So Ben and I have been alone most of this week… and will be until Sunday.  The kids went with their Grandparents to visit family in Oregon.  I was truly looking forward to this time… especially since it meant we could could have more outward D/s stuff going on.  It was going to be awesome.  But as anything in life.. we hit a bump… Ben got sick.  He picked up my bronchitis.. and hasn’t been feeling well at all.

He went to the doctor and is still finishing up his medicine… but it severely cut into any plans we had.  We’ve taken it with stride… and dealt with it.  His health is our priority.  He has been feeling better the last couple days and so it’s lent to being able to do a little more.  I hope by the weekend that he will be much better.

Needless to say.. an opportunity like this has never presented itself… so it’s a bummer that life, as always, got in the way.  It’s a good lesson to take things as they come and deal with them.  You never know what is coming your way.  Hopefully the next couple days will hold a few fun times for us… but if not… at least he is on the mend.   I swear.. we sound like sickly people!