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>When it’s been a while between our more aggressive sexual adventures…. it’s funny the emotions I go through. It ranges from uneasiness (over reconditioning my mind and body to accept intense pain) to pure excitement. This was the case Saturday night.

I hadn’t been sleeping well and so after the third night of this.. I decided it was time we rotated the mattress. Ben came into the room… I had already pulled the blanket, sheet, and pillows onto the floor. I was only wearing a thsirt… my ass barely peeking out. As I bent I felt his hand rub against my exposed skin. I let out a sigh… making sure he knew I liked it.

His fingers traced the line of my ass… giving way to the soft skin of my pussy. I gasped when I felt his fingers rub my clit somewhat roughly. He gave it a few strokes before moving his fingers back.. and plunging into me. I pushed back against his hand… and whimpered when they left after only a minute.

We went about turning the bed… and as we were putting the stuff back on… I was bent over the bed again fixing the covers. I didn’t even notice him coming up behind me… and planting a firm smack on my ass. His hand hand up on my back… holding me down…. then applied several more swats to each cheek.

He let me up after… saying it was shower time. The shower was uneventful…. each of us showering in silence only glancing up at each other here and there exchanging a smile or a knowing look. When I finally exited.. I did my after shower routine… as Ben had already left the bathroom. I listened as I brushed my teeth… hearing the tell tale sounds of our toy drawer. I felt the fear somewhat grow in my stomach. It had been weeks since I had endured any sort of prolonged pain. I also felt the excitement of the impending treatment…

I couldn’t draw it out anymore… and walked out of the bathroom only to be met by Ben.. holding two of my vibrators. He handed them to and told me to make sure they were clean (apparently they hadn’t been used in a while…who knew that drawers got so dusty). As I washed them… he came in for a towel.

I followed him into the bedroom.. and this is where my memory gets hazy. Its funny how more intense something is.. the harder it is to remember.

I was pushed over the corner of the bed…. no warm ups… just powerful blows from the flogger… over and over. The first ones had no rhythm to them… so hard to stay focused and not cry out. Soon, though, his assault had a steadiness to it.. that allowed me to sink into a quiet enjoyment.

He wouldn’t allow that for long… dragging me to my knees… slamming his cock down my throat. He fucked my face while he continued working on my back and ass. As he did so…. he told me that he wanted me to present parts of my body for him to whip… which made me shudder. There is something about choosing your fate so to speak that makes it all the more hard to endure.

He pulled away… and instructed me to go ahead and show him where to spank. I thought for a second… and turned… getting on my hands and knees. I arched my back and stuck my ass in the air. He did not hesitate.. and just as quickly as I had got into position… the first blow fell across my ass. Over and over the flogger falls made contact with my skin.. sometimes making me scream… other times making me moan.

Soon he was ready for a new target… and urged me to pick something else. I sat up a bit laying across the bed… pointing to my back. There was a confidence in that choice… as it’s my favorite place to be flogged. He moved onto my newly selected spot. Strike after strike… I laid there enduring what he dished out.

After a bit.. I was told to pick a new spot. I pointed to the backs of my thighs this time. He only got a few hits in on this spot. One blow hit the side of my thigh… wrapping around… that brought forth such pain. I gasped… and screamed.. and felt my chest tighten trying to find air…. and the tears filling my eyes. I begged him to stop…

“Why?”, he said… dripping with condescension.

“Because it hurts”, I choked out.

“But it’s supposed to hurt, isn’t it? And you like it, don’t you?”, he was all smiles… I could tell without even looking.

“Yes”, was all I could respond with… between deep breaths trying to keep from completely falling apart.

He knew I didn’t want him to stop.. and pressed forward to picking another spot. For whatever crazy reason (maybe because I know how much he likes it), I picked my pussy. I rolled over.. spreading my legs for him. He offered up his cock to help distract me from the attack I was about to feel.

I took him deep into my mouth… and his soothing words rolled from his lips… asking if I was ready. And so… he began…. getting in a few good hits before I couldn’t take more. The tears came back to my eyes. I could feel panic filling me… but he has a way of calming me… bringing me back to where he needs me to be.

Soon I was laying there.. legs spread… willing to accept more. He was going to give me one more…. one more good one. The fear grew in me…. waiting.. wondering when it’d come… my mouth full of his cock again. Then out of no where.. the last stinging blow hit my tender flesh. I pulled my legs up to me… laying in a ball. There was no stopping the tears this time.. as they streamed down my face.

He told me to breathe… to calm myself… as he moved around to the other side of the bed. He got me off the bed… I leaned in to suck his cock again… but was met with resistance. The wood handle of the flogger was at my throat.. causing me to struggle to reach even the tip. I struggled.. pushing harder.. digging the wood into my throat to finally reach my prize.

Satisfied with my struggle…. he removed the flogger. I moved my head up and down… fucking him with my mouth. Words flowed from his mouth as I did as I was expected.

“So I guess I should tell you what I have planned for you tonight. Those two vibrators you cleaned are going into your pussy…. and I’m going to fuck your ass. Like that idea?”, he asked… as if he was talking about what he had for lunch.

I could feel the dread coming over me. I don’t prefer being fucked in the ass when we play harder… my body isn’t as relaxed as it needs to be to allow him to do so without hurting me. So.. yeah, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

He pulled away from me… and told me to get onto the bed on my back. I did so…as hee pulled me to him… my legs spreading again. There wasn’t pain.. but pure pleasure as he slid deep into my pussy.. filling me. I cooed…. enjoying the reward I had earned.

His arms wrapped around my thighs… fucking me… my fingers wandered down… and started rubbing my clit. My eyes shut and went with it… fully enjoying all the sensations that flowed through my body. This wouldn’t be all I’d get though…. soon I found myself void of his cock…. and had my cunt filled with the first of two vibrators.

I took the first one with ease. One is no problem by any means. He fucked me vigorously with it…. making sure I was nice and wet (like that’s any problem). He only stopped to slid the other in… stretching my pussy out. I felt so full…. words escape me in how to accurately describe it.

He pushed my knees up further.. getting better access to my ass. Normally I would put up some resistance… but honestly I was pretty far gone by then… so I laid there… letting him do whatever he wanted.

With one hand.. he held the vibrators in place.. and the other.. he squeezed a ton of lube into the slit of my ass. I heard him set the bottle down… then felt the tip of his cock press against me. I had very little fight in my body.. which was probably a good thing… and worked in my favor.

I felt him slip inside of me… pressing further and further… not giving me much time to adjust to the stretching of my ass. I reached down again… rubbing my clit.. trying to keep the focus on something more enjoyable. Finally when he was all the way in… he begin pumping in and out… more forceful than he’d normally be.

After a few more minutes of his cock and the vibrators fucking me… I asked him for more lube as my body was tensing and it was starting to hurt. He obliged me… then went back to the task at hand.. sliding back in and not giving any adjustment time.

By then I was so far gone… the sensations were overwhelming.. and I could feel myself deep in subspace.. where very little could touch me. I’m not even sure how much time passed…. or how many times my body trembled with orgasms. Though, at some point.. his seed spilled into my ass. When his orgasm subsided he pulled out… then pulled the vibrators out.

I pulled away… curling into a ball… as he slipped into bed up behind me enveloping me in his arms. This is when the whole experience washed over me…. and tears poured from my eyes.. like this wonderful release of anything bad that I felt. In that very second… I was wonderful… and felt just.. well good.

Moments like that are probably hard to describe or understand unless you’ve experienced them. I’ve had very few experiences like that… and I wouldn’t trade them for the world…. they are simply amazing.

It took me almost a hour to full snap out of it… and be completely normal… but it was so totally worth it. It was good stuff indeed.


>Ben and I rarely get a Saturday afternoon together… he always works late. So.. when he gets to come home earlier than usual…. I like to spend as much time with him as I can. Im a greedy girl like that :-).

We had grabbed a shower not long after he got home… we didn’t really have any plans but knew we were going to grab something to eat- I had a really long, hard day at work. He always gets out before me… and so when I finally dried off and did all my after shower rituals… he was on the couch with the laptop.

I looked at him kinda funny… kinda taken back that he wanted to be on the computer instead of being with him. We said something to each other, I can’t remember what… and then I think I said “hmph” (playfully of course) and walked into our room.

I laid down on the bed… there was no sheets or blankets… as we had stripped them to wash. I curled up next to one of our cats and began petting him as I could hear Ben calling out to me. I didn’t answer… but was grinning ear to ear knowing he would come to me.

And he did… within minutes he was in the bedroom asking me what I was doing… in which I answered, “petting the cat”. He sat on the bed and laid he his head against me… I love it when he does that. I readjusted… so that I was on my back and his head was on my stomach. He laid there and talked for a bit.

Soon I felt his hand wandering up my thigh to my sleeping pussy. His fingers slid up the lips.. bringing it alive and alert. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch. Minutes passed and I warned him that if he didn’t stop… I might rape him. He laughed and said okay.. that we needed to get some dinner.

“We can watch a lil’ somthin’ somethin’… and then maybe later.. we can watch a lil somethin’ somethin’“, he said… I was all smiles.

I rolled over onto my stomach and asked where he wanted to get something to eat. He didn’t know. Then.. out of no where… his palm made contact with my ass. It wasn’t the hard, get your attention type… just a playful… slap on the ass.

From there… there was a barrage of spankings… in which I loved. They were soft at first… working up to the ones that sends every inch of your body into alert. From side to side… and sometimes in the same spot a couple times before moving on… he worked my ass over. I was loving it.

Soon his fingers found their way to my very wet hole… he commented on how wet I was ( he loves the way my body responds to him). He kept spanking me.. making me yelp as he slid his fingers inside. I was in overload… I knew at any moment I was going to cum. I could feel that tell tale build… but was riding the wave slowly to the shore.

I felt his hand pop into my cunt… I tried staying relaxed but every nerve ending in my body was awake. He assault didn’t stop.. he kept working my ass and pussy over… knowing he had me just where he wanted me. Seconds passed…. and the words fell from my mouth.. asking to cum… then answered with a hissing yes.

The orgasm ripped through me… although Ben was not letting up… and so it felt like it lasted forever. All my muscles grasped his hand…. till it was over…. atleast from my end. He was in no way done with me.

Soon he broke out the wire hanger (which seems to be his toy of choice lately.. and I am notttttt complaining). I saw it out the corner of my eye, and where as I love it… my body tensed. The swats began…. I wasn’t ready… I felt panicy… and my breathing became erratic. I rose up… in which I was ordered to breath and get back down.

I lowered my body and tried to regain my breathing… his hands never left my cunt. This happened several times… and we transversed a lot of the bed. It amazes me how much you can move when you’re having sex. I could feel the heat radiating off my back and ass.

A while passed of this dance… and finally Ben wanted some attention for himself. He had been very giving… it was all about me up until then… something that doesn’t usually happen… for that.. I am thankful. He told me to suck his cock. I climbed off the bed eagerly.. as I had been wanting to feel it in my mouth… it was weird to go so long without his flesh hitting the back of my throat.

When I got to the floor, I took his cock into my mouth eagerly…. sucking with vigor. I slid my tongue against it with every bob of my head. Then I stopped… took his wet fingers into my hands… then began sucking my juices off them. When they were clean.. I went back to the job at hand.

Ben took up swating me with the hanger again while I sucked him. It’s far easier to be composed this way.. I have something to focus on.. to keep me from feeling scared of the sensations. Some time passed again… and I was told to get on the bed and lean my head over the side. I obeyed… and he straddled my face. I took his balls into my mouth… recieving moans from him.

“You want me to spank your pussy don’t you?”, he asked… and of course the answer was a resounding no. “Yes you do… you want me to spank it.. I know. Open your legs…. open them… “, and I did as I was told.. reluctantly.

I felt the cold metal make contact.. I cried out a little but still kept sucking his balls gently. Over and over it hit my skin… getting harder with each blow till I couldn’t take it anymore. I snapped my legs shut…. and again, Ben’s cool words fell from him mouth telling me to open my legs.

I reopened them… and he went back to work… till the same thing happened. This time.. he had another idea…. he was going to spank my pussy while he fucked me. That idea, I was down with. I turned on the bed… letting my ass hang off the bed a little and spread my legs for him.

He entered me…. and oh my did it feel good. He stroked himself in and out a few times then went about the business of spanking my pussy again. He fucked me hard.. and swatted me hard too…. but I was loving every second of it. I couldnt’ take it much longer and begged for him to just fuck me. Ask and ye shall recieve.

He dropped the hanger… and grabbed my legs. He began pouding me with force I don’t see that often. It lasted for a while too… much to much delited surprise. When he finally came….. I pulled him to me…. wrapping my legs and arms around him… and kissed him with all the passion I could muster. Our lips seperated…. and I whispered to him.. our faces so very close…. that I loved him.


We cuddled for a bit.. then I felt like I could actually stand. So we got up… I went and hugged him.. and did as I always do after we play. I spun around and checked out my ass in the mirror. It was all red and welty. On th side of my ass… there was a pattern… I giggled and told Ben it looked like fish scales. How I do love my marks. I will marvel at them for days to come 🙂

>Life is constantly moving forward. The sun will always rise…. just as sure as it will set… this has always been a constant.

Ten years ago.. you could have never convinced me that I would get off on pain… no way, no how. But, then again…. there are lots of things that you could not have convinced me of then. Hell, FIVE years ago… I probably wouldn’t have believed it either- yet here I am… craving that sensation. The drug I will never get enough of…

I love spankings… this I’m sure you know by now. I am fascinated by it…. the feel of it… the mind set it puts me in. So when Ben asked last night if I wanted him to get something that would hurt more than his hand… who was I to say no?

He left me bent over our bed… ass out… and walked past me to our closet. Instantly… I knew. I knew what he was going for. My heart felt like it sunk down between my knees with panic…. strange… since I have wanted to up the intensity. This is what I had been wanting.. what I had asked for. It was playing out in front of me.

My head raced… excited… scared… nervous…. thinking what he was going to produce was a plastic hanger. What I forgot about was the metal ones that still hung in there from his work uniforms. I tried to get a glimpse from out of the corner of my eye… but I didn’t even see so much as a tip.

He ran the cold metal over my back and skin. I shivered a bit… from the temperature of it… and the anticipation of feeling it make contact with my back side. I feared (or maybe hoped) for the worst. He asked if I was ready….. and even though I wasn’t sure I was… I said yes. Leading up to the first blow was worse in my mind than the actual event.

He tapped my ass a few times.. gently…. my body was full attention… waiting. Finally… the first real assault came… taking my breath away. It stung… bad. Just as I had imagined…. yet I still wanted more. It came as no real shock to me. While he started working me over.. my mind wandered… from the thoughts of wanting more… to not being sure I could take more…. to wondering if THIS is what a cane felt like.

Before he was done, Ben striped my ass… had a little fun with my breasts… and even managed to get me to spread my legs far apart to get one good swat on my cunt. I am fairly sure I could have taken more… that it could have went on for quite a bit longer. I’m not exactly sure why I let it end… I kind of was kicking myself as we laid there… quietly content in our post sex haze.

Once we pryed ourselves out of bed… I checked out my “war wounds” in the mirror. A sly grin came across my face to see the product of his love. (Because in my eyes…. he does this because I ask him to…. because he knows it’s what I need…. and so that it love.. to me amongst other things). There is something about when he marks me…. that brings me such joy. I wonder do all people that play so to speak enjoy their marks as much? Do they wear them like a badge of honor?

Even as I was in the bathroom at my father-in-laws (look for another post coming soon to a blog near you!)…. I turned to admire the red lines… and faint bruises in the mirror. Sigh. What more can a girl ask for?

>birthday HNT


Whats a birthday.. without candles? This weekend… I’ll be a year older… and while I am torn about that… I’ve come by it honestly. The last year has held a lot of good memories… and few bad ones. So.. I cannot complain too much.

Hopefully my birthday will hold lots of good memories… after all.. I do need my birthday spankings!

>Ben and I were washing dishes. We regularly share the chores around the house… dishes are no different.. one washes and the other rinses. Tonight… Ben was rinsing.

“How much soap did you put in there?”, he asked rinsing the plates.

We had had bbq ribs for dinner… and so the water was going to be a little more greasy than normal.. and in fact I had put quite a bit of soap in the dish water. I mocked him in a playful way.. making him sound whiny.

It lasted shortly.. and I continued washing… after rewashing the plates. Then he said something else… I can’t remember… but I mocked him again.. giggling after I was done.

Ben responded in an unexpected way. He pulled away from the counter.. me still scrubbing a pan… snatched down my pants and smacked my ass hard with his still wet hand. I was slightly shocked… and instantly turned on.

I looked over my shoulder… my mouth agape a little… I said nothing. I went back to washing.. in my quiet surprise. Again, I glanced over at him.. trying to appear a little hurt…I’m sure he knew better.

“Got anything else to say?”, he said in this almost amused voice. I shook my head no… finishing up my task. When I was done I wiped down the counter… tossing the towel over the sink to let it dry. I smirked…. mocked him once more… then made a run for it.

I took around corner and stole into our room… giggling all the way… slamming the door… leaning against it.. and locking it. I stood there giggling.. knowing he was coming.. knowing what was in store for me.

Sure enough.. he came to the door… I laughed uneasily… quite proud of myself. He jiggled the handle.. I went to the door and knocked.

“Hello?”, I called out. No answer. A minute or so would pass of him trying to get in when I finally unlocked it… Ben pushed into the room. I laughed more… backing against the wall… not wanting to give him access to my ass.

He stood there.. with this cool confidence… knowing that I would give in… all he had to do is wait. I slid against the door trying to squirm my way out the door… with no luck. It was shut and locked… and I was not getting out of this one.

I kept trying though… which only got me turned around… arm twisted up between my shoulder blades and face shoved into the bed. I felt my pants being yanked down again…. and then a quick, sharp smack. Followed by pinches and scratches….. all the while I moaned into the bed and begged him to stop.. telling him sorry over and over.

He stopped… I stood… and pulled my pants in their original position. I smiled shyly at him… only for him to lace his fingers through my hair and shove me to the ground. He pulled out his all ready hard cock and impaled my mouth.

He stayed like this for what seemed like forever… fucking my face… giving me only seconds to catch a breath.

Finally, he spoke… “Do you want me to cum in your mouth or in your pussy?”.

I tried to say pussy… I wanted him to fuck me so badly… I said it a couple times… and all I got was a what? He pulled away… and I answered him. I was pulled to my feet and pushed forward. For the last time, the pants went back down… and he entered me.


After we were all done.. we went back to our business. He sat on the couch to check his email.. I went to do some other things in the kitchen. I picked up my phone….

Me: Naughty man
Him: That’s the way you like it

He’s right too… just the way I like it.

>my love affair with spanking

>I’ve come to realize that recently…. spanking is a big thing to me. It’s probably THE thing for me… the thing I fantasize about more… long for most. Our experience in spanking is pretty limited, which makes me kind of sad. Hopefully we can work on that soon.

I’m terribly fascinated with implements… and the marks those leave. Take for instance the thing I’ve been wanting to try/get for some time now…. a cane. I’ve talked about it before. My feelings about this has not changed despite the time that has passed since I wrote that post. I’m sure that it would hurt much more than I can even imagine… but I would love every minute of it. I would love the delicious welts they would leave… and the soreness that would follow.

Another… something that I’ve never tried.. which seems silly with how common it is… a wooden hair brush. There is something kind of intriguing and naughty about being spanked over the knee with a hair brush. I’m not really sure what it is… such a ordinary object…. yet… I would like to know what that felt like.

Up next… another household item… the plastic spoon. Oh my does that thing pack a punch… but leaves the best bruises! Oh the sting they give… makes you want to dance around to get away from the bite of that item. I do have fond memories of moments with the spoon…. I have no complaints!

ANDDD a leather belt… Ben has a belt that looks almost exactly like this one.. but it’s black. Too many hard swings from that puppy certainly leaves some blue.. black.. and purple marks. I cannot imagine if the buckle ever made contact…. Ouch is all I have to say. BUT still a wonderful spanking tool.

Another implement I have not had the pleasure of trying on for size is.. the every popular ping pong paddle. I imagine it has quite the thuddy kind of feel to it… I have yet to see… hopefully one day I will get the chance… (I need to show Ben this post hehe).

Finding a picture for this next item… brought about an unexpected recation from me… I practically drooled (not really haha). The leather strap. Does that not look fantastic? Oh man.. words escape me right now… my mind is off in another little world… moving on…

Paddles are next up… when I think of paddles.. I think of the days when they still paddled children in school. I still remember sitting in my desk in class knowing some boy that got escorted out of the room was getting two swats. The idea always terrified me… and so I was always a good girl. Thinking about it now… not really the same reaction.

Then… the crop. Another thing I want to try.. and have wanted to try for some time. I can imagine this is a versitile item.. one that can be used for more than spanking someone’s ass. But I dont know that from person experience… yet.

And well.. the tried and true… hand. One cannot rule out the intimacy that is brought by spanking someone with a bare hand. There is just something about skin on skin contact that makes me all warm and tingly.

I’m sure I could go on and on about the different items someone could use to spank another person…. lots of which are unconventional. That is one of the cool things about spanking… you can go anywhere the imagination can take you… and that my friends, is never a bad thing.

>Where does the need for pain come from? How does one recognize that need inside themselves?

I can honestly say… I do not know where my need comes from.. or if there is even a reason why I am the way I am. I know a lot of people tend to say that devious wants come from a history of some sort of abuse…. but for me.. I had wanted that (just maybe not realized it) before I ever had an abusive relationship.

Growing up.. I can honestly only remember a handful of times I was spanked. I was a willful child… and generally got whatever I wanted. There was few to no rules in my house.. and I frequently boasted about this… that “I could do whatever I wanted”. I ruled my house.. and I knew it. No was really not something I was told.

Whether or not that was a good thing… well.. I know it wasn’t a good thing, but had I been in an environment in which there was structure… would I be who I am now? Probably not. I mean.. I did not turn out that bad, but I certainly could have.

I went from that life.. to a life filled with a lot of pain… not a good pain. My first real relationship was with a man that felt the need to hit me. Usually when we would fight. I am a strong willed girl… and easily am angered by some people. This, of course, lead to a lot of very unpleasant… tear filled moments.

But even though I endured physical abuse.. I still longed to feel a man’s dominance over me sexually. It seems kind of weird to me.. that the idea of it would send me screaming in the other direction. Deep down I guess I know that being dominated I’m not being hurt in a negative way.. and perhaps that is the key here.

Still though, that does not answer where it began… what moment began that addiction? Or maybe.. just maybe it was not environmental induced. Perhaps it is just the way my mind and body are wired… that it is just as much a part of me as my eyes being brown.

Whatever the origin…. it is highly enriching… and brings me much pleasure. So…. it cannot be a bad thing.

>It was late… shower time.. right before bed.. our nightly ritual. We were messing around after getting washed up.. playing around with each other…. or should I say.. I was antagonizing him. I tapped him on the forehead… he retaliated by grabbing my arm and swatting my butt; not hard.. just a playful little tap. I felt a twinge.. and knew I wasn’t going to stop… it would lead to more.

I did it a few more times.. and with each time.. he was more forceful… pulling my arm up higher and higher behind my back… smacking my ass a bit firmer. Before I knew it…. he had a good hold on me… pushed me up against the wall of the shower…. and started spanking me pretty hard.

I welcomed his assault… feeling the slight burn of the spanking and pulling of my arm. It was all kind of sudden…. but I was loving it… the unexpected. Within seconds I felt his fingers slide into my cunt from behind… filling me up… aggressively sliding in and out with such vigor it took my breath away.

He fingered my pussy hard and fast… not letting me catch my breath… then pulled out smacked me a few more times…before shoving me to the bottom of the tub. His cock penetrated my mouth.. and slammed into the back of my throat. He was brutal… not being easy on me…. as I gagged and fought to gain my composure. He wasn’t letting up though.. not till he was ready.

Minutes passed before he left me a heaving mess. I pulled myself together… stood in the warm water for a bit longer.. then left the shower. He had already left the bathroom.. I saw him in the hall area. He glanced at me.. in a kind of cold distant glance… it was kinda strange… and kinda thrilling all at once.

I brushed my teeth and did my before bed stuff then walked into our room.

Ben stood there.. completely naked… the warm glow of a candle filling the room. He reached out for me… cupping my neck and pushing me to the ground. Once again, I found my mouth filled with his cock…. penetrating my lips and back to my throat. He was not gentle… and I adored him for that.

Before long I was bent back over the end of the bed…. him straddling my face… riding me with no abandon. There was something beyond erotic to me about it… the way it felt to be there underneath him almost as he took what he needed from me. I was a puddle without a doubt.

While he did so.. he told me to rub my pussy… make it cum he instructed… and so while he was brutally fucking my face… I was vigorously attacking my clit…. moments away from explosion.

What lay ahead for me… left my face wet with tears…. and my cunt aching for more.

>In the darkness of our room… laying in bed.. our bodies touching…. I felt his hand snake up my side and to my nipple. He toyed with it gently… taking the protrusion between his fingers and teasing it. I let out a little sigh at the unexpected contact.

It wasn’t long before the soft handling became rough… when the rolling of my nipple became a pinch and a tug. My back bowed under the onslaught… but there was not mistaking my growing lust. As the pain shot through my body, it only made me want more… no… need more.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock… a little nudge that I should be doing something… not just laying there enjoying my treatment. I happily started to stroke as his other hand made its way to my pussy.

He dipped his fingers in slowly finding it already wet and waiting. His thumb rested on my clit.. making little circles as the other ones moved in and out taunting my hole. The other hand magically appeared down south as well… taking a grip on the tender flesh. He pinched hard and I gasped at the sudden change in pain. I have a love hate relationship with any sort of suffering surrounding my pussy.

Soon both hands were working me over… pinching and pulling… extracting any and every ounce of affliction they could. I tried hard to stay focused on my task at hand.. stroking his cock was the only thing that was keeping me where I was… and not ten feet away in agony. The funny thing about that is… if I were to flee… I would only be longing to be back… enduring what he was giving me.

He seemed quite pleased with himself…. enjoying causing such pain on his sweet little wife.

“I love hurting your pussy”, he said… cocky as he could be. I felt a surge through my body that went straight to my groin.

Again, one of his hands migrated.. this time covering my nose and mouth…. I drew in a deep breath knowing what his movement meant. This time he tugged on my cunt lips really hard and a muffled scream escaped. His hand pressed down harder as I tried to compose myself under the conditions. He repeated this several times.

Soon he was pulling away from me and getting off the bed… dragging my body with him. My mouth took his waiting cock all the way in as he began to fuck my face at a steady rhythm. His hands slide down my back… lifted slightly… then slapped down on my ass. I yelped mid suck but didn’t miss a beat on keeping him in my mouth.

Another slap… then another… alternating between each side… then down the middle… which I hate… I loath… and not in a good way. I cannot begin to describe how much that hurts, and I’m not sure why.

I wiggled… hoping that he would move onto other places… luckily he did…. for then. He then drug his fingertips up my back… from the base to my shoulders… scratching me with what little nails he has…. I was in heaven…. it was exactly what I needed… to take away from the discomfort of the spanking.

It was not to last long as his hand swung down on my ass again… as I cried out… him still fucking my face. Again, moving side to side… giving equal attention to each. When he tired of that he flipped me over on my back, my head hanging off the side of the bed.

He slid easily into my mouth… returning to the business of fucking my face… causing me to gag and sputter as he hit the back of my throat. Ben’s fingers twisted my nipples briefly before inching down to my sopping cunt.

“Lets see if you can cum while I hurt your pussy”, he said. My hand went obediently down to my clit… making circles while he tugged on my pussy lips again. I made fast little circles… knowing I was already pretty worked up. It wasn’t long before my body was convulsing from the mixture of pleasure and pain… and oh what a wonderful mix it was.

He didn’t let up though… he kept on. He pinched and pulled and tugged until there my face was wet with tears and begging him to stop- only for him to ask me if I really wanted him to stop. Which of course, I didn’t. I wanted him to hurt me.. just as much as he wanted to.

This went on for a bit longer before he turned my body so that he could enter me… my legs draped over his shoulders. He fucked me hard as I dug my fingers into the bed… screaming out. All the while he was still torturing my flesh….. making my body bow under his touch.

It wasn’t long before he was shooting his cum deep insde of me…. not long before I wrapped my legs around him to keep him from leaving…. not long before I felt so weak I could bearly crawl up to our pillows…. not long before I was wrapped in my lovers arms….


>I need you to hurt me…. to feel the sweetness that only that pain brings me.

I need you to not care… to have the cold, stern face of a man that is after pleasure.. and that alone.

I need you to break me… to rock me to the core and leave me a crying mess.

I need you to be in control…. and ignore my pleadings… my begging to stop.

I need you to mark me…. to see the evidence of your dominance over me days later.

I need you to push me…. and keep going till you’ve forced me to the edge and then over.

I need you to take me places I haven’t been in a while…. to remind my body that it is your’s… and if you choose to inflict pain on it… you will.

I need you to have your hands about my neck….. to feel that rush of air refilling my gasping lungs.

I need you to spank me… to refocus me… to send each nerve in my body on end because of the assault.

I need you to pull my hair… to force me to be the slut you know I am.

I need you to sink your teeth into my flesh…. to make me cry out.

I need you to collar me…. to remind me of my sexuality… that submitting is what I want.. what I need… what I lust for.

I need you to take me there…. and be there to hold me when I come back.