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>Answer: YES!

It truly amazes me… and words are hard to shape in my head simply because I’m astonished and horrified at some people. We live in a world where women have the right to vote…. African Americans can sit anywhere they want to on the bus…. and we even elect our first ever black President. Now tell me why… there are so many simple minded people- people that feel that some book should dictate how we live our lives?

Last time I checked… I could have swore that church and state were supposed to be separate. And if this is so… then why… OH WHY… does the “state” have the right to say who can marry who? Just because someone falls in love with someone of the same sex…. why are they less entitled to legally marrying? How are those people any less American? How do they have less rights?

Again, last time I checked… all men are created equal…. but of course.. there are stipulations. Back in the day it was… equal unless you are a woman… or if you were not white. Now it’s equal, unless you’re gay. Give me a freaking break.

I’m sorry- wait not.. I’m not sorry. No book… written thousands of years ago… that has been updated time and time again… from some so called God…. will tell me how to live my life. No thanks. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay.. not in the slightest. Whom you love is not my business.. nor is it anyone else’s or the government’s.

That is what the problem is… so many religious fanatics telling people what to do. Live your own life… if they chose to live that way.. then fine… that is there right. Just as it is any gay person’s right to marry the person of their choosing. It’s just simple as that.

All this debate about same sex marriage is just sickening. I just don’t know how else to put it. I have my opinion.. just like anyone else…. and my opinion is that everyone should be able to be free to live the life that suits them. That’s what this country was founded on after all.

So, yes, I’m fired up. What fired me up?

I was on lunch today. There were three people in the break room…. all over the age of 45. Some how the topic of same sex marriage came up. One of the women was saying how sick it was… and the other two were going on about how it’s just not right.

They pointed out that I was being quiet… I said that it’s cause I had an opinion and I didn’t agree with there’s. That it was fine to have a different point of view, but that I did not feel the same way they do.

But that was all I needed. I was so angry at how small minded they were being. I mean, how does that really affect them? Do they stay up at night worrying about it? I think not… so why oppress others… begrudge them the same rights that you have?

I left the room a while later feeling sad and angered. For all the bounds and strides we’ve made as a country…. we still have a long way to go…. a long, long way till we are all truly equal.



I found this clip on The Late Bloomer’s blog….


>So at work today… I was talking to one of my co-workers, Jared. I love Jared to death… he is one of my favorite people. He is very easy going and sympathetic… a good friend to have. Anyway, we were talking and he brings up this “everyone quit their job day” idea. At first I wasn’t really sure where he was going with it… my first impression would prove to be wrong. I was seeing it as more superficial… when in fact it was very deep.

So what you ask is this idea? His theory is that if everyone banded together and all quit their jobs on the same day for a certain length of time… that it would cause change in the way our society is run. Ok.. well of course it would…. madness would ensue. Everyone would go ape shit for lack of a better term.

His argument is that we as a group of people are living our lives for all the wrong reasons. That we are actually not living our lives at all. Well I tend to sort of agree there… but there is all sorts of ways of looking at that. He believes that there should be no reason for money… or jobs for that matter. That we all should be able to live our life and not spend it getting up and going to work… doing the same things.. day in and day out. That we should spend our time trying to figure out just what life is meant for instead of doing what our culture has bread us to become.

This whole conversation was a lengthy one. He was sure I wasn’t seeing his point, that I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. I understood in theory… but that there would be many issue and things that wouldn’t work. I told him I liked my life.. yes I would prefer not to HAVE to work… but all in all.. it gives me something to do everyday.

He says that we are all working towards possessions and status… not for the things that we NEED. I disagree because my life is not a state of being just to impress others… my existence is to make me happy with what I have… with what I can enjoy. Not to appease anyone else.

I also brought the whole job thing. In order to have food… somewhere… someone has to be working. Someone is working and raising cattle… someone is working and growing produce. Should they be expected to just DO it… and not get paid for it? He brought up the idea of trading and bartering as well as hunting- that everyone should know how to hunt. I objected to that idea. There are lots of people in this world that do NOT need to have a gun in their hands. This was the only point of mine that he agreed about.

It went on and on… basically us dancing around how we felt. Neither one of us really got the other to see our side of it…. and that’s fine. That is what a good debate is all about. I think there are a lot of good valid points to his argument… but honestly, I don’t want to revert back to the dark ages. I like my life as I’ve said. I like the technology that is part of my life. Honestly, if I were to die tomorrow… I would die with no regrets. I lived my life to the fullest I can at this juncture of my life. So not too bad of a way to live I think.