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>I woke up earlier than I would have liked (no… this is not a repeat post lol). My allergies were not letting me sleep.. ie… I couldn’t breathe well.. and well… Ben was snoring. So I got up and read some blogs till I heard our alarm go off in the distance.

“Happy Birthday!”, I heard my barely away husband call out. I replied with a thank you… then was told a few more times… happy birthday…. which made me giggle a bit. I put the computer down and climbed back into bed with him. Cuddling up close to him, I closed my eyes and smiled.

Not long after sliding into bed with him again, did my hand slide up his chest. My fingers glided over his nipple… barely grazing it… but extracting a reaction from him. I took the nub in between my fingers and pulled gently. I worked it over for a minute or two the moved to the next.

By the time I was done teasing his upper body.. his lower was more than ready for some attention. My hand went south… bumping into his cock… full and hard. I slid my hand over it… all warm and firm… feeling the lust grow between my own legs. Wrapping my fingers around it… I slowly started to stroke… slow and deliberate movements.

I played for a bit before decided to move back to his nipples. My hand left its new companion and my mouth went to work on his nipple… taking it in between my lips… kissing it… nibbling it… flicking it with my tongue.

Ben’s hand took over…. something I love. There is something about him stroking his cock in front of me that drives me mad… something no other man has ever been able to do. I positioned myself so that I could watch him pleasure himself. I could feel his body tense at the double attention- a duet of sorts.

It wasn’t long before I could not take it anymore. My mouth made a move… from nipple to cock. I parted my lips and took him deep into my mouth.. to my throat. He groaned… a sign of his approval. I made no waste of our time… and began servicing his cock. Moving up and down at different speeds… sometimes with my tongue pressed hard against… sometimes all the way to the hilt. Any way.. it made no difference.. time has a way of teaching you the things your lover likes.

When I could take no more, I climbed on top of him… a leg on each side… and took him into me. I started bouncing up and down- slowly at first then building in speed. I could feel the steady rise of my orgasm…. it was coming slowly.. but still coming.

My movements were deliberate.. just as my blow job had been… it was not even paced… I would go slow.. then fast… just to switch it up a little. A bit passed… this dance of sorts… before he had me switch it up. He turned me around.. facing away from him… and I went back to work.

This did the trick for me.. I could feel myself on the edge of release. Playing this game of chicken… running to the edge then backing off…. I wasn’t ready to cum just yet. I kept riding him though… so close to erupting… but not letting go. I needed something to push me off.

I climbed off.. getting onto my hands and knees… Ben followed suit. He wasted no time to get behind me. I felt one of his hands touch my waste then pushed down into my back… and the other on my shoulder and neck.. grasping. He went to work on my cunt.. fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

That was all I needed… that little bit of dominance… so simple… and I was falling. My orgasm surged through my body… riding that wave of pleasure. Ben followed again… exploding into my hungry pussy.

We collapsed into each others arms… and soon drifted between sleep and wakefulness.

We dozed for a bit.. before I woke again… feeling horny once more. I laid there for a few.. debating what I wanted to do. Finally, I slid my hands down between my legs… finding a nice warm, wet pussy waiting to be violated. I slid my fingers in between the lips… finding my clit. I worked circles slowly. The sensation made my back bow a little… waking the sleeping man next to me.

His hands began to work me over…. inching over my skin… pinching my nipples… down between my legs to my thighs… cupping his hand over my face.. taking my breath away. All the while I kept working my pussy… rubbing my clit and dipping my fingers inside.

The build to my next orgasm was intense… I could barely handle it. I finally took his hand and shoved it to my cunt… hoping he’d get the hint. He did.. moving between my legs then sliding his fingers deep inside of me.

It was right there.. I could feel it… I was teetering. I moaned and deepened my resolve to cum… rubbing faster. My breathing labored… my legs tensed… my eyes squeezed tight… and finally.. the sweet release came.

When I came down off the high…. and my breathing came back to normal… we cuddled into each others arms again… knowing that this would not last… it was time to get up and get our day started.


>It has been a week since we last had sex… because the dreaded aunt had come to visit. We were both frustrated.. missing our coupling. I received a phone call from my nephew saying he was on his way over to mow our lawn. We pay him to mow our lawn each week so that he can earn some cash and well… because we don’t really like mowing the lawn.

We laid there in a groggy state after I got off the phone… but there is no way I was going pass up a chance to feel him inside of me. I slide my hands under the sheets to his hip moving it over to awaken his cock. I rubbed gently getting a sigh of pleasure from him. I worked a few minutes on him before he was fully awake.

Before I knew it Ben’s hands were on my clit… rubbing rough circles. My body reacted immediately… back arched… enjoying the much missed attention. All the while I kept my hand on his cock.. stroking up and down .

After a bit of this.. I could not take it… I needed to feel full…. and so I shoved his hands lower… urging him to plunge his fingers into my wet hole. And he did… deep… sliding them in and out quickly… making my muscles tighten around his appendages. I was almost over powered by the sensations… but not quite.

Soon I was being turned onto my side… slightly lifting my leg to allow him access to my most tender of places. He slid in with ease… me gasping as he did so. A satisfied moan escaped my lips… almost as to say finally!

He started pumping his hips. His fingers inched up my torso till they found their home on my nipple. His initial touches were gentle… kneading them between two fingers. The gentlness soon melted into something more primal… more aggressive. He started tugging on my bud… pull and pinching making me cry out.

Then his assault changed…. he released me… then slapped his palm down on my breast…. I winced in pain. I loved every minute of it. Next came his fingers… raking over my chest. They went from one side to the other… leaving red lines in their wake.

He would spend the next bit alternating till they were screaming for relief. I pulled away a little… needing the break… needing a change. A change was what I got… his hand found a new place to attack… my ass…. there in front of him… begging to be spanked.

This, however, was no nice warm up spanking… this was harsh… take your breath away spankings. One after another… in a nice little row… sharp and to the point. My hands left my chest to cover my ass…. only for him to find my breasts again… slapping them again.

I squirmed… wanting the attack to end in one way… but not wanting it to end in other ways. I recovered my chest…. and as before… he found another target. He lifted my leg into the air… and made contact with my inner thigh. I yelped.

I decided it was time to give my body a break and wiggled out of his clutches onto my back. I moved my fingers to his nipple… taking it between my fingers and rolling it… all the while he kept fucking me.

“Make yourself cum”, he ordered… and so my free hand found itself rubbing my clit… bringing myself quickly to orgasm at his command- my cunt tightening around him.

“Pinch your clit now… until I cum”, he once more directed. I made no point of protesting… I knew that I had no fight in me. So I took the tiny bud in between my fingers and pinched. I could feel my muscles tighten around his cock again… all the while he moved in and out. His finish was not far off… and I was right… moments later his body shuddered… his seed spilling into me.

I hooked my leg aroud his back… pulling him deep inside as he pulsed into me… then let go of my clit… enjoying the product of our desire. Soon he slid out of me… and I curled into him… smiling.

>sleeping with my lover

>I had gotten up earlier than I would have liked…. and decided… that it would be a good idea to climb back into my warm bed next to my sleeping husband. I slinked into bed feeling the warmth from his body and scooted all the way up to his back… molding mine around his. I sighed softly… taking in the glow of cuddling up to Ben… how I love it.. to be close to him… even in such an innocent way.

I lay there for a few minutes… listening to the even rhythm of his breathing… my head resting on the corner of his pillow. I can smell him.. his scent… I smile again. I love the way he has this affect on me… that even the way he smells captivates me… and I am his prisoner. The lustful thought is planted…. and the challenge is on.

My already draped hand snakes downward…. fingers outline his hip bone. They go to work… the business of waking and arousing my lover. I am subtle at first.. hoping that my tender touches will stir him… and awaken the need in him to take me…. but as a few minutes pass.. I realize that I need to take it to a more aggressive level.

I move my hand to his cock… it lays there… resting in its sleepy state. My hands caress the soft flesh…. all the while… I am beyond ready to attack him. I am fully awake to the idea of feeling his hands on me… feeling the initial penetration of his hard cock… filling me full and making me cry out in pleasure.

This, however, has not come to light…. as my mind has wandered off to more pleasant, erotic things.. Ben has rolled over some… more onto his stomach. Not willing to accept defeat, I devise a new plan. I move my hand back behind him… down to his inner thighs. Back to work my hands go… still trying to get that reaction I so desperately want. I am drunk with lust now… wishing.

Alas, my efforts prove futile…. he will not rouse. I stop my advances and admit defeat…. apparently there will be no morning sex for me.

>now thats how you wake up

>Ben and I slept in this morning… and when we woke up… it was about the same time. We laid in bed… just enjoying being against each other. One of those lazy mornings where you don’t have to get up and be anywhere so you take in that moment.

I could feel the stir in me.. that desire of wanting. Ben was on his back and so I rolled over on my side… thoughts running through my mind of all the things I wanted him to do to me. He rolled over and wrapped his arm around me and so I wiggled back into this body letting his cock rest in the crease of my ass. My heart beat a little faster.

We laid like that for a bit… and I could hear his breathing fall into a easy pattern. He had obviously fallen back asleep. This did not make my thirst for him go away though… it just presented a new challenge to me.

I pushed my hand gently under his arm and started caressing his hips. I stroked slowly but with a sexual touch to it. Sometimes only with my finger tips.. and other times with my whole hand… as my mind wandered. From time to time my hand would wander down to right next to his cock… trying to get the response I was hoping for.

After a while… with nothing happening… I was frustrated… horny… and not getting anywhere. I finally stopped and rolled away to pout. I always can get him going that way… and for some reason… it wasn’t working this morning.

As I did this.. he asked where I was going… I said no where… but was full of disappointment. He wrapped his arm around me again and pulled me back into his body. His hand found my chest… and wandered down to my nipple.. stroking it gently. It was then I realized that he was no longer soft… but at full attention against my ass.

He rested his face against my neck and started kneading my breast harder. My hand reached back and started touching him.. running my hands over his hip…till it finally found his cock. I began stroking him slowly… loving the way it felt in my hand.

His hand reached down and found my hungry pussy. He stroked it making my body shiver… getting it nice and wet for his entry. I spread my knees and he slid deep inside of me with a moan of pleasure escaping my throat. I had ached for this… the feeling of his cock inside of my cunt.. and I was getting exactly what I wanted.

Our bodies began to glide together… in a movement that was almost choreographed. His hand came up around the front of me… finding my throat and grasping it. I could feel the muscles in my pussy tighten around him.

He whispered for me to cum… to cum now for him. It didn’t take long for my body to respond to such treatment. I came hard all over him.. with a force that pushed him out of my pussy.

After this… he slid back in and I began to fuck him harder… pushing back into him… feeling full. Soon his hands found my face and blocked me from breathing. I could feel myself getting wetter…. as the words from earlier poured from his mouth… and like earlier.. a violent orgasm ripped through my body.

This time, Ben used my wetness to slide into my ass…. a feeling a welcomed. At first he went in partially.. then pressed hard till he was deep inside my ass. Surprisingly to me… it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be… it felt- amazing.

He fucked my ass roughly… his hands about my throat again. I was loving every minute of his assault trying to hold my breath and gasping when I couldn’t. I could feel the build in his body… I could feel his orgasm coming.. and I welcomed it.

Before long… Ben spilled his seed in my ass…. filling me full… making me feel content and proud. He slipped out and I leaned back against him feeling the glow of great sex.

>yes, thats what I want

>Ben and I were talking last night… just one of those out of the blue conversations. We were talking about sex… about how I love our sex… and stuff that I want to do. I told him I wanted him to push me… to push me hard… so hard that it made me cry. He seemed a little uncertain about it and said that he didn’t know if he could do that. He said it may be different in the moment.

I really want this… I want that kind of release. I want the pain to be so intense.. the emotion so intense that tears well up inside… and I feel that relief of letting go. I live for being pushed.. to see how far I can go. I want to know what my breaking point is, just so I can build on it.. and improve.

I want him to be able to invoke that kind of emotion in me. I want to see that kind of trust in front of me because I know its there… it will just take time to build to that.

Does that seem odd that I want my husband to make me cry? That I want him to bring me to my knees… and hold me close bringing me back to reality?

I don’t think its odd… I mean it can’t be that weird… or atleast not for me… because its what I want… what I need.

>Sierra wants a new toy!

>In the realm of wanting to push myself.. in wanting to see how much I can take and try new things… I’ve decided I want a new toy! I want to try out a cane. Now this scares and intrigues the hell out of me… but I really, really want to try it. I want to feel the sting of it against my ass and legs…. I want to see the lovely red whelps left on my skin when Ben is done with is assault on my flesh. Just the very thought of it makes me moist.

When Ben got home tonight we went and took a shower. I mentioned to him that the next toy we get I wanted it to be a cane. He asked me if I was sure about that.. and I said yeah. His words- “Ok, just remember YOU asked for it”. I think I got a little nervous at the sound of that (haha).

I told him just to start out slow.. and we will work ourselves up to full blown caning. After that, he climbed out of the shower and leaned in to kiss me. Me, being the feisty girl that I am.. didn’t kiss him. He said for me to kiss him.. but I still didn’t.

This is when he got inpatient… grabbed my hair.. and told me to kiss him. I felt a twinge in my cunt. Again, I didn’t kiss him. This time.. he pulled harder and put his hands around my throat. I kissed him.. deeply and passionately. I could feel the air slipping from my body as I kissed him… so helpless in his arms… so lusting after him.

Our kiss lasted for a while before I couldn’t breathe anymore and pulled away. Ben stepped back into the shower…. pulled me to the bottom of the tub and shoving his cock down my throat. Oh how I love when he does this.

He face fucked me…. holding my hair tight in his fist. I was barely able to breathe… and he kept pounding away. Then suddenly he slammed deep in my throat with my nose buried in his groin cutting off my air. I could feel my eyes tearing up… and my mouth salivate.

When I couldn’t breathe again… I jerked about trying to get away. He released me… I gasped for air for a few seconds for him to slam back down my throat.

This went on for a bit.. until he wrapped his hand around my throat and weaved his fingers through my hair… and pulled me to my feet. He squeezed hard… and tried to keep breathing. Words spilled out of his mouth.. asking me if I wanted him to whip me… and when I said yes… he asked now… I of course said yes.

Then he let go.. and left the shower. I stayed in for a few more minutes.. getting my footing. When I turned the water off and opened the curtain.. he was standing there in front of the sink. I started to wring my hair out and got half way down when he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out and onto my knees.

I took him deep in my mouth.. working diligently as I sucked his cock. He stood still as I worked him… his hands still in my hair… holding me close enough without letting me go. After a few moments.. he pulled away… taking me by the hair still and walked out of the bathroom… still dripping with water.

He pulled me into the bedroom and yanked the blankets off the bed. Again… on my knees he fucked my face. He was relentless.. shoving his cock down my throat. I was starting to get cold.. feeling the water roll down my naked body.

When he was done with me he got me on the bed bent over. He went for the flogger and I winced a bit. I knew that what was about to happen.. would hurt.. a lot.

The first it shot through my body… and hurt like hell. I cried out.. and he hit again… and again. Each time was just as painful and I gasped for air each time. He kept whipping me and whipping me… each time I cried out… and all he did was mock me by laughing and being pleased with himself.

He alternated between fucking me and whipping me for a while. Sometimes doing both. He’d go around and have me suck his cock as well… switching things up. He climbed off the bed and behind me again… and nothing.

Then he told me what he had…. a yellow switch like thing. It’s part of a cat toy we have… its like ten inches long and tapered. I think… he wanted to simulate what the sting of a cane could feel like. Suddenly I felt it hit my skin… and it stung.. BAD.

He did this over and over again.. in different spots… I wanted to cry. The last blow was just below my ass.. in the very tender skin. It took my breath away.

After he was done with that.. he slammed back into my dripping wet pussy. He slid in and out a few times and told me to climb onto the bed on my back. He slid his cock down deep into my mouth and told me to spread my legs. He told me he was going to whip my pussy. This is where he began toying with me.

He ran the flogger over my cleaned shaved pussy.. teasing me… he whipped my thighs softly… moving up to my breasts… whipping those. He asked me if I was ready… I was. Seconds passed, yet they seemed like hours… and he dealt the blow. It was harsh.. and it shot through my body like lightening. I kept sucking his cock though.. never stopping.

He ordered me to get back in the position I was in. I crawled back to where I was. He climbed in behind me.. and slid inside of me. He started fucking me hard… with a mission. He flogged me over and over… till I felt his body tense… and felt his cum fill me.

So yeah.. a hot time was had… and I think he likes the idea of a cane.. what do you think?

>morning sex is good stuff

>This morning I was sleeping soundly… but was awoken to Ben’s hands rubbing my back and my ass. I was tired.. and didn’t want to be bothered but wanted to take advantage of the opportunity with my recent drought.

I wiggled my ass a bit and moaned a bit to let him know I was awake. His rubbing became more invasive and aggressive. I reached back and rubbed his hip as I felt his fingers plunge into my pussy. He worked me till I could hear the sound of my wetness.

I wrapped my hand around his cock gently stroking it. He groaned a bit, moving his hips with my hand. He leaned into my ear and his words echoed through my body.

“I want to be inside of you”.

I missed his overt sexual behavior… and I soaked it up. I moved my hand and he slid into my eagerly awaiting pussy. It felt amazing… like it had been an eternity since I had been penetrated. He started to go to work on me.. pumping in and out. I met his movements with my own.

He grabbed my hip… pulling me into him. I touched him.. he touched me…. it felt so raw… purely raw sexual behavior. Yes, there was a sensual nature to it… but it was that first thing in the morning… tired… but horny sex. And I will never complain about that. hehe.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the tension in his body- the tell tale sign he was going to cum. I kept moving my hips.. fucking him. And finally he exploded inside of me. I felt a calm, happiness wash over me… it was a good feeling for sure.

I rolled over and curled into his arms. Resting my head against his chest we contently fell asleep again.