>Saturday night.

We had went to bed… I think it was eleven or even midnight… I’m not sure anymore. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get laid… as it seems I never do on Saturdays because Ben works twelve hours that day.

He was quiet.. but would let out these sighs.. the type of sigh that says something is bugging you. I inquired… twice. Finally he said what was on his mind. I had done something that upset him… I listened as he talked… telling me his thoughts on the matter.

I laid against his chest hearing his words.. feeling my eyes fill with tears. I felt terribly that I had hurt him… it was all very stupid of me. Not that I felt bad.. but that I had done it.

After talking about it… he wasn’t mad anymore… he wasn’t hurt anymore… but that really didn’t MAKE me feel any better. We laid there together… just being next to each other. As we did Ben stroked my back- gently at first then with a bit of passion behind it.

Before long.. petting turned into full blown making out and touching.. his knee between my legs grinding against my pussy. Words poured from his lips… asking things about what had happened and such.

I answered… only to feel his hands slip around my neck. He squeezed hard.. and I could feel the wetness grow between my legs.

For the next little bit.. it was kinda a blur… all I remember is being taken to the living room to log onto the net.. to tell someone what I done. I was supposed to ride Ben as I typed… not so fun.

From there he asked if we were ok.. if I was ok with it. I really didn’t want to tell anyone what happened… I wanted to keep it between us. He said he understood… and we started to watch porn instead.

We watched for a bit.. then I turned to him and asked him to punish me… because deep down I knew I needed to be. He obliged me.

In the process… he sent me into our room a few times. I retrieved a vibrator… nipple clamps…. our flogger.. lube… my collar… and a towel. He had me suck his cock over and over… in between fucking him with a vibrator in my pussy or against my clit. I squirted three different times doing this.

The nipple clamps went on… and he’d pull them… hurting me like I cannot describe. Sometimes they’d pop off and he’d reattach them… threatening to attach them to my clit. He even had me hold the chain my teeth.

He had me get on my knees with my vibrator in my pussy while I sucked him off. Every time I’d squeeze it out… he’d make me go clean it… then come back… fucking my face even harder for making him wait.

He then had me lube up my ass and finger it while I sucked him.. it was all very intense… and very surreal.

Finally he was ready to fuck me in the ass.. a thing he had been threatening all along. He wanted to flog me first though. The stings were harsh… no warm ups for Sierra. I came close to crying several times… but I was tough and didn’t. He whipped me over and over… intense, harsh blows that almost knocked the wind out of me.

He stopped.. and I felt the head of his cock press against my ass. I was leaned over the couch and tried hard to relax knowing that if I didn’t… he would end up hurting me (something neither of us wanted).

He slow inched in till he was deep inside me. It hurt… but I stayed calm. I reached down and started rubbing my clit trying to take away from some of the feelings of pain as he started to pound my ass.

While he fucked my ass he’d occaisioanlly flog my back making me tense a little. I kept at my clit though… trying to stay focused… hoping he’d cum soon. I didn’t have to wait long.. before I knew it he let his load go, filling my ass with his reward.

I was spent to say the least… but I felt better… as did he.