>Insurance… is BULLSHIT!

When someone purchases something of great value, typically they insure it. They want to protect themselves just in case something, heaven forbid, terrible happens and damages said product.

When we purchased my cell phone from Radio Shack (a place that I just happen to loathe with my whole being.. and now… even more.. if that was possible) we also got the insurance through them. We asked what it covered and it seemed like a good plan and forwent the insurance with AT&T.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get home from work… and I like a fresh smelling house and am somewhat obsessive over Fabreeze. I walked around with my cell in one hand (don’t remember why now) and the air freshener in the other.

I made it into the bathroom and turned to come out… and can you guess what happened?? HMMMM???? For some stupid reason my cell phone went soaring out of my hand into the TOILET! I panicked… and snatched it out as quickly as possible. I pulled the back off and took out the battery.

I dried my phone and battery and slipped the battery back in only to find that it was frozen on the last screen I had up. I took out the battery again… shook it trying to get the water to come out and then did something stupid. I took the hair dryer to it… NEVER EVER DO THIS!

From there I kept trying at intervals to get it to work right.. and then decided to take it in.

At Radio Shack I was told a few things.

1. It should work because it is turning on. Give it 24 hours to dry.

2. The insurance I bought… which was told covered water damage does not indeed cover water damage. So basically I was scammed.

3. I can apparently add another line and get a new phone or call AT&T and scam THEM… saying Ben’s phone (whom has insurance through AT&T) was stolen and get a new one.

So all in all… taking the phone in was useless. I’m no better off than I was before.. and I’m so pissed about this insurance thing. What’s the point.. when you actually try to cash in on it… they make it so hard to get what you paid for.. what is owed to you. It’s just insane!

I HATE HATE HATE… insurance and the companies that provide them… its just a waste… I’ve never once benefited from insurance. It’s just another way to get me to bend over and rape me… bastards.