So Ben and I have been thrown into yet another whirlwind.  Late sometime last year, seems like it was October… he and I decided on something we had be talking about for over a year.  We decided that we wanted to move north.  We have friends that live 80ish miles away… which is where a bulk of our friends are.  We both had enough of this town and finally we figured it was time to make the move.

We knew we had to wait to save up some money and such before we could do so.  We’ve got to the point where we have the money to make the move and so now all that was holding us back was me having a job up there.  Ben’s job is closer to there than here.  I knew that it may take some time to find one for me… so I started throwing myself into the search on Monday.  Our plan was to wait till the end of the school year (June) to move.  Little did we know what was going to happen.

I made two phone calls on Monday… and found a job. They need to fill it ASAP.  I was floored.. and excited.  Who knew it was going to be THAT easy?! Not only would I get full time… but I would also make more than I do now.  It was like it was meant to be.. and I knew I couldn’t pass this up.  I didn’t know a chance like that would come by again.  And so.. we found ourselves… thrown into a move that was taking place in three weeks.

To say it’s a bit overwhelming, is an understatement.  We have so much to do.. in such a short period of time.  I’ve been coming home after work each day and packing part of the house up.  We are going up on our day off (Sunday) to look at apartments to move into.  It’s all a bit of a shock.  I’ve lived in this house since the summer of 2003… and so this is all strange for me.  I feel like I’m packing up my house just for fun and that I’m not really moving.  It’s a weird feeling.

So.. the point of this is that my posting will be sporadic.  I have more to do than I care to admit.  It’s hard to believe that this time next month I wont be here.  It’s a good thing though!  We are excited… and nervous.  I can’t wait to see what this chapter of our lives holds for us.

Wish us luck!