Today is Ben’s birthday… and unfortunately he has to work almost thirteen hours.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man at the head of our family… working his ass off everyday to take care of us.  I never forget all he does for us.  I am a lucky girl to have him.  He is the best husband and Owner I could ever ask for.  I hope that he can see how much I love and admire him.

Since he was going to be at work all day.. I decided to drive up and surprise him after I got off.  I took him a cake I made, balloons, and his present.  It was nice to see him and give him a little break in a not so great day at work.  I hope it made his day better. 🙂


My darling Ben.. you are my rock… thank you for being you.  I wish we could have spent more time together today… but I promise to make the most of what we do have tonight.  Happy Birthday my love!