>So I was talking to a friend of mine today. He is a Dom, and honestly, I’m not so sure WHY I actually talk to him. He kind of infuriates me… and well yes… he pisses me off…. frequently.

But, anyways were were texting and were talking about how his slave thinks he is distant with her and that he is never affectionate with her… that he doesn’t really communicate with her. Of course, he feels the same about her… that she is cold to him. (I think that its probably the first.. but that’s just my humble opinion.)

I guess that she told him that she wanted to just submit to him but that she needed certain things… love and communication. Being him, he didn’t really inquire about it… basically said to watch herself. I don’t know how she keeps her mouth shut… I would have freaked out a long time ago.

Guess what he tells her? Love is earned. I was floored… I told him I did not agree… that respect is earned. He didn’t like that much… but too bad. I don’t think for one minute that you should have to earn someone’s love. No way. Love grows…. it’s not a prize.

Just wow. Even know I’m in shock over it. I was so mad that he told her that. I didn’t tell him that though, because obviously it isn’t my place. I just feel so sad for her…. and wonder if all D/s relationships are like this…. if all slaves do not have the opportunity to share their opinions in a respectful way. I just could not even fathom that… the idea of that… that my thoughts were not worth anything. That having an opinion was not allowed.

I just cannot believe its all like that… I know too many wonderful Doms out there for that to be true… or maybe my brain just doesn’t work like that… that I don’t understand because I myself have not lived that way.

Who knows. But tell me… do you think that love is earned? And if you do… why do you feel that way?