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>Love Our Lurkers… October 2009 edition

>So its that time again boys and girls. Its Love Our Lurkers day! This is where all you lovely lurkers should feel free to come out of hiding… say hello… we love to hear from you! It’s always nice knowing who is reading. At least, thats how I feel.

Look forward to hearing from you!!!


>Love Our Lurkers… the late edition!

>So I was late finding “Love my lurkers day” and so decided not to do it… but kitten said I should do it anyway… so I am.

Just like any other blogger… I love to hear from my readers. It’s nice to know what people think of what I write and such. In fact… comments have always encouraged me to write more.. especially in the times I feel a slump in how much I’ve blogged.

So… in some ways.. my readers, you, are part of my inspiration.

With that said… I would really love to hear from any one that reads… or have just found my blog and let me know what you think… or even just say hi. I would love either.

Thanks for reading!