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>Sometimes I hate my job

>People are strange… this is no big surprise for anyone, at least I hope not! They just do the strangest things… sometimes the motivations are good ones and other times… well yeah, you get the point.

Lately I’ve been having a rough time at work. I haven’t been very happy being there. I do go through patches like this where I am unhappy.. not necessarily because of what I do… but other things. Honestly, I love what I do.

I have a second under me… I’ve always gotten Sundays and Mondays off since I became the head. She, of course, doesn’t like this and brings it up every week. She doesn’t think its fair that she has to work Sundays alone and that she doesn’t get them off.

The thing is… I never got Sundays off when I was the second.. its just the way it is. We got into a huge fight over it…. and I think this finally made her go and start complaining. On Tuesday when the schedule was written, I was told I’d get every other Sunday and Monday off now… which means… I work eight days straight every other week.

It just pisses me off some of the things people do… I mean really. I gave her everything she’s ever wanted… if she wanted to take a special day off… no problem.. we make it work… she needed a special schedule… no problem… we set it up so she could have it.

I do a lot of extra stuff that she doesn’t do because I’m the first…. the ONLY perk I get for it… is my days off. They are the days off I have with Ben. We only get those days to spend real time together because he commutes to work 45 minutes in each direction. I worked very hard and long to get to where I am… and I feel like I’m being punished.

I totally understand why she feels its unfair… but honestly she knew what the job entailed before she agreed to take it… so I didn’t feel too bad. Not to mention that half the time I am carrying about 70% of the work load.

It’s just so frustrating to me. So in the air of compromise I’ve tried to come up with a solution. She can have Fridays and Saturdays off and I take Sundays and Mondays. I think its fair… that way we both get what we want. I just wish she could be a better person and not be so ungrateful. But whatever…. I still get to work eight glorious days straight this week (today is day four).

The things I do in the name of friendship.


>Vegas baby!

>So we got married in Vegas and now have decided to visit there again for our anniversary. I love this city! It has a great feel to it.. and lets be honest.. how many cities can you walk down the street drinking? I mean… seriously! Its also one of the only places you need a neck strap to carry around a margarita. 🙂 This will be my third trip there. My first trip there in August of 2006 was not something that was very pleasant, but nevertheless I did fall in love with the place.

I went with my best friend at the time for her 21st birthday. It was hot obviously cause it was August… it was like in the upper 90’s even at night… I was really surprised that even at night it didn’t cool off. We got there around noon and made a beeline for the hotel. We stayed at Excalibur, which isn’t a bad hotel but very Motel 6ish in my humble opinion. It served its purpose though… a place to lay our heads down.

We dropped our stuff off and headed out to explore the city. Pretty much from the moment that we hit Vegas, she was bitching about how hot it was… and after a while, this would wear me thin. I mean obviously its going to be hot… hello!

We hadn’t eaten anything in hours and decided to get some food. We picked a buffet, Spice Market at what was at the time the Alladin. The line was long to wait in but I had heard really good things about it. She was tired, hot, and bitchy. I wanted to tell her to suck it up.. we were in Vegas.. have a good time.. but I just kept it to myself.

When we finally got in.. the food was great and we stuffed ourselves. She was a little nicer after she got food.. which was nice. We made our way out onto the strip. This is where she bitched about the hotels being so far apart. I am not sure what she really expected. I expected it to be hot.. but fun… a city with lots of potential to have fun. Little did I know at the time how much I would regret ever coming on this trip.

After an afternoon of exploring, we went back to the hotel and showered for a night out. We got all dressed up and caught a cab to a club. It was mid-week so kinda not a lot going on. They did have a live band, though, which made it more fun. We started the night of drinks with a shot of tequila followed with a watermelon pucker mixed drink. From there on…. it was all tequila sunrises for me.

We found a table… and drank drink after drink… I lost count. Im not sure what it is about that place that makes you want to drink yourself silly but it had that affect on me. By 1 am I was pretty trashed. We had been taking turns getting drinks… and it was my turn. I walked across the room… feeling pretty dizzy and sat the empty cups on the counter… next thing I knew.. there was fresh drinks. Now see, I’m not sure if I asked for the drinks or the bartender just knew… either was… it was a bit unsettling.

I went back to the table.. spilling some on my way back. We drank that down and I tried to talk her into getting another shot of tequila. She didn’t, mainly cause she didn’t think she could walk over there. So with that, we decided it was time to go back to the hotel.

We stumbled out… laughing all the way. A cab pulled up and we fell into it. He asked where to.. and if we had money (which I find funny.. but I guess its a good question to ask anyone drunk). We whisked off out of the parking lot… we were still laughing… at nothing, but still having fun doing it. He was driving quickly which made us fall into each other and provoked more laughing fits.

It wasn’t long before he pulled up to the hotel, she paid (I paid for the ride there) and we went in. I’m sure we were quite the sight, all drunk and stumbling into each other. I remember getting about two thousand yards in and was walking by the poker pit.. they were all kind of glancing over at us. If I had been sober, I would have been very embarrassed. Luckily I wasn’t.

From there, through the casino… up thirty-six floors… down to the end of the hallway… until I was sitting in between our beds… I blacked out. I had only blacked one time before…. but I was fully functional this time. It is kind of scary to think I did all that and don’t remember. Apparently we were a riot on the elevator, I wish I could remember.

I called someone at this point and left a voicemail… they called me back.. but honestly… I couldn’t tell you who I called. It wasn’t two minutes I was off the phone before I puked on the side of her bed. The room spun…. I was the drunkest I have ever been… even to this day. From there I crawled into the bathroom and into the shower. I guess she put towels down. I didn’t care about that though… all I cared about was how incredibly sick I was. Being drunk is no fun if you’re sick.

I turned the shower on and laid in the bottom where I proceeded to moan in pain.. and puke some more. It was really gross… and really horrible. I felt like I was going to die. I do not know how long I stayed in the bathroom before I decided to finally get out of there.

I dried off and managed to make it back to my bed…. pulling the trashcan up next to me. It served well later throughout the night. I had waves of good sleep and then laying there trying to sleep in severe pain. I am pretty sure I had alcohol poisoning.. but not sure about that.

The next morning I insisted that my friend not stay and ruin her trip because I was sick. Lucky for her she just had a bad hangover.. apparently she can handle more liquor than me. She went out while I stayed in bed not feeling much better. Around two she came back and I decided I needed food even though the idea wasn’t that great sounding.

I went and showered again…. threw up two more times.. once in the shower and then in the sink. It was lovely, let me tell you. We grabbed some lunch and decided to do some more looking around. I wasn’t going to waste anymore of the day even if I felt like shit.

That night we had show tickets. It was fun… we enjoyed it very much and by then I was feeling some better… which was good. After the show we went and showered again and dressed up for another night on the town. I swore I wouldn’t drink again… but of course, as dark fell.. I had a margarita in my hand. I drank it slowly and ended up throwing half of it away.

We threw out the idea of going to another club.. it just didn’t seem like fun anymore. We decided to check out the fountains at Bellagio and the pirate show down at Treasure Island. We had no idea how long the strip was… but decided to walk. We changed out minds quickly and hopped onto the bus.

Tension was growing. I guess she was angry with me for being sick. But hell, she had drank as much as me.. how was I to know I would get that sick? She was pissy because of the heat and her feet hurt with the heels she had on. I wasn’t feeling great either but was bound and determined to make the most of it.

We got off right before Treasure Island and walked. It was super packed in front… we couldn’t see a thing. The more we drilled ourselves into the crowd… the hotter it got. It was at least fifteen degrees hotter in the pack of people. I guess she got stepped on.. which further fueled her pissy mood and turned around and walked off. I followed her.. asking her what was wrong. And this is where it happened. She started bitching at me.. fighting with me about all the things she was pissed off about. It was crazy… I can see being bummed, but pissed off?

I had enough and just stopped talking. I couldn’t get my point across and she wasn’t willing to really listen… so I said fuck it. We waited for the bus to go back to the hotel not speaking to one another. It pulled up and we filed on. I put a twenty into the machine.. I was going to buy a five dollar pass. What I didn’t know is that it doesn’t give change.. there is a sign.. but its down by the ground where you couldn’t possibly see it.

I get irritated when the bus driver explains that to me. So I turned to her and took her five so that I would only be out ten dollars. She didn’t understand what I was doing and proceeds to get upset with me again. I try to explain. I should have explained before I took the money, but I was pretty worked up at that point.

So I gave her a ticket and walked up the stairs to the top of the bus. I sat, she sat behind me. We did not talk the whole time. I began thinking have stupid this was and that she was my best friend. She was the only person I knew there and I was not going to spend the next couple days arguing with her.

We got close to our stop and got up and walked down the stairs. I guess she hit her head on the way down, only making her more angry. At the bottom level we were standing next to each other holding on so not to fall over. I looked at her and said I was sorry. Her response was whatever. That was enough for me.

When he got to the stop I stormed off the bus and to the elevator to the casino level. She followed after me… telling me to wait and screaming at me about all kinds of shit. I told her I wasn’t going to argue with her. It was horrible. Here we are in front of all these people screaming at each other.

When we made it into the casino she took off for the room and I stayed down at the slots. I was angry and was not going to sit in that room with her. I had been sitting there for five minutes when my phone rang. It was her… she had somehow lost her room key. She asked if I could come open the room… I said sure and hung up.

I went up stairs, she was sitting on the ground and stood as she saw me walking up. I opened the door pushed it open for her and then turned and left again. This time I decided to go explore and walked over to Luxor. I called Ben… but he was asleep. I really needed him… I needed someone to talk to.. to rant to…. to make me feel better. That never happened.

After a hour of walking around I was really tired and went up to the room. She was in bed sleeping when I got in there and so I changed and crashed.

The next morning we made up… but that day stuck in my head and all I wanted to do was go home. It was no fun anymore. She showed me her true colors and I could never see her as my friend ever again. She was never the same in my eyes.

After the trip we remained friends but that did not last long. We grew apart quickly and at some point stopped talking all together. Most people said it was because she was jealous of the relationship Ben and I had. I think I tend to agree. I think there are some people that just cannot be happy for you.

Anyways… despite that, I did like it there and was determined to go again and have a blast. The next time I was in Vegas, I was marrying my Ben. This trip was a million times better. I hesitate to use the word perfect, but it really was.

So, yep… we’re off to Vegas again… in less than a month! I cannot wait to get away from work and life and just have fun. Hopefully I will have a few good stories to tell when I get back!