>Well its the day after Thanksgiving.. and that means only one thing here in the United States. It’s Black Friday. Now, I personally love getting up early and shopping.. finding great deals… and even though I may miss out on a deal or two… I certainly do not let that get me down.

All my family met up with Ben and I this morning… lists in hand… our plan of attack in mind. We waited outside in the cold and at 5 a.m. we filed into the store in an orderly fashion. As always, it was warm inside…. but even more hot than normal with all those people… it was down right uncomfortable.

We managed to get everything on our list but the Nintendo DS my oldest daughter wants. We found a short line to check out in… and headed out… all in less than a hour. I’m pretty proud of that.

From, there we picked up my niece and checked out the next store. After we grabbed some breakfast and headed to the game store to pick up the system and scoop up the next deal… buy two get one free games. We were.. oh.. fifteenth in line to get in… and ended up waiting forty-five minutes to check out.. yuck.

We stopped at several other places and the mall after that. I’d say we have about eighty-five percent of our Christmas shopping done now… which is no small feat I must say when you have two children. So overall I’m very pleased with that.


Once we got home… I got online and read through the news and such. I stumbled across something that just made me sick.. and angered me. Apparently this morning in New York a WalMart worker was trampled to death after a group of shoppers literally busted down the doors. This makes me so very sad. I don’t see how saving $50 is worth that. Why would someone do such a thing. I mean I understand wanting to get that good deal… but to break down a door and run people over… that is just beyond me.

I know that I could never live knowing that I helped murder an innocent person just to save my pocket book a few bucks. How must those people feel about themselves… and do they even care that a life is lost now? For what? A new tv? A Cabbage Patch doll? Give me a break.

I just shake my head…. there really are no words to convey just how wrong this is. I hope that who ever was involved goes home… and feel much regret…. that they think of that person everyday… and know that there is nothing they can do to change that- just because they needed to get that laptop for their kid.

This is exactly the kind of shit that gives us bad names. Just not right.