I made sure to taste every bit that was given to me.

Ben had enough and pulled me to my feet again… our lips connected for a few seconds and then he pulled back. I too stepped back.. which was a mistake. He turned me around and had me bend over again. I, of course, thought I was going to feel him slip inside of me… yet instead I was met with a hard slap on my ass.

“That was for moving”, he said… almost cold.. then wrapped his hands around my wet hair pulling me up.
“Where’s your collar at?”.

I told him where it was and he grabbed the back of my neck. I begged him to let me to put some deodorant and he obliged then disappeared out of the bathroom. He re-entered holding my collar. Ben turned me around and wrapped it around my neck… fastening it tightly around my neck. Any tighter, and it would have cut off my airflow. He turned it so that the D-ring was in the back then grabbed it…dragging me behind him.

This is where the real fun began. He shoved me over and slammed into me again… though it was short lived and more of a tease than fulfillment. Again, on my knees sucking his cock which I totally don’t mind, I’m a bit of a cock whore. He pulled away and climbed on the bed.. laying on his back. He told me to come to him and suck his cock. I obeyed.

As I was sucking, he told me to go find the tightest pair of panties I had and bring them back to him. I stopped and crawled off the bed to the dresser. I sat on my knees digging through trying to find the right pair.

Before I knew it, he was behind me… hair in hand and slid back into me… distracting me from my task. What a distraction! A few pumps later, he pulled out and I went back to digging. He went back to his spot on the bed.

When I found the correct pair, I crawled back on the bed and brought them to him. He told me to put them on and pick out one of the two vibrators he had pulled out of the drawer. He said after I picked one, to insert it in my pussy and use the panties to hold them in place. I did so. I could feel the vibration deep inside me… and it was hard to be sitting up like he wanted. He had me lift up a little and he giggled the vibrator. I screamed with pleasure… my pussy was throbbing and oh so wet. I could have easily cum.

Next he told me to go to the kitchen and make him half of a drink and bring it back. I got up and disappeared into the kitchen to get his drink…. breathing all the way as to not cum when I was walking.

This was the first time he’d ever done this kind of control… but I was loving every minute of it. I returned with his drink and he took a long sip, then laid back on the bed with his legs hanging over the side. He told me to suck him again…. and I did so… panties shoving the vibrator deeper inside of me. I was so close to cumming.. I could barely stand it.

After a few minutes he pulled me onto the bed…. he started pushing the vibrator deeper… in and out. I screamed out…. any minute Id just loose it. Then he decided to add the other one inside of my pussy. I begged him not to… but he did it anyways…. I came instantly… it was too much to handle. I wiggled back but he followed…. not giving up on tormenting me. He tapped them both… bringing me over the edge again. I was in heaven.

Ben told me since I liked those two inside my pussy that maybe I would like three of them. I told him no… but he wasn’t having it. He had me lay back and spread my legs then pulled my panties to the side and wedged his way into my already fully pussy. I let out a scream… it was all overwhelming… but not in a bad way.

He moved in and out slowly and I think he maybe have did this four or five times before I came again….. it was explosively. He seemed very pleased with this orgasm and pulled out of me. He slipped the panties off and pull the vibrators out. I let out a sigh of relief… it was nice to a break from the intensity.

Ben turned me on my side and slide back inside of me. It was wonderful to be filled again. I was so wet I could feel it rolling down my thighs. He wasn’t going to waste time though… he was ready to cum.

He began fucking me hard… holding my leg as he did so. Before long… he finally exploded inside my pussy… filling me with his wonderful cum. I purred with pleasure.. knowing that I had made him feel that good.

He slipped out of me… and curled up next to me. Our legs intertwined and we laid there in our after sex glow… petting each other…. eyes shut.. enjoying a wonderful moment.