It’s been a rough month for me health wise.  I’ve been sick just seven days shy of a month.. and honestly.. I am sick of being sick.  When we left for our vacation (July 19), the day we left my throat was kind of scratchy.  I chalked it up to allergies because nothing else was bothering me.  By the second day of our trip I had almost lost my voice, yet still felt fine.

When we got home I got some Claritin and all was well.  We were pretty tired from the time away and so we took it easy.  I went back to work on July 26th and started to feel poorly the next day.  I took Thursday as a sick day because I could barely move.  I suffered the rest of the weekend before finally deciding to go to the doctor on August 2nd.

She diagnosed me with bronchitis at that appointment.. gave me antibiotics and an inhaler.  She told me take a few days off from work and go back to work on Friday.  I used my sick days to relax and try to get better.  It was a slow recovery but by the time Friday rolled around I only had a cough and some congestion left.  I was feeling okay.

Saturday I took the final dose of my antibiotics and was hoping it wouldn’t be long before I felt like my old self again.  Sunday night, however, my body had other plans.  My head started killing me and I was really cold.   I woke up Monday morning with a 100.2 temp.  I went into work and did the things that only I can do and left after a hour to get to my doctors appointment.  By the time I made it to the appointment, my temperature had spiked to 102.  This time.. I was diagnosed with strep throat.

She gave me a few options medication wise and I chose the easiest (and most painful one I might add) option.. a shot in the ass.  I was kind of amazed I had strep as my throat wasn’t that sore, but what do I know.  The rest of that day I was stricken with fever after fever.  It was pretty miserable.  Today, the fevers are almost all gone, but now my throat and ears really hurt.  I’ve not been able to eat a whole lot.. not that I’m really that hungry.  I thought for sure I’d be feeling better by now.. but it all seems to be such a slow process.  Right now I’m trying to decide if I should take another day off work.  I don’t know.

All I can say is I am totally over this.  It doesn’t feel like I’m ever going to be healthy again. I’ve never been this sick for so long… and its wearing me down.   It certainly lives no time to serve Ben.  He’s been wonderful though.. looking after me and making sure I’m doing all that I need to do in order to get well.   I miss the the way things should be…. when I’m healthy.  I really hope this is the last of this crap and I’m on the mend for real this time.   I want to post about fun stuff… not miserable, sickly girl stuff.  I just want to be well… and at my Owner’s whim. 🙂