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>Sometime in October…. Ben asked me how I felt about nipple piercings. I told him that the idea kinda scared me… that I’d never just get them done just for me. I mean… obviously this is something that would hurt very, very much. He also asked if I’d ever get it done.. that he thought nipple piercings were hot. This, of course, was a huge motivator to do it… as I like doing things that my husband thinks is hot.

After some thought.. I agreed to get it done.

The first hold off came as soon as I decided to do it. With my surgery on the horizon.. I couldn’t them done. So we decided that after, we’d do it. When the time came… it was Christmas and we needed to focus on spending our money on presents… it would have to wait some more.

New Year’s Eve rolled around… we had a poker party. There was a mixed bag of attendees. One of the people that came was a friend of a friend. Cool chick though. She had her navel pierced several weeks before with something called Tygon. She said that it cut down her heal time considerably. We chatted briefly about it… as my sister was there.. and I wasn’t wanting her to know why I was asking. She just wouldn’t get it. I decided that later on, I’d email her and ask more. She just raved about the place she got it done…. and so when I went to decide where to get it done…I checked them out.

As 2010 rolled around… we were wanting to take a vacation… after being burnt out with work. I decided that we’d wait for vacation to do the piercing.. just in case I was going to be sore. I didn’t exactly want to be working with sore tits lol. We planned to take the week of Valentine’s Day off. The closer we got to it.. the more excited and nervous I got. I was pretty worked up about it… the last piercing I had didn’t exactly work out so well. I think it lasted less than six months. I just really didn’t wanna go through the pain of getting them pierced and then not having them very long.. but I was willing to give it a go.

As the week approached… Ben and I talked about Valentine’s Day and what our plan was. Ben thought it’d be cool to go down to Portland and spend the day there and get my piercings. And so… that was the plan. Yes, I could still back out… but by then.. I wasn’t doing it just to make him happy… I really wanted to get them done.

Even when the day approached…. I was super nervous……



>Happy Birtday to my hubby!!!

Today is my hunny’s birthday! Another year around the world looks good on him… atleast I think so 🙂 Maybe I’m partial.

I have a pretty nice evening planned for my dear husband… filled with being bathed… a massage… some wine… and dessert (if you catch my drift). I can’t wait.. I love to pamper him. I’m ready for him to be home already!!


I love you more than words can describe… I hope you have the best birthday thus far.. If we have to grow old… you’re the one I want to do it with… so maybe getting old isn’t so bad.

>Another graduation has come and gone… and I must say.. I am VERY thankful. You see, graduation is the busiest time of my year work wise. Added to it this year was my niece graduating… and well you can see how this weekend was exhausting?

Work was insane… we had SO many orders.. it’s safe to say.. I worked my ass off (even though its still there thank goodness!). I went into to work at four am on Saturday. I got off.. grabbed the flowers and balloon I ordered for my niece. When I got home.. I boiled all the noodles I needed for the three pasta salads I was commissioned to make. It was a funny sight I’m sure…. in the kitchen in just my bra… Im strange.. I know.

After I jumped in the shower with little time to spare. Ben got home.. and did the same…. and we were off. We went and got the kids from their Dad’s and headed to the stadium. We were there a little early… but we wanted to get good seats next to the rest of the family. It was a nice day out.. despite the early morning rain. The seats… were terrible. All of our backs were hurting after the two hour ceremony was over.

It was emotional to watch her graduate… to see her as a woman and not as a child… its difficult. Nevertheless… I am so very proud of her… because I know how hard she worked to get to that day. When it was over.. and we went down to find her in the sea of people… she was all grins.

We had dinner at the parents house after… sub sandwiches and potato soup.. yum. It was nice to have all of us together.. chit chatting and having a good time. We only stayed a hour before we left for home to finish up making the salads and clean up.

We headed over to my sister’s house to deliver the salads and cake balls I made for the party on Sunday. We had planned on going out with friends… but that kind of fell through when we got sucked into helping set up. We were there until nine…. and went home.

Ben and I relaxed for a bit…. where I almost fell asleep on the couch. We decided it was bedtime… so we grabbed a shower and was in bed by 10:30.

On Sunday we did manage to sleep in… but I woke up very sore. My body was not liking being overworked. I got up and showered… and we headed out. We grabbed some breakfast then headed to my sister’s again.

I jumped in helping… setting up food and such. We headed out after the food was in order and set up the tables and chairs. We decorated the area… getting things all put together… and I must say… it turned out quite nicely.

People started showing up on time at four… and the two of us were in hostess mode getting everything moving. We showed the slide show I put together first thing… which everyone loved… I even got asked how much I would charge to do something like that. That surprised me.. but made me feel good knowing that I did a good job.

After that we manned the grills and got to cooking. Once that was done.. we could finally relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We sat around talking and just enjoying ourselves. This is where Ben told me… the cake is melting. It had been an all afternoon project keeping that cake(that I made) out of the sun… and apparently I dropped the ball. (the pic is pre-meltdown.. I didn’t get a pic of it melted.. I should have!)

I went over to rescue it.. and the left side bottom boarder… completely melted.. it was a puddle of frosting. Quite funny I must say! I separated the three tiers so that it could be served…. it was quite tasty.

Ben, the kids, and I all headed home around eight… where we tossed the kids in the tub. We relaxed a bit.. then headed to bed after a shower at ten. It was a very full weekend…. I’m sore. But… I feel good about how it all turned out…. so it was all worth the work.

>After finally rolling out of bed… we showered in our post sex glow. By then, we were starving.. so we go dressed when we were done… and headed out for our day. We went and grabbed some breakfast and decided which was we’d head to the coast… up the Oregon side or the Washington side of the Columbia river… we decided the Oregon side.

After eating we got on our way. We listened to music and chit chatted. The weather was perfect… the sky was blue with very little clouds… a great day to go for a drive to say the least. Before long I needed to stop for a bathroom break. We happened upon a gas station. I jumped out, leaving Ben in the car.

Inside…. there was this machine in the bathroom that cracked me up. It was really in the middle of no where… and so this seemed a strange thing to have. But I guess even people who live there need to get laid right?

I just HAD to take a pic.. there was no way I could accurately explain the machine to Ben.. and well.. it makes for good blog material too hehe.

So back on the road… we kept driving… when we passed a bridge. The sign on the bridge said “Sierra’s (well my REAL name) Creek”.

Ben: “Look babe, its your creek!”
Me: “Yep.. its nice to have your own creek”
Ben: “Looks like Sierra’s creek is all dried up though”
Me.: “Well then there is no way that is my creek… I’m never dried up”

I grinned and he chuckled.

When we pulled into Seaside… the weather went from sunny and warm.. to foggy and a little chilly. It was a bit disappointing honestly. We were going to make the best of it though. We stopped at the outlet mall there and shopped around a bit.

We went into a kitchen store. We browsed around.. I got some new cake pans. We went down the utensil isle… in which I looked at all those things.. in a spanking light… more than using them in the kitchen. I guess that’s what happens when you like being spanked.

From there Ben picked up a book from a book store there then we headed to a wine shop. Someone from the last munch we went to suggested a wine that can only be bought at two places… this was one of them. I am not a wine fan honestly… but have always wanted to be. It looks so dignified.

We strolled in… and it was the first thing we saw. Miscotti de Ascoti. There were two brands… and we had no idea which one would be better. I tried to get Ben to go ask… but he wouldnt.. and nor would I.. I’m a baby at that stuff. So we just grabbed one and headed to the beer section.

There was so many to choose from.. we headed to the counter. Ben asked for a suggestion and ended up getting two kinds. He loves his dark ales… (yuck). Then.. my darling husband asked about the wine… he is so wonderful. The guy let us sample the wine.. and OMG is it tasty. I love it. I can’t wait to crack it open.

From there we headed to the downtown area to walk around and check out the shops. We wandered around hand in hand taking in the day… just enjoying being together. We idley went into shops that looked interesting and skipped the ones didn’t want to see.

We came accross this huge candy/ chocolate store. We got some truffles and fudge from there. The owners were this cute couple that had met on the internet. I guess that the husband makes all the fudges and chocolate… he does a very good job IMO. We told them we had met on the internet too. It was really nice to see that an older couple had met the same way we did.. and had such a positive view of it.

From there we went on and ended up at the beach front. There were tons of people out on the beach.. playing in the sand.. or tossing around a ball. We sat on a bench and watched for a bit.

After sitting around for a bit we decided to head back up the other side of the street. Before too long we were back at the car and decided to head to Cannon Beach. Pretty much the moment we left Seaside, the fog cleared up… and the weird thing is… they are only seven miles apart.

When we got to Cannon Beach we drove around for like thirty minutes trying to find a spot to park. We finally found a spot and got some ice cream. We were kind of bothered about the lack of parking.. even though we had found a place. So we revised our plan… looked up directions on my iPhone.. and got in the car.

Our new plan called for driving to Portland… having dinner and going to a comedy show. We got into Portland around 4:30…. and proceeded to find a place to eat. This proved to be more troublesome than we thought. After a bit we just decided to stop at the Outback Steakhouse we had seen up the road.

Dinner was super tasty. We had a bloomin’ onion, which I hadn’t had since I was a teenager. So that was nice. By the time dinner was done.. we still had almost two hours before the show. Nothing really was calling to us to do to burn the time so we revamped the plan again. We would drive back to town and catch a movie.

So we ended up getting back home and going to Star Trek. It was really good.. but that is my humble opinion. I was never a fan of the old school Star Trek… so it says something that I liked it.

So over all… my birthday was a success. Ben did a wonderful job at making my day special.. and I am so grateful for that. He is a wonderful man… and he proves that over and over to me. I could not imagine not spending my birthday with him.. he just made it that much more special.

So I’m a year older now… and thirty is looming off in the distance. I don’t feel a year older… but that is certainly okay. Hopefully this year will be just as good as last year was.

Oh… butttt… I got no birthday spankings *pout*. Maybe he’ll make up for it hehe.

>I woke up earlier than I would have liked (no… this is not a repeat post lol). My allergies were not letting me sleep.. ie… I couldn’t breathe well.. and well… Ben was snoring. So I got up and read some blogs till I heard our alarm go off in the distance.

“Happy Birthday!”, I heard my barely away husband call out. I replied with a thank you… then was told a few more times… happy birthday…. which made me giggle a bit. I put the computer down and climbed back into bed with him. Cuddling up close to him, I closed my eyes and smiled.

Not long after sliding into bed with him again, did my hand slide up his chest. My fingers glided over his nipple… barely grazing it… but extracting a reaction from him. I took the nub in between my fingers and pulled gently. I worked it over for a minute or two the moved to the next.

By the time I was done teasing his upper body.. his lower was more than ready for some attention. My hand went south… bumping into his cock… full and hard. I slid my hand over it… all warm and firm… feeling the lust grow between my own legs. Wrapping my fingers around it… I slowly started to stroke… slow and deliberate movements.

I played for a bit before decided to move back to his nipples. My hand left its new companion and my mouth went to work on his nipple… taking it in between my lips… kissing it… nibbling it… flicking it with my tongue.

Ben’s hand took over…. something I love. There is something about him stroking his cock in front of me that drives me mad… something no other man has ever been able to do. I positioned myself so that I could watch him pleasure himself. I could feel his body tense at the double attention- a duet of sorts.

It wasn’t long before I could not take it anymore. My mouth made a move… from nipple to cock. I parted my lips and took him deep into my mouth.. to my throat. He groaned… a sign of his approval. I made no waste of our time… and began servicing his cock. Moving up and down at different speeds… sometimes with my tongue pressed hard against… sometimes all the way to the hilt. Any way.. it made no difference.. time has a way of teaching you the things your lover likes.

When I could take no more, I climbed on top of him… a leg on each side… and took him into me. I started bouncing up and down- slowly at first then building in speed. I could feel the steady rise of my orgasm…. it was coming slowly.. but still coming.

My movements were deliberate.. just as my blow job had been… it was not even paced… I would go slow.. then fast… just to switch it up a little. A bit passed… this dance of sorts… before he had me switch it up. He turned me around.. facing away from him… and I went back to work.

This did the trick for me.. I could feel myself on the edge of release. Playing this game of chicken… running to the edge then backing off…. I wasn’t ready to cum just yet. I kept riding him though… so close to erupting… but not letting go. I needed something to push me off.

I climbed off.. getting onto my hands and knees… Ben followed suit. He wasted no time to get behind me. I felt one of his hands touch my waste then pushed down into my back… and the other on my shoulder and neck.. grasping. He went to work on my cunt.. fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

That was all I needed… that little bit of dominance… so simple… and I was falling. My orgasm surged through my body… riding that wave of pleasure. Ben followed again… exploding into my hungry pussy.

We collapsed into each others arms… and soon drifted between sleep and wakefulness.

We dozed for a bit.. before I woke again… feeling horny once more. I laid there for a few.. debating what I wanted to do. Finally, I slid my hands down between my legs… finding a nice warm, wet pussy waiting to be violated. I slid my fingers in between the lips… finding my clit. I worked circles slowly. The sensation made my back bow a little… waking the sleeping man next to me.

His hands began to work me over…. inching over my skin… pinching my nipples… down between my legs to my thighs… cupping his hand over my face.. taking my breath away. All the while I kept working my pussy… rubbing my clit and dipping my fingers inside.

The build to my next orgasm was intense… I could barely handle it. I finally took his hand and shoved it to my cunt… hoping he’d get the hint. He did.. moving between my legs then sliding his fingers deep inside of me.

It was right there.. I could feel it… I was teetering. I moaned and deepened my resolve to cum… rubbing faster. My breathing labored… my legs tensed… my eyes squeezed tight… and finally.. the sweet release came.

When I came down off the high…. and my breathing came back to normal… we cuddled into each others arms again… knowing that this would not last… it was time to get up and get our day started.

>I kicked off my birthday on Saturday morning… yes… a day early. When I woke up… I realized that my clothes that I had washed the night before…. were in fact still wet. I groggily stumbled through the house… noticing that Ben had left the light on in the kitchen/dining room when he had left for work.

Now.. here is where I’m going to make us look a little lame. We had a poker party on New Year’s Eve right? Well we had hung a HNY banner… well that we never took down. Why you ask? Well… honestly I have no idea why we have not taken it down… so yes…

I noticed said banner on the table… and thought it was kind of odd… that he would take it down, he must have got tired of looking at it right? I kept walking… then tossed my clothes into the dryer. I figured that I had a few minutes to pass before I could get dressed… so I sat down on the couch to check my email… that is when I noticed this..

I called him to thank him… then got dressed for work. I headed out the door… then found his next surprise…

He also filled my car with balloons and a blinkie “It’s my birthday” pin… it was very sweet.

The rest of the day was uneventful… other than my allergies kicking my ass… by the end of the work day.. I was feeling pretty shitty. I had to buck it up though… I had a party to go to. A co-worker of mine is moving.. and we were having a going away party.

I jumped in the shower and headed out shortly after. We planted ourselves in the bar of the restaurant. I ordered my first drink almost immediately. After a hour of being there… I had downed three… and was feeling no pain.

Ben joined us shortly after…. he was there to pick me up after work basically…. no driving for Sierra. Needless to say.. I was giggly.. and kinda stupid. Buttttttttttt I had a great time… before I passed out when we got home.

I can only imagine the stories that will be told about me at work on Tuesday…

>birthday HNT


Whats a birthday.. without candles? This weekend… I’ll be a year older… and while I am torn about that… I’ve come by it honestly. The last year has held a lot of good memories… and few bad ones. So.. I cannot complain too much.

Hopefully my birthday will hold lots of good memories… after all.. I do need my birthday spankings!

>It has been a week since we last had sex… because the dreaded aunt had come to visit. We were both frustrated.. missing our coupling. I received a phone call from my nephew saying he was on his way over to mow our lawn. We pay him to mow our lawn each week so that he can earn some cash and well… because we don’t really like mowing the lawn.

We laid there in a groggy state after I got off the phone… but there is no way I was going pass up a chance to feel him inside of me. I slide my hands under the sheets to his hip moving it over to awaken his cock. I rubbed gently getting a sigh of pleasure from him. I worked a few minutes on him before he was fully awake.

Before I knew it Ben’s hands were on my clit… rubbing rough circles. My body reacted immediately… back arched… enjoying the much missed attention. All the while I kept my hand on his cock.. stroking up and down .

After a bit of this.. I could not take it… I needed to feel full…. and so I shoved his hands lower… urging him to plunge his fingers into my wet hole. And he did… deep… sliding them in and out quickly… making my muscles tighten around his appendages. I was almost over powered by the sensations… but not quite.

Soon I was being turned onto my side… slightly lifting my leg to allow him access to my most tender of places. He slid in with ease… me gasping as he did so. A satisfied moan escaped my lips… almost as to say finally!

He started pumping his hips. His fingers inched up my torso till they found their home on my nipple. His initial touches were gentle… kneading them between two fingers. The gentlness soon melted into something more primal… more aggressive. He started tugging on my bud… pull and pinching making me cry out.

Then his assault changed…. he released me… then slapped his palm down on my breast…. I winced in pain. I loved every minute of it. Next came his fingers… raking over my chest. They went from one side to the other… leaving red lines in their wake.

He would spend the next bit alternating till they were screaming for relief. I pulled away a little… needing the break… needing a change. A change was what I got… his hand found a new place to attack… my ass…. there in front of him… begging to be spanked.

This, however, was no nice warm up spanking… this was harsh… take your breath away spankings. One after another… in a nice little row… sharp and to the point. My hands left my chest to cover my ass…. only for him to find my breasts again… slapping them again.

I squirmed… wanting the attack to end in one way… but not wanting it to end in other ways. I recovered my chest…. and as before… he found another target. He lifted my leg into the air… and made contact with my inner thigh. I yelped.

I decided it was time to give my body a break and wiggled out of his clutches onto my back. I moved my fingers to his nipple… taking it between my fingers and rolling it… all the while he kept fucking me.

“Make yourself cum”, he ordered… and so my free hand found itself rubbing my clit… bringing myself quickly to orgasm at his command- my cunt tightening around him.

“Pinch your clit now… until I cum”, he once more directed. I made no point of protesting… I knew that I had no fight in me. So I took the tiny bud in between my fingers and pinched. I could feel my muscles tighten around his cock again… all the while he moved in and out. His finish was not far off… and I was right… moments later his body shuddered… his seed spilling into me.

I hooked my leg aroud his back… pulling him deep inside as he pulsed into me… then let go of my clit… enjoying the product of our desire. Soon he slid out of me… and I curled into him… smiling.

>So I would like to start off by saying… I am officially annoyed with Blogger. Apparently you can not post (or even create a new post for that matter) with a mobile device…. UNLESS you text them and they set it up… I am not sure if that’s how it works for all blogs… but I must say… that is just stupid.

There I sat… I had the whole post going in my head on lunch… so I broke out my trusty iPhone… only to find that no, I will not be posting a new thing until I get home. Just stupid. So without further ado (and bitching)…. my post….


I was making dinner…. I really can’t remember what I was making now… but Ben came into the kitchen. He started making himself a drink and carrying on small talk when he decided to broach a sensitive subject.

“What do you want to do for your birthday? Do you want to have a poker party… or do you want to do something just the two of us?”, he asked… I’m sure hoping to get a good response… what he got.. was not what he expected.

“I dunno…. you know how I feel about my birthday… it’s really important to me… and it seems I build it up in my head… and well.. I get disappointed. I honest don’t know what I want to do… you should just plan something…. get someone to help you if you need. I just don’t have a clue”, I replied… feeling this wave of emotion wash over me. I felt completely and utterly bummed.

You see.. like I told him, I always build it up… and its generally a big bust. I have cried on my last two birthdays… because as I have said before, Ben is by no means a planner. I adore him with all my being… but he is not. It does not even cross his mind that he SHOULD plan something for my birthday… I mean after all… I plan everything else.

The fact that he brought it up.. should make me happy…. and it does.. that he’s putting thought into it… but the question is.. will it go further? Maybe I’m being a spoiled brat… who knows. I just want one day of the year to be about me.. and only me. I want to feel special and loved… and I really don’t think that is too much to ask for honestly. Just one time I would like him to go out of his way… to try really hard to do something special for me… no matter what it is. I would love it because I know how much he put into it.

BUT in the same thought.. I will not hold my breath.. (not because I don’t have faith in him… but because I know him and though he tries… it’s just not his suit)… and I certainly will no build it up in my head. I refuse to feel like that on my birthday again this year. I just will not do it to myself. At the end of the day… it boils down to.. had I not made it into something huge, I would not feel so bummed. For everyone else… it is just another day… and I’m okay with that…. I just… yeah.. want to feel special.. if only for for day.

Ben did apologize for bringing it up… he said he didn’t mean to bum me out… and I know it made him feel bad. I didn’t think I would have reacted that way.. I couldn’t help myself. I love him… and how he cares… that makes me feel special…. because I know to him I am. So really, I’m not sure why this whole birthday thing bugs me so much… I need to work on that for sure.

>here I be…

>There is a skip in my step… a smile where there was not one before… a laughter that fills my soul…. and a smile that graces my face. I tell you… vacation did wonders for me. I was really getting to a point where going to work was much more of a drag than usual. I just really needed some time away. Yes, I had taken a vacation six months ago.. but the holidays are particularly busy for me at work…. and so that six months felt more like a year.

I find that I’m much happier at work right now (for however that may actually last). It really is a nice feeling… to be somewhat happy about being where you work. I know there has been many times over the last year where I have just loathed being there for one reason or another. It seems that it may be turning around… and for that I am happy…. happy that I waited it out.

It really amazes me what a little extended time off can do for one’s demeanor. Now if I could only get time off each month…. how happy would I be then? *laughs* So for now… all is right with the world but with that comes a lack of stuff to write about…. I’m in that rut of writer’s block again. I really hate that too… because I really WANT to write.. I want the words to come rolling off my finger tips and into the computer… like a well sung song. And yet… here I sit.. blabbering about nothing…

Perhaps.. I can attribute this to so much going on in my head… I’m running head first into another busy time of year… filled with birthdays.. anniversaries…. and graduation *shudders* (what an evil thing that graduation time). I sit and I weigh what goes through my mind and wonder if it is really that blog worthy… I mean.. who really wants to hear about the new guy at work… that I can’t figure out if he’s gay.. or if he’s submissive (not that they go hand in hand by any means!). Or who wants to hear about Ben’s stupid car alarm going off in the middle of each night.. several times. I mean.. seriously.

So instead you get to read my rambling… about nothing.. just something to fill the page.. to get me to the next hopeful post… I’m sorry!