As people, we use words to communicate… to express ourselves.  It’s easy to know who we are.. but trying to convey that to others can be somewhat difficult.  I know when I sat and thought about who I am.. and the words I’d choose to describe myself, I really had to sit and think about it.  There are a lot of words I’d love to describe myself as but in reality, they didn’t always fit me completely.

So.. when I finally came up with six words that best said who I am… I figured I would expand on them.  Below are what I came up with… and by no means does it encompass me completely.. but it’s a good start.


 Feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured
My confidence is one of the things that attracted Ben to me.  I know who I am.. and what I am capable of.  I don’t look to the outside world to define me.  It took me years to become comfortable in my own skin, but it was the life that I lead that caused me to find myself.  I know what I offer to different situations and people… ask me, I’ll tell you. 🙂  I’ve had many people tell me as much.. and it makes me smile every time.  Not everyone has the luxury of it I’m sad to say.  There is a certain comfort I take in knowing what I am capable and what I’m not… in not having to conform to what and who other people think I should be.  Maybe that is why I feel so free being Ben’s slave… because I know it doesn’t matter what other people think.  I am happy with the life I have chosen… and  would not change it for anything.


Having force of character, will, morality, or intelligence

Since I was about sixteen… I went through a lot of life experiences.. most of them not so pleasant.  Granted, a lot of those situations I got myself into, but they were still not easy.  The thing about tough times I lived through is that I learned from them.  I grew stronger… I chose to be a strong woman that handles what is thrown at her.  It’s not always easy.. but I always do my best to get through things and be better for it on the other side.  I look back on the darker parts of my life and know that because of them, I am who I am today.   Would I have picked those things for myself if given the decision?  Probably not.  But I can’t change those things now… only make the best of what life I have been given.  I am lucky that I met a wonderful man to share my life with… lucky that my life has looked up since then.  I can say that I am the happiest I’ve ever been.  I’ll always be that strong person now… always look deep within myself to help weather the storms that come our way.  The only thing now is… I have my Owner weathering those storms beside me.


Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief
In every way this word describes me.  I am passionate about the things I believe in.. the things I do… and the love I share with my husband.  I feel strongly about a lot of things… and will prattle on about them with deep emotion.    You know what they say… “Live passionately… laugh heartily… love unconditionally”… well that’s me.  No holds barred.  I love deep conversations about things I hold dear to my heart.. about things I don’t understand.  Ben loves how worked up I get over things… it makes him smile.   I love the way he looks at me when I go off on one of my tangents.  I love how he puts up with them… with me.


Having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, esp. in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so

Oh boy.. yes.. I am a stubborn girl.  I will hold onto things… things that make me upset.  I am not as bad as I once was… I’ve come a long way in moving past my hurt feelings.. but I will always be stubborn.  In some ways it is good… as it keeps me from being a push over, but not all positive things have come from my stubbornness.   I severed ties with my brother years ago when he said some very mean and hurtful things to me when I needed my family the most.  He is ever bit as stubborn as I am and so we’ve been dancing that dance for thirteen years.  I vowed not to talk to him till he apologizes… and of course, he has not.  And so, we are estranged to this day as I am sure we always will be.  No part of me wants to rekindle a relationship with him now… not after all this time.  Is that a good thing? I don’t know honestly.  I can only be who I am… and I make no excuses for that.

plea-ser/ pleas′er/ noun

to be agreeable to; give pleasure to; satisfy

Oh boy am I a pleaser!  I go out of my way to make people comfortable and happy.  I don’t like confrontation at all!  Back in the day.. it made me a bit of a pushover because I would give into what others wanted.  I still do sometimes… but its usually on the things I don’t feel strongly about.  On the home front this is a great trait to have as a slave.  There are times where I simply just don’t get something the way I want it… and so I have to relent.  This isn’t often luckily… Ben and I are very much alike and like things just about the same way.  But those times arise where he wants what he wants… and the pleaser in me wants to give it to him.  I want him to be happy and make things the best I can for him.


Willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced

This is a big one for me.  I am so very much a live and let live kind of girl.  If you aren’t hurting anyone (in a bad way), then by all means, carry on.  I think people should have the right to live their life the way they feel happiest.  I may not always understand or agree with someone’s life choices but I will never think poorly of them for it.  After all, we all just have one life to live and we should live it how best suits us.  So many people are caught up with what others are doing and in doing so, miss out on their own lives.  Too many busy bodied people out there trying to bring others down.. it’s just all very sad.  I only wish we lived in a world where everyone accepted each other, warts and all.  We would be a happier race of beings that’s for sure.

So there you have it.. me in six words.  What six words would you choose to describe yourself?  I applaud you if its easy… and applaud you if you have to do some inner searching.  There’s something to be said about knowing who you are and living that out-loud.