Its upon us again… and admittedly I haven’t always joined in with the Love Our Lurkers fun.  There was always a good reason why.  BUT, this year.. I am.

I know I have a few people that comment somewhat regularly, but I know there are a ton of people that visit, read, and never say anything.  I am certainly one of those people that doesn’t post anything usually unless I have something relevant to say (which isn’t very often).  So yeah, I’d say for the most part I, too, am a lurker at large.   LOL is a perfect day to break that silence… though chances are it will be the only day something is said.  In any case, it’s cool to hear from all the people that read that never say anything.  I like knowing who is reading. 🙂

In this spirit… I’m hoping that my lurkers will come out of the darkness and say hello!  As an added incentive Ben and I have decided to throw in something fun to tempt you into saying hi.  The deal is.. you can only comment once… in the comment please introduce yourself, if you have a blog throw it in there so I may visit and check it out, how long you’ve been reading, and anything else you’d like to say.  In return… for every comment I receive Ben will administer five swats to my very bare ass in your honor.  Afterwards he’ll take a picture of the aftermath which I’ll post Friday. This is a win win all around me thinks! (I may change my mind at some point lol).  This offer will run till Friday night (November 11, 2011) at 5 pm PST.  SO!  This means get on it… comment away!  I look forward to hearing from you.  🙂

Usually Bonnie  keeps a running list of who is joining in, so pop over there and see who is playing this year!