So I was inspired to write for once!  Pink commented on my last blog post.  There are certainly things that Ben has found as of late that I am not too keen on.  It’s mostly the nonsexual pain type of things.  He had made them work to his advantage…ie.. he’s enjoying taunting me with such things.

Case in point… Ben loves the way hood piercings look.  I think in some cases they can too… I’ve seen some cool pictures.  However, the idea of my very own hood being pierced does not appeal to me in the least bit.  I hear that it heals faster than nipples do.. but yeah.  I don’t like the idea of some stranger getting between my legs and shoving a piece of metal through my most tender spot.  No way.  Just thinking about it makes my heart race in a bad way.  Not to mention I wouldn’t be able to have sex… yeah.. this does not seem like a good plan at all.

Up until recently it was just something he talked about that he liked.  Recently.  So not that long ago he told me that he wanted me to get one.  Silly me thought this was an option.  Yeah, no.  He informed me that I will be getting one.  Ugh.  Now normally Ben will mention stuff and forget about it.  He just has that sort of memory.. and so things get put off for a while.   In some cases that drives me nuts… though in this case, I’m more than happy for him to forget.  He also told me… it’d be within the next year.  It makes me squeeze my eyes shut and hope it goes away.  Yep.. not interested!

In the same vein we’ve seen pics of nipple piercings where there is a horizontal and vertical piercing.  They look very cool.  I like them.. but do I really want to get a second set?  Do I want to go through that pain again?  Do I want to go through the heal time again?  Not really.  Does that mean it won’t happen? I doubt it.  I’m sure at some point he will jump on that idea too.  Sigh. Yeah.. he likes to torture me I think.

(*Disclaimer.. yes.. I know it’s a choice to do what he wants.  And yes, my choice is to do as he tells me.  I’m not a mindless twit. 🙂 Thank you.  Now we will return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.)