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This is a long overdue review!  Things have been pretty busy around here as of late and getting a chance to sit down to share about this month’s toy has been hard.  I made myself make time for it today 🙂

This month my toy came… and when it arrived, as always, I immediately opened it.  Inside laid my new Wartenburg Wheel.  I pulled it out and the accompanied blindfold.  If I have to describe this toy… I’d say it’s a good beginners item.  It isn’t on the high end of Wartenburg Wheels (nicer ones are stainless steel and have pokier wheels).  I hadn’t ever experienced one before… and I’m always down for trying new things.  The blindfold is kind of flimsy.. butttt the good part of it is that the thin material makes for complete coverage over your eyes.  I liked how it conformed to the contours of my face. 

The actual experience of the toy was fun.  It wasn’t the intense play that Ben and I usually engage in.   I think it was nice to actually experience something a little different.. a little more sensual.  Sensation play isn’t typical for us.  We’ve probably done it only a handful of times in the years we’ve been together.

Ben set the tone by lighting candles… that I wouldn’t be seeing long.  He covered my face with the blindfold and had me lay on my stomach to start.  He started by running his fingers over my skin then would randomly add in the wheel.  What a difference in sensations!  Going from the softness of skin to the cold, pokeyness of the wheel startled me the first time.

After a bit he had me flip over and teased the front side of my body.  When he used the wheel on the more sensitive parts of my body.. I was fully aware of it.  By the time he was ready to move onto other things… I was more than eager.  Every inch of my body was on high alert from the sensory deprivation mixed with the Ben’s teasing.

So my over all experience… it was fun.  I liked changing things up… I think variety is the spice of life.  I love trying new types of bondage toys.. as we are big fans of S&M play.. even if this was on the lower end of the spectrum.  If you ever get the chance to try one out… definitely try it out.  I was amazed at the heightened senses I experienced… yes.. it was fun.

If you’re in the market for any new sex toys, be sure to swing by Eden Fantasys… they have a wide variety of toys to browse through.  You never know what will peak your curiosity!


Review 2: Amethyst

I got my May toy in the mail almost two weeks ago and have been trying to get a chance to try it out but the opportunity had not came to me.  Seems like everything was getting in the way these couple weeks.  Luckily, a chance presented itself and we went for it.

When my new blue glass toy arrived, it was wrapped inside a red velvet cozy.  I don’t know why, but I love when toys have their own little carrier.  I instantly was thrilled about it… as I love blue.. and what a lovely shade it is.  It’s appropriately named Amethyst. 

This particular toy gloats that it is a g-spot dildo… but we had other plans for it.  I am sure at some point we will try it as such but we decided to be adventurous and use it in a way that we both enjoy.  And so while Ben was entertaining my pussy… he had me warm the toy with my hands before applying a little lube.  He had given me the impression that he was going to be the one operating it, but decided at the last minute that watching me fuck my ass with this little blue wonder would suit him much better.

And so while he was deep inside of me…. I slid the toy into my ass… and started matching his movements.  It was still slightly cool to touch but not a jarring cold that the glass is normally…. just a perfect sensation.  It wasn’t long before I was begging to cum.  I so love cumming with both my holes filled.  Makes me squirm thinking about it.  To say I enjoyed this toy, is an understatement.  If it works half as good on my g-spot as it did in my ass… I’ve met a new friend.  🙂  I’ll be sure to follow up on that one.

Two big thumbs up for this one!  You can find a variety sex toys to fit any of your needs at Eden Fantasys.  Be sure to check them out!

A couple of weeks ago I was emailed by Eden Fantasys to review adult toys for them.  I was surprised to say the least.. and really excited.  I’d never done anything like this and really looked forward to such a fun opportunity.  I had to pick a few different kinds of toys that we like to use.  I like all sorts of things… especially things that are unique.  The list included vibrators, kink toys, anal toys,  and so on.  I like to keep my options open as one can never know what they like if they don’t try it, right?

After several emails were exchanged and I selected a few favorites from a list sent my way.. I awaited my first toy to arrive in the mail. When Friday came around… I found a box on our front porch when I got home from work.  I opened up the box and pulled out my first toy to review… Jenna’s Velvet G.  One of the things that drew me to this toy out of the twenty some odd choices I had was it’s unique shape.  It was so different from anything I’d see before that I figured it was worth a shot.

After I looked at it for a few… I started to wonder just how it was actually going to fit into me… but hey, life’s an adventure.  We would cross that bridge when the time came.  It stayed on the dresser till Ben got home.  He was the one that opened the box and tossed some batteries in it.  He turned it on.. and it buzzed to life.  I touched it finding that not only did the bullet on the tip vibrates but the length as well.  I hadn’t anticipated that and so it would be interesting to see how that played out.

We showered and played a little before it was time to give it a go. When he slid the toy in me… he put it in at an angle and so it felt a bit uncomfortable.  I took over so that I could get it in without hurting me.  The head of this toy is very awkward.  Even me putting it in was still a little uncomfortable but I managed.  The thing about the vibration not just being in the head of the toy is that it’s hard to really distinguish any specific places it’s working.  Once it was in I couldn’t really tell the difference between the vibrations. It was hard to tell if it was pressing on my G spot or not to be honest.

Still… it brought me to a lovely orgasm… and so I’d say it worked in that aspect.  Afterward we decided to give it one more chance before deciding how we felt about this toy.  Sometimes first times, like sex, aren’t always the best.

My second go round was Monday morning.  After Ben and I had some lovely morning sex… I asked if I could cum once more and mentioned the toy.  I fetched it and climbed back in bed.  This time I guided the toy inside with ease.  I was quit pleased that it wasn’t uncomfortable like before.  I had made sure the angle of the toy was just right so that it’d hit my g spot.  I positioned it just so that I could feel it deep inside.  It was different than last time… it wasn’t the overwhelming elation that I thought it would be.. but it was a warm tingly feeling.  I road the line as Ben played with me.  Before long I felt a yummy orgasm wash over me.  This time.. was certainly better than my first.

I would say my over all opinion of this toy is good.  There are a few draw back to it in my eyes but it still does the trick.  So I can’t complain. 🙂