It was Sunday evening… I was being particularly sassy throughout the day.  Well.. I’d call it playful… but I guess that’s all perspective isn’t it? At some point I came over to him and laid against him on the couch.  I was doing all the things I know that make him laugh and drive him slightly crazy.  I kept flicking at his lower lip or trying to stick my finger in his belly button.  I wasn’t really trying to upset him… just goof around.  He of course would over power me and pinch me in an attempt to stop me.

I wasn’t stopping though.  I kept going… and he called me on it, telling me how sassy I was being.  I was feeling adventurous or dangerous maybe… and told him he liked it when I was like this.  He looked at me with a smile… but with a strangely stern look in his face and said not as much as I thought.  I bantered back and forth with him for a few more minutes.  I don’t know if it’s just me wanting to see how far I can push my limits… or if I just enjoy playing with him like that.  Either way, he puts up with a lot from me when I’m like that.  I think he allows it because it doesn’t come out to play very often.

At some point he decided we needed ice.. and he wanted ice cream.  I bargained with him and actually got him to go to the store with me.  He drove… and I sat in the passenger seat… my mind wandering off to other things beside our intended mission.  We were a block or two away from the house when I wondered if perhaps he would pull over to the side of the road.  Then I imagined him turning me over and spanking my ass red, right there with cars passing us by.  Part of me wanted him to… but there was the part that didn’t.

And then it occurred to me the difference between he and I.  Had I been him… that’s exactly what I would have done.  Gone out of the earshot of the kids at home… to put my wayward slave in her place… even if it was more playful than a punishment.  I may not have pulled down her capris… but she would have been spanked nonetheless.  I am almost sure that this didn’t even occur to him.  He was probably more focused on the creamy yumminess awaiting him at the store.

We made it to the store…. my ass still flesh toned.  I may not have received a public correction… but at least I got a good story to tell, right?