Last night we had some friends over... One of Ben's coworkers, Austin, his girlfriend, Sarah, and her kids. We don't get to hang out with them often because she lives a hour away so we take advantage of any chance to get together. In any account they are awesome people. Us adults stayed in the living room bs'ing while the kids went of and played in my girls' bedroom.

Austin was picked as the designated driver for them so that left her to be able to match Ben drink for drink. I had a few but wasn't feeling like drinking to get a buzz... Just to relax. So basically this left he and I as the sober ones.

The night pressed on after we had dinner and Ben broke out some of his favorite movies (that I don't care for). We joked around and were having a good time. After a few hours I could tell Ben was at a point where he had quite a bit to drink. He's always really funny when he gets to that point... his Mannerisms and how he talks makes me smile.

Later in the night Sarah pointed out my anklet and said it was intimidating. I laughed and asked why... which she replied saying it was the lock. I just laughed again as I could totally see what she was saying... most anklets are dainty... but Ben took it a step further. He said I wear it everyday.. stressing every. Somehow the fact that it had meaning came out and I started to feel awkward. I'm not embarrassed about our life but when I am getting outted to vanilla people (no matter how open)... it makes me uneasy. I played it off and said I didn't really want to go into that.

Conversation moved on... and found it's way to anal sex. There was talk of lube and spit used as lube.... Or lack there of. Somehow... my plug came up and the fact that he requires me to wear it everyday for two hours. I was trying hard not to turn bright red. Sarah questioned his choice of words... I think it kind of shocked her... but even so I know she wasn't judging us... Thank goodness!  It was just one of those moment I couldn't believe was happening.  In all my openness... there is still room for discomfort.

Ben insisted that I show her my plug... and so I took her to our room and showed her. This peaked Austin's interest and so in my embarrassment, I had to show him as well. Before I knew it, we were all four in our room and we were showing them some of our implements. It was something else.  I made the best of a awkward situation.

They left at 2 am... And Ben and I headed to bed. I went to sleep replaying the nights events in my head. This morning I told him all that had happened since he didn't remember some of it. He felt bad for putting our lifestyle out there like that. Austin knows a great deal about our lifestyle, but she doesn't know that much. I would've felt better about it if I wasn't taken off guard by it. To say it was an interesting night is an understatement. Despite that, we had a fun night.  It's done and over with.. shit happens. 🙂