As of late… things have been pretty tame between Ben and I.  We’ve had so much going on.  Between work, home, kids… all that stuff.. it’s been keeping us on the go.  Of course, we still have sex.. but it’s not really been super intense.  I was missing it.. but not in this super nagging way.  I was just aware of it… but knew why.  We only have so much we can give before it’s too much.  We were still very connected… and happy and so I was okay with the less intense sex life.  Everything comes in waves, no?

I decided to bring it up.. just to make sure all was okay and that there wasn’t something underlying about the lack of intensity.  Everything was fine though.. but it never hurts to check in with each other I think.  Communication is paramount for sure.

So when the weekend approached… play night was fast and approaching, we were texting each other while at work.  There was mention of playtime… making sure we were still on and what kind of play was in my future.  When he said the kind that leaves me sore and bruised.. I was giddy to say the least.  A good hour passed before he sent another random text.

“Bring home a ginger root”…. and inwardly… I cringed.. probably outwardly too.  I sent him back a face that showed I was not excited… and he responded by saying I knew it was coming sooner or later.  He was right.. I did.  BUT, I didn’t have to like it!  The first and last experience I had with figging… wasn’t pleasant in the least bit.  After it happened… Ben had decided we would give it a go once more.. just didn’t know when.  The day had arrived.  It was ginger time once more, ready or not.

So when I got off work.. I picked up the ginger.. even though I didn’t want to.  Not getting it was never an option… I wouldn’t want to find out what would happen.  It wouldn’t be pleasant that’s for sure!  When I got home, I left the ginger out on the counter for Ben to see when he got home.  I went straight to the tub and took a long hot bath.  I made sure not to dwell on what was ahead of me… there really is no point.  It was happening and I was going to give into his will.

When he got home, I greeted him on my knees.  I saw his eyes dart over to the root laying out for the world to see.  He made no remark.  He asked if I wanted to shower with him, which I did.. as I was cold from waiting after my bath.  After all that stuff was out of the way we retired to the living room where I got him a drink while he looked for porn.  I sat at his feet when I was done.  He told me to fetch the root and a knife.

I sighed deeply and went after what he asked for.  I brought back a bag as well to catch the peel.  He handed off the mouse to find something to watch while he took over the business of peeling.  He sent me after a glass of water and then it was time to get down to business…