It was Ben morning to take the kiddo to school.  I was left in bed to snooze and keep the sheets warm.  When he got back he returned to our bed and cuddled up to me.  I smiled to myself in my groggy state… half awake before sighing to myself and attempting to fall back asleep.  I’m not sure if minutes passed or closer to thirty minutes, but I felt has hand glide over my ass and going straight to between my legs.

His fingers probed till they slid into my cunt with little to no effort.  I stayed on my stomach accepting his fingers thrusting into me… listening to the sound of my cunt growing wetter.  He didn’t do this long… I imagine he only did it to make sure that I was prepared to accept what was coming.

He pulled his fingers out… then mounted me… sliding his cock deep inside with a moan of approval from me.  He pumped away immediately.  His hands propped his body weight up on my ass before he moved one to my back, effectively pinning me down.  I loved the feel of his hands on me… the weight of him pressing me down.

This was no act of fucking to please me… but an act of pleasing himself.  If I got pleasure through it… then okay, but that was not what was propelling him.  He fucked me hard… my moaning getting louder as he got closer to cumming.  He thrusted into me over and over… me imagining the look on his face…. the look of lust and delight.  Shortly after he was dumping his cum inside of me and climbing off me.  And like that he was done and cuddling back up to me.  I was rode hard and put away wet.

We slept a while longer, me getting up before him.  I wasn’t up long before he called out to me.  I rejoined him in bed to cuddle some more.  I love mornings like these… where we have no purpose for the day but to just be together.  Like earlier, I was on my stomach.  He was spooning me from behind.  Out of no where he decided he wanted me once more…. not completely sated from before.  He remounted me.. sliding his cock back into my cunt.  This time he was feeling sadistic.

He squeezed my ass hard… then would smack it… all the while fucking me…. pinning me down again.  He paused his thrusting and told me to fuck his cock.  I obeyed.. pushing my body back into him all the while he hurt me.  I cried out in pain in pleasure.. a strange mixture that drove me crazy.  He went back and forth… between me fucking him and him running the show before he told me to turn around and suck his cock.

I turned and plunged my mouth down on his cock.  I apparently wasn’t doing it as he wished, because he grabbed my head and fucked it vigorously.  I choked and gagged but held on like a champ.  I gasped for air each moment I got a chance… and suddenly he was done with my face.  Again, he told me to turn around so another round of abuse and fucking began.

He wet his cock with my cunt… and pulled out.  He pressed against my ass… but at a weird angle.  I moved a little allowing him better entry to my ass… and so he slipped in.  He pushed deeper and deeper till he hit the hilt using only my wetness to fuck my asshole.  My ass is well trained, but it always hurts.  I like it.. strangely enough.  Not in the way that I’m moaning with pleasure… but in the way I know I’m serving him…. and know how much he loves it.  It turns me on in a different way…. I knew that I’d be dripping wet when he was done.

His hands returned to my back…. his rhythm not that of urgency… but that of riding something that feels good and wanting to make it last.  In my head I wanted him to take what he wanted… however long it took…. and other moments I was in pain and just really wanted him to cum.  Mostly I just wanted him to use his slave.  I got something different out of it… a satisfaction that you can’t have without wanting someone to use you for their pleasure.  All the while I tried to stay calm because tensing would only hurt me more.  I cried out in pain every now and then… when it got too much.  I think he likes knowing it… knowing that I’m hurting for him… and I think that’s part of what put him over the edge.  I could feel his body shake against me… the grunting of his relief… the satisfaction of what he needed.

He slid out of my well used ass and laid back onto the bed.  We laid there for a moment… me savoring what I had given him.  I had this strange mix of pleasure and surrealism.  I love where my head goes when he uses me so roughly… its addictive. A few minutes passed before he pulled me into his arms.  He told me how much I please him… which made me smile.  I love hearing his approval… his praise.  It makes me want to endure anything to hear those words…. to make him happy.  We laid there for a bit before he told me it was shower time.  I so badly wanted to cum.. I could feel how wet I was.  I was afraid to ask… I didn’t want to be denied… but I needed the release… and so I went for it.

He asked me why I deserved to cum.  My answer was that I did as he asked without complaining… which caused him to smirk.  He gave his approval…. I thanked him… then rolled onto my back and reached down to my clit.  I was amazed at how wet I was as I dipped into my cunt to wet my fingers.  His hands laid on me… touching me… pinching my nipples.  Words flowed out of his mouth… driving my urgency to cum.  I am sure only a few minutes passed before I rubbed myself to a earth shattering orgasm.  He sighed with approval… loving the fact that he has control over making my body feel that good.  Yes… I love starting mornings like this.

(30 Days of Kink will resume tomorrow… I needed a break!)