Day 10: What are your hard limits?

I try not to limit myself to the things I will do… but I am just human and there will always be things I do not want to do.  Obviously… I’d never cut off a limb.. or hurt someone illegally because he said so… but then again, he’d never ask that.

So with that… my limits are as follows:  scat, cutting, needle play, branding, children, and animals.  I am sure there are other things we will stumble upon that makes me go ick.  Those are the big ones that come to mind right now.

Scat: Um.. yeah… it might do it for some people, but not me.  I have no interest in the waste product of the human body.  I wont even go into why… I think it’s obvious to most people.  To each their own I say.

Cutting:  I don’t like the idea of drawing blood just to draw blood.  If it were by chance and on accident, then that is different.  But to intentionally be cut, that just doesn’t work for me.  Knives don’t make my pussy jump for joy.  It makes my stomach flop in a bad way.  Besides, cutting could lead to scarring and I wouldn’t like that very much.  Oh and lets not forget the possibility of infection.  No thanks!

Needle play:  I don’t do well when I have blood drawn… and so just thinking about being poked with a needle makes my anxiety fly through the roof.  I had a really hard time with getting my nipples pierced… but there was something I got out of it.  There is nothing to show for me with needle play.  I don’t want another needle through my nipples…. or through any of my skin.

Branding:  Um ouch!  A metal piece searing a design into my body? Nope.. no.. and no.  I will have to pass.  This could also cause infection… and then it’s forever.  I’ve burned myself before and it hurt like a mother.  Why on Earth would I put myself through that willingly.  Besides, the smell of burning flesh is just plain gross to me.

Children and animals: We will just leave this to the obvious reasons.  I don’t think it needs to be visited.

I am fairly certain that these hard limits will always be that.  I have no want to press these… to push my limits.  And at the end of the day.. I am okay with that.