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LOL payment.. in full

So… Sunday has arrived.  After work I swung by home to collect my swats.  All in total… Ben gave 40… counting a last minute one that came in after the deadline.  I didn’t think it was fair… but hey… it was still fun.  I’d like to thank everyone that stopped by and a special thank you for the ones who left comments.

I received 5 swats for each of the following commenters…


Melody aka Rd


Todd and Suzy at A.S.S



and last but not least… Mike

When I got home.. Ben picked out four different implements (the crop, cane, and two different spatulas that take my breath away).  The first set of twenty he gave in five swat increments… mixed with a vigorous fucking.  It was nice to have the pain broken up with a lot of pleasure.  The last twenty went two sets of ten.

It was fun… and I ended up with a very warm ass.  So a big, big thank you for the happy little high I got from forty very hard spankings.  As promised… below is proof of payment.  🙂  Thanks again to those of you who delurked and said hello!


LOL 6!

Its upon us again… and admittedly I haven’t always joined in with the Love Our Lurkers fun.  There was always a good reason why.  BUT, this year.. I am.

I know I have a few people that comment somewhat regularly, but I know there are a ton of people that visit, read, and never say anything.  I am certainly one of those people that doesn’t post anything usually unless I have something relevant to say (which isn’t very often).  So yeah, I’d say for the most part I, too, am a lurker at large.   LOL is a perfect day to break that silence… though chances are it will be the only day something is said.  In any case, it’s cool to hear from all the people that read that never say anything.  I like knowing who is reading. 🙂

In this spirit… I’m hoping that my lurkers will come out of the darkness and say hello!  As an added incentive Ben and I have decided to throw in something fun to tempt you into saying hi.  The deal is.. you can only comment once… in the comment please introduce yourself, if you have a blog throw it in there so I may visit and check it out, how long you’ve been reading, and anything else you’d like to say.  In return… for every comment I receive Ben will administer five swats to my very bare ass in your honor.  Afterwards he’ll take a picture of the aftermath which I’ll post Friday. This is a win win all around me thinks! (I may change my mind at some point lol).  This offer will run till Friday night (November 11, 2011) at 5 pm PST.  SO!  This means get on it… comment away!  I look forward to hearing from you.  🙂

Usually Bonnie  keeps a running list of who is joining in, so pop over there and see who is playing this year!

Ben took over looking for porn.. as I was unsuccessful.  The peeled ginger root in the glass of water was taunting me.. the idea that it was going to be in my ass shortly was something I tired hard not to think about.  He quickly redirected my attention to his cock.  I set to work on it… lavishing it with all the focus I could muster.  No matter what, the ginger was still there in the back of my mind.  I didn’t want this to happen… but when it came down to it, that didn’t matter.  He had decided… and I would comply.. because that is the decision I made a long time ago.

Ben went through a few clips of porn before he settled on one that seemed it interest him.  I could feel how interested he was against my tongue.  I do so love when he is super turned on… it makes me feel really good.  He let me work him over for a while before he decided he wanted to warm my ass.  He asked if I was ready for some pain… as always.. I was.

I turned around in front of him… not knowing which implement he would choose.  He had me lay out the crop and cane.. so either were a real possibility.  I waited with bated breath.  Before I knew it.. I felt the first sting of the crop.  It always cuts through me… straight to my core.  I clenched my ass and yelped.  It didn’t take him long to get into a good stride.  I could feel the heat in my ass radiating off my skin.  I could feel the wetness grow between my thighs.

At some point he switched it up… throwing the cane in the mix.  The good thing about the cane is I manage that pain much better than the crop.  There is a sting.. but I can breathe through it.. where the crop I struggle with.  So this switch was very much welcome.  Minutes passed with him beating my ass… my cries cutting through the house.  And then another change… the beating stopped.  I felt him get behind me.. and slid his cock deep into my very needy cunt.

I sighed with pleasure from being filled.  I needed it.. to break up the pain.  A little bit of pleasure always helps with that.  His hands dug into my hips… pulling me back into him.  I could certainly get used to this reprieve… enjoying each minute that passed.  Only this wouldn’t last.  He wanted to beat me some more… to make my ass feel what he had to give.

Another round of the cane and crop bombarded my back side.  At some point there was no thought of what lay ahead, but just living in the moment… taking in the pain.  Time passed… and before I knew it, it was time.  He asked if I was ready… and I most certainly was not.  He took it out of the water… and pressed it against my ass.  I tried so hard to relax… being tense was only going to make it worse.

He slowly worked it in… and I could feel the foreign object invading me.  There was a spot on the top that felt particularly rough.  I tried to tough it out… maybe it was just me needing to relax.  As he moved it in and out a bit, I knew this wasn’t the case and told him it hurt in a way it wasn’t supposed to.  Ben told me to relax and removed it.  I could already feel the beginning stages of the warmth it brought.

He shaved it down a little in the spot that wasn’t right and then reinserted it.  Ben made sure it was better before proceeding.  It felt a lot smoother… as far as better, well that is all relative isn’t it?  The burn was picking up… I had to focus.. and breathe.  I kept my eyes shut… trying to stay on top of it because if I lost control… it’d be all over with.  I told myself I could do this.  I knew I could.

Then… Ben broke out the cane again.  I could feel my heart sink.  My heart raced and my ass burned.  This wasn’t pleasant… and I didn’t like it.. at all.  But still.. I tried to stay focused as each stroke made contact with my very red ass.  I don’t know how much time passed.  It ceased to exist.  All that was there was us…  and that damn ginger in my ass.

Somewhere in there.. the ginger had leaked… and rolled down to make my pussy lips burn.  It was all so much to handle…. and yet it wasn’t over.  When Ben was satisfied I’d taken enough from the cane… he got behind me.  I knew what was coming.  We had talked about it long ago… fantasized about it… dreaded it. His cock plunged deep inside of my pussy…and this time.. there was no pleasure.  I couldn’t feel any pleasure through the burning.  It was non-existent.  He asked me if that was good… and I believe I said no.  I can’t really remember… I was in survival mode.

Time stopped.  I whined.. and tried hard to breathe.. all the while he was thoroughly enjoying himself.  My brain just kept replaying.. let this just end.. please cum.. please cum.  Before long I was questioning if I could survive this.  I didn’t know anymore… even if I was determined.  Please cum.  It burned so intensely.  My ass so full… my cunt so full.  If only I could be enjoying this.  Please cum.  So close to tears… just focus… I can do this.  Please, please, PLEASE cum.  I may die.  And then… he came.

Still I found no pleasure.. I was in agony.  Once his spasms were complete.. he pulled out… then removed the ginger carefully.  I collapsed.  And if this was possible.. it was worse after he pulled it out.  It seems all the juice was freed from it’s ginger root dam.  I just wanted it to stop burning.  Luckily.. since the source was gone… the burning slowly started to dissipate.

It would take minutes before I could actually speak.  The burning had cold to just a mild annoyance.  It was a tough experience… just as the first.  I found pleasure in very little… mostly that I had survived it without begging out of it.  I felt pretty proud of myself.  It was a major accomplishment in my eyes.  But damn, my poor ass.

We just returned from vacation last night… and it was certainly a good one.  We visited the Redwood forest, the Oregon Caves, and Crater Lake in Oregon.  It was a whirlwind vacation… were were always on the go and packed in so much.  We had a whole lot of firsts which was really awesome to experience as a family.  The kids ranked this vacation as their second favorite… only bested by Disneyland.  Who’d have known a camping trip would rank so closely to the happiest place on Earth?  In any case, it makes me smile to know they had an amazing time.

If you read my last post… you will know how stressed and cranky I was going into this vacation.  Unfortunately, that didn’t fade with the 1,221 miles we traveled.  There were many instances I was a real pain in the ass.  I let my stress and my need to control things get in the way.  At home it’s easy.. things stay the same… they are predictable.   On vacation… nothing is predictable other than the things we planned to do and see.

Then there was Ben’s crankiness… which I feed off of.  Some how we kept getting each other wrong… I’d say something that he would hear the wrong way… and we’d end up snapping at each other.  It was a horrible feeling.  I felt like he just criticizing here and there… and it was wearing me thin.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time and lots of wonderful moments.. but I will always remember those moments where I wasn’t very slave-like… where I disrespected my Owner… and I have to say… I’m pretty ashamed of my actions.

The worst moment was when we were packing up camp… and I just lost it.  I was super cranky… and disrespectful.  I could see myself doing it.. and couldn’t stop myself.  I let it get the best of me.   There I was…. being scolded… being told to knock it off and I couldn’t shake that defiant feeling.  I couldn’t let go of my annoyance… my crankiness, try as I might.

I didn’t know what awaited me when I got home… I knew I had been way out of line.  I knew that he understood why I had behaved the way I had, but that didn’t excuse it… it was no reason.  I am his slave and he demands respect.  If I won’t give him that.. there is a price to pay.  Deep down I hoped that he would punish me.  I needed that correction… that guidance to get back on track.  After we unpacked and showered… by the time it was bed time I did my nightly devotion.  When he came to me, I was bowing before him and he talked to me… asking me stuff.. about my behavior on our trip.

He told me that I would be punished and then I would pleasure him after- not severely.. but punished nonetheless.  I knew I had it coming… and I still dreaded it.  I knew that meant I’d be spanked with the hanger… and I hate it.  I took it with grace though.  I had accepted the punishment before he even said anything about it… I knew I had earned it.

Once each blows were administered… I served my owner… and swallowed every last drop of his cum.  And like that, my sins were washed away.  We would move on from this point.  There is no need to dwell on it… but learn from my actions.  I can’t say it won’t happen again, but I certainly will try for it not to happen.  I like being his well behaved slave.. one he can count on to remember her place, not a bratty, unruly slave.  Now that we are home.. things will settle down and I can go back to being more like myself.  This is a good thing.

It was Sunday evening… I was being particularly sassy throughout the day.  Well.. I’d call it playful… but I guess that’s all perspective isn’t it? At some point I came over to him and laid against him on the couch.  I was doing all the things I know that make him laugh and drive him slightly crazy.  I kept flicking at his lower lip or trying to stick my finger in his belly button.  I wasn’t really trying to upset him… just goof around.  He of course would over power me and pinch me in an attempt to stop me.

I wasn’t stopping though.  I kept going… and he called me on it, telling me how sassy I was being.  I was feeling adventurous or dangerous maybe… and told him he liked it when I was like this.  He looked at me with a smile… but with a strangely stern look in his face and said not as much as I thought.  I bantered back and forth with him for a few more minutes.  I don’t know if it’s just me wanting to see how far I can push my limits… or if I just enjoy playing with him like that.  Either way, he puts up with a lot from me when I’m like that.  I think he allows it because it doesn’t come out to play very often.

At some point he decided we needed ice.. and he wanted ice cream.  I bargained with him and actually got him to go to the store with me.  He drove… and I sat in the passenger seat… my mind wandering off to other things beside our intended mission.  We were a block or two away from the house when I wondered if perhaps he would pull over to the side of the road.  Then I imagined him turning me over and spanking my ass red, right there with cars passing us by.  Part of me wanted him to… but there was the part that didn’t.

And then it occurred to me the difference between he and I.  Had I been him… that’s exactly what I would have done.  Gone out of the earshot of the kids at home… to put my wayward slave in her place… even if it was more playful than a punishment.  I may not have pulled down her capris… but she would have been spanked nonetheless.  I am almost sure that this didn’t even occur to him.  He was probably more focused on the creamy yumminess awaiting him at the store.

We made it to the store…. my ass still flesh toned.  I may not have received a public correction… but at least I got a good story to tell, right?

Day 17: What misconception about kinky people would you most like to clear up?

Gosh, where to start?  I think there are a lot of worthy misconceptions about the kink community at large that I could cover here.  I think I’m going to go with one that is close to home.  I think a lot of people feel like that being kinky makes you a bad parent.  This is just ridiculous!

The average kinky parent keeps their kink separate from their child or children.  Sex has no place in a kid’s world.  It is an adult thing… and so any responsible adult doesn’t bring up their sex life with their kids, let alone their kink.   I don’t see why anyone can’t see how that this is one in the same thing.  If being kinky makes you a bad parent, then so would having sex.  I can’t see the average person giving up sex.

There is a time and place for everything.  Obviously some kinks are hard to do when kids are asleep.. which isn’t so for vanilla sex (unless you have a child that doesn’t like to stay in their own bed!), but it something you can work around.  Kinky parents make time to take care of their children and themselves.  Taking care of yourself as a parent is important because its easy to get focused on the kids.  A vanilla mom takes time out to get a pedicure or lunch with friends.  A kinky dad takes time out to get a spanking.  You get the generalizations.  🙂  The point is… it doesn’t make you a bad person or parent to be kinky.  Everyone has the right to take care of themselves as long as they are doing it responsibly.

People are complex… vanilla or kinky.  Liking getting whipped doesn’t change being a good parent… it doesn’t change that you’re there to tuck them in at night, help with homework, or listen to any problem they have.  It is actually possible to do both.  Go figure.

two for Tuesday

It was Ben morning to take the kiddo to school.  I was left in bed to snooze and keep the sheets warm.  When he got back he returned to our bed and cuddled up to me.  I smiled to myself in my groggy state… half awake before sighing to myself and attempting to fall back asleep.  I’m not sure if minutes passed or closer to thirty minutes, but I felt has hand glide over my ass and going straight to between my legs.

His fingers probed till they slid into my cunt with little to no effort.  I stayed on my stomach accepting his fingers thrusting into me… listening to the sound of my cunt growing wetter.  He didn’t do this long… I imagine he only did it to make sure that I was prepared to accept what was coming.

He pulled his fingers out… then mounted me… sliding his cock deep inside with a moan of approval from me.  He pumped away immediately.  His hands propped his body weight up on my ass before he moved one to my back, effectively pinning me down.  I loved the feel of his hands on me… the weight of him pressing me down.

This was no act of fucking to please me… but an act of pleasing himself.  If I got pleasure through it… then okay, but that was not what was propelling him.  He fucked me hard… my moaning getting louder as he got closer to cumming.  He thrusted into me over and over… me imagining the look on his face…. the look of lust and delight.  Shortly after he was dumping his cum inside of me and climbing off me.  And like that he was done and cuddling back up to me.  I was rode hard and put away wet.

We slept a while longer, me getting up before him.  I wasn’t up long before he called out to me.  I rejoined him in bed to cuddle some more.  I love mornings like these… where we have no purpose for the day but to just be together.  Like earlier, I was on my stomach.  He was spooning me from behind.  Out of no where he decided he wanted me once more…. not completely sated from before.  He remounted me.. sliding his cock back into my cunt.  This time he was feeling sadistic.

He squeezed my ass hard… then would smack it… all the while fucking me…. pinning me down again.  He paused his thrusting and told me to fuck his cock.  I obeyed.. pushing my body back into him all the while he hurt me.  I cried out in pain in pleasure.. a strange mixture that drove me crazy.  He went back and forth… between me fucking him and him running the show before he told me to turn around and suck his cock.

I turned and plunged my mouth down on his cock.  I apparently wasn’t doing it as he wished, because he grabbed my head and fucked it vigorously.  I choked and gagged but held on like a champ.  I gasped for air each moment I got a chance… and suddenly he was done with my face.  Again, he told me to turn around so another round of abuse and fucking began.

He wet his cock with my cunt… and pulled out.  He pressed against my ass… but at a weird angle.  I moved a little allowing him better entry to my ass… and so he slipped in.  He pushed deeper and deeper till he hit the hilt using only my wetness to fuck my asshole.  My ass is well trained, but it always hurts.  I like it.. strangely enough.  Not in the way that I’m moaning with pleasure… but in the way I know I’m serving him…. and know how much he loves it.  It turns me on in a different way…. I knew that I’d be dripping wet when he was done.

His hands returned to my back…. his rhythm not that of urgency… but that of riding something that feels good and wanting to make it last.  In my head I wanted him to take what he wanted… however long it took…. and other moments I was in pain and just really wanted him to cum.  Mostly I just wanted him to use his slave.  I got something different out of it… a satisfaction that you can’t have without wanting someone to use you for their pleasure.  All the while I tried to stay calm because tensing would only hurt me more.  I cried out in pain every now and then… when it got too much.  I think he likes knowing it… knowing that I’m hurting for him… and I think that’s part of what put him over the edge.  I could feel his body shake against me… the grunting of his relief… the satisfaction of what he needed.

He slid out of my well used ass and laid back onto the bed.  We laid there for a moment… me savoring what I had given him.  I had this strange mix of pleasure and surrealism.  I love where my head goes when he uses me so roughly… its addictive. A few minutes passed before he pulled me into his arms.  He told me how much I please him… which made me smile.  I love hearing his approval… his praise.  It makes me want to endure anything to hear those words…. to make him happy.  We laid there for a bit before he told me it was shower time.  I so badly wanted to cum.. I could feel how wet I was.  I was afraid to ask… I didn’t want to be denied… but I needed the release… and so I went for it.

He asked me why I deserved to cum.  My answer was that I did as he asked without complaining… which caused him to smirk.  He gave his approval…. I thanked him… then rolled onto my back and reached down to my clit.  I was amazed at how wet I was as I dipped into my cunt to wet my fingers.  His hands laid on me… touching me… pinching my nipples.  Words flowed out of his mouth… driving my urgency to cum.  I am sure only a few minutes passed before I rubbed myself to a earth shattering orgasm.  He sighed with approval… loving the fact that he has control over making my body feel that good.  Yes… I love starting mornings like this.

(30 Days of Kink will resume tomorrow… I needed a break!)

30 Days of Kink-Day 13

Day 13: Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you? Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?

The appeal.. that’s easy.  It fills a part of me that was missing before.  So many people seek something that they are missing… a relationship… a rewarding job… a new hobby… and for me… it was control.  There is something about it that spoke to me… that comforted me.    I felt like it just fit and that I’d found where and what I was meant to be.

How could I not be drawn to something that feels like home?  I love the way Ben’s control over me makes me feel.  It makes me feel like I’m in my spot in the world.  And when we have a scene… there is that lovely floaty space that it can take me to.  This strange little high… where the adrenaline courses through me.  Euphoria is how I would describe it best.  Pure happiness that very little can even touch.

Someone who’s never had that experience couldn’t possibly understand.  It’s like craving a food… and finally getting that first little bite.  Once you have it…. you breath in… and a appreciative moan is uttered.  It’s like the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted.  It’s heaven.  That’s what a good spanking does for me… every time.  It’s like the most amazing food I’ve ever had… for more than just that moment.

That is the appeal.. it’s pure heaven.  And it’s addictive.

29 candles… 261 swats

Yesterday was the last birthday I’ll have that has a twenty tacked in front of it.  It’s kind of weird to think about really… but time presses on, no?  You make the best of what time you have and enjoy the moments life offers.  Normally birthdays are something I build up in my head… and end up being disappointed because they aren’t as big of a deal as I think they are.  Before me, Ben had never had someone that birthdays were a big deal to and so he had a bit of a learning curve to get it right.  The last few birthdays have been good for sure.  Yesterday was no exception.

Both the kids wished me happy birthday when they left for school and I was left to sleep in.  Ben woke me up a little after nine with breakfast in bed accompanied with my present and two cards (one funny and one mushy).  We ate in bed together letting the natural light pour in.  After we finished I opened my cards and present (a new iPod dock because my old one died a few months back).  We cuddled back into the sheets afterwards.

It wasn’t long before Ben’s hands were wandering.  It was a rare moment where he was totally focused on me… and making me feel good.  My cunt was totally drenched… as his fingers slide inside of me.  He said as an added birthday present… for the whole day I could cum whenever I wanted.  It was kind of surreal.  One of those moments you look forward to, but aren’t really sure what to do with.  I was in the heat of the moment, though, and didn’t really miss a beat.  I reached down and rubbed my clit to an amazing orgasm.

From there we showered and got ready for our day.  We headed down to Portland for a day of shopping and being together.  We meandered around where I got some new clothes.. and Ben found a few beers he wanted to try.  After we headed to the Japanese Garden.  We walked around.. soaking up the nice weather… and the quiet of the beautiful place.  After we left we went to dinner  then headed back home.

Later in the night was birthday spanking time… a time honored tradition that we simply cannot ignore.  Ben had decided I was to get twenty-nine swats with nine different implements he picked out.  He was nice enough to let me pick out the order in which they’d be used.  I sat on the bed looking over the mixture of toys trying to decide what would be the best way to sort them… all the bad ones first…. all the easy ones first…. or mixing up the good and the bad.  In the end, I decided to to mix it up leaving easy ones at the beginning and the end.

So I bent over the bed and prepared myself for the oncoming ass warming.  I was to count each swat, something new to us.  He started… five swats on each cheek with a plastic ping pong paddle.  I thought this was going to be one of the easier implements as in the past it has been… boy was I wrong.  By the end of the grouping of spankings.. I was panting heavily.

Next came the stainless steel cake spreader.  This has always been one of our more brutal implements as it easily draws blood.  Each swat cut right through me… and I reached out for his hand.    He kept going though.. delivering the second set of blows.  He set the spatula down and rubbed my back.  He comforted me… knowing the pain that he’d brought me… helping soothe my breathing.  After a few minutes, he asked if I was ready for the next grouping.

He picked up a slotted spatula next… it was the easiest to take so far even though we were only a third of a way into my birthday spankings.  I counted out each swat as he delivered them.  This set went the fastest for sure.  Again he asked if I was ready for the next… and I was.. waiting bent over the bed… ass out… asking it’s Owner to brighten my skin.

Ben grabbed the next toy in line… my second most hated toy, a pancake spatula.  This thing is evil… it delivers a blow with a bite and a thud.. a strange little mixture.  I was not looking forward to this one… and braced myself for the worst.  Within first four I was wiggling and had to be reminded to stay in position.. it was so hard.  The pain was unbearable…. I could hardly process it.  I kept telling myself over and over that it was only twenty-nine blows and that I could get through them.  It just didn’t feel like that.  Strangely enough, I made it through with an additional hit. When I called him on it… he said he’d take one off next year… and then he comforted me once more before moving onto the next set.

The flogger came out next… delivering twenty-nine well picked hits.  I wiggled through them… counting each one so he could hear them.  Then came the cane… my ass was sore but I knew I was getting close to the end.  His hand had to hold me in place again… I was struggling to deal with it all.  Just a few more implements I told myself.. just a few more.  The wooden spatula came next… also one of the rough toys.  I lost count through this one… being reminded what number we should be on.

He pressed on… two more to go.  He grabbed the crop… the stings landing on each cheek.  So close to being done.. the pain becoming almost impossible to handle.  When he announced that there was only one more to go… I felt all too relieved.  He picked up the last one… another type of spatula.  My ass was sore… but it was a welcome toy… one that didn’t hurt nearly as bad.  I counted out the last grouping… and was greated by a wonderful Owner… holding me close.  He climbed onto the bed and pulled me into him… telling me happy birthday and kissing me.

It was a wonderful birthday to say the least.  If I have to grow older… that’s how I want to spend them.  Spanked and loved.

Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

Back when I first started dabbling with pain.. I became a big fan of floggers.  I loved how they felt hitting my back… the way they reddened my skin… the rhythm of the swings.  To say it’s intoxicating is an understating.  I being the person I am sexually.. wanted more.. to try new things.  And so we looked for new things to bring into our collection.

From there Ben decided he wanted to try something edgier… and thus the birth of the wire hanger.  The sting of it was incredible and very hard to take.  I had a love/hate relationship with it.  I loved the marks… but I struggled so much with the sharpness of the hits.  I loved how deep into subspace it would take me.. but hated how out of control I felt… how scared it would make me.  Funny how I still felt safe.. because he would wield it.  It has become something only used for punishments now.  It makes for a perfect implement for correction.

We decided to look for something more… I bought him a cane next.  I had always been afraid of it.. the terrible bite I had heard of scared me beyond belief.  I figured it couldn’t be worse than the hanger… and was ready to conquer my fears.  I was excited and nervous.  It would only take one session before I fell completely in love with it.  It was suddenly my favorite implement… and was the one I wanted him to use every time.  Who knew?   In all the new toys we’ve added to our collection… nothing has taken it’s place.

As far as other toys.. I had a favorite vibrator for a long time.  It was a yellow Doc Johnson… and I called it Sunshine.. cause it always made me smile.  It was one of the most perfect vibes I’ve ever encountered and aided in many orgasms before it met its untimely demise.  I wish now I had stocked up.  The only one that has come close was an anal vibe we bought last year.  It’s intense…. and I’m quite fond of it.  Then, of course, there is my njoy.  It is hands down the best butt plug out there.

So there you have it.. a run down of my favorite toys in our collection.  I’m sure it will continue to grow over the years. 🙂

Now maybe Ben will use one of our toys to give me birthday spankings today!  If that’s the case… I have 29 plus one to grow on coming!