I got my May toy in the mail almost two weeks ago and have been trying to get a chance to try it out but the opportunity had not came to me.  Seems like everything was getting in the way these couple weeks.  Luckily, a chance presented itself and we went for it.

When my new blue glass toy arrived, it was wrapped inside a red velvet cozy.  I don’t know why, but I love when toys have their own little carrier.  I instantly was thrilled about it… as I love blue.. and what a lovely shade it is.  It’s appropriately named Amethyst. 

This particular toy gloats that it is a g-spot dildo… but we had other plans for it.  I am sure at some point we will try it as such but we decided to be adventurous and use it in a way that we both enjoy.  And so while Ben was entertaining my pussy… he had me warm the toy with my hands before applying a little lube.  He had given me the impression that he was going to be the one operating it, but decided at the last minute that watching me fuck my ass with this little blue wonder would suit him much better.

And so while he was deep inside of me…. I slid the toy into my ass… and started matching his movements.  It was still slightly cool to touch but not a jarring cold that the glass is normally…. just a perfect sensation.  It wasn’t long before I was begging to cum.  I so love cumming with both my holes filled.  Makes me squirm thinking about it.  To say I enjoyed this toy, is an understatement.  If it works half as good on my g-spot as it did in my ass… I’ve met a new friend.  🙂  I’ll be sure to follow up on that one.

Two big thumbs up for this one!  You can find a variety sex toys to fit any of your needs at Eden Fantasys.  Be sure to check them out!