>Its always the little things that matter the most in my opinion. For instance, like having a note left saying to have a good day on your car keys or a call in the middle of the day just to say hello. I think the little things make a person who they are… like how they eat a sandwich or how the squeeze the toothpaste out. It all matters.. it all means something.

Sunday morning we were getting ready to go help my father-in-law find a new car. We had sat around for a bit but it was time to get up and get moving. Ben was on the couch finishing up on the laptop. I walked over and got onto my knees and nuzzled my face against his side. He had no shirt on.. and his warm skin against my face felt good…. his aroma is intoxicating… and I was instantly turned on.

I moved my lips just so they brushed against his nipple… I could tell he wasn’t expecting it because he flinched a little. It didn’t matter though… I took a nipple between my lips and teased it… you see.. this is Ben’s “spot”… and I love teasing him that way. He ran his fingers through my hair. I love the way his body responds to my touch… to my lips… its exciting.

Before I knew it.. he was grabbing my hair and pulling my head back. He told me that was enough that we had to go…. I whined but got to my feet. We went into the bedroom to change clothes. He stripped off his jammie pants and my hands began to wander. He playfully was pushing me away. I knew he was enjoying the attention as much I was giving it.

Before he could do anything to keep me at bay, I dropped to my knees and sucked his hard cock into my mouth… I did so for a few minutes then stopped… grinned up at him and stood.

“Ok, lets get dressed then”, was my answer to that.

Ben wasnt having that though and twirled me around and shoved my face first into the bed… ass out in the air and slammed into my pussy. It was exactly what I wanted… I wanted him to force me… to show me that my teasing would get my ass taken.

This didn’t last long though…. after about five minutes, he gave me one last good thrust then quickly pulled out… leaving me wanting more. It was more of a tease than I had done…. he had not cum and I certainly had not either.

“Lets get ready now”, he said as I turned and kissed him. He was in charge without a doubt and just something simple as that made me realize just how much in charge he is when it comes to these things.

Yesterday we were still at it…. our second day out and I was about tired of doing it. His Dad kept changing his mind and it was just getting irritating . When we finally found the car he would finally buy… we were sitting at the table while the dealership drew up the papers.

Ben was standing beside me gently stroking my hair… it was so calming. I love when he touches me like that.. when he rubs my face or caresses me in a soft way. I leaned my head against him and he weaved his fingers in my hair. It was very soft and caring at first then I felt him grab a handful of my hair and pulled just a bit.

I had a twinge of lust rip through my body…. and I just grinned up at him… shooting him a lustful look. In that glance he knew exactly what I was thinking- that he could take me right there and I wouldn’t object. He only did it once though, and left me wanting more.

See.. the little things. Its the little ways he shows me his dominance and love for me. The fact he knows how those things make me feel brings me such pleasure. He knows me so well… better than anyone ever has… I feel so lucky to have that in my life.