>We’re home! We had a great time at the beach.. but coming home is always a lovely feeling. It rained the whole time we were there… and then magically… it stopped almost as soon as we rolled into town. Needless to say, I was not too pleased about that. It just figures, you know?

Highlights of the trip:

1. We were on the news! We had went to the beach on Tuesday (in a short break of the rain) so that the kids could fly kites and such. We stayed out for like 45 mins before the wind was unbearable. There was winter storm like weather while we were there… 40 mph winds in fact.

Anyways, we were packing up the chairs and stuff when they walked up to us and interviewed Ben and I. It was pretty cool. We were on the 4,5,6, and 11 o’clock news. My Dad recorded the 6 pm one.

2. The aquarium in Newport was really awesome BUT outdoors mostly. I was not expecting that. You can see in our pictures how our jackets are wet…. who would have thought in August we would have needed them or umbrellas? That’s the Great Northwest for you.

3. The scenery is GORGEOUS. I cannot describe how beautiful it all is.. the drive was nice.. so much to take in.

4. CHEESE! We stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on our way home yesterday… I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much cheese in my life.

Things that sucked:


2. The shower head… it sucked… it took forever to get rinsed off in the shower.

3. Ben had surgery on his toe a couple days before we left so he didn’t get to do as much as the kids and I did… I missed him greatly on the times he stayed at the house. He was a trooper though and sucked it up most of the time. The other downfall to that was that in like six days.. we had sex once. I was dying… seriously.

4. With all the stairs in the house (it was 3 stories) and all the walking.. we were all SO sore. Our legs were all crampy.. but better now. Apparently they finally adjusted.

So now that we’re home.. I’m glad.. and it’s time to start planning our next trip… it wont be till next year though. I have a few more days off.. I don’t go back to the hell hole I call work till Tuesday.. thank goodness!