Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

Back when I first started dabbling with pain.. I became a big fan of floggers.  I loved how they felt hitting my back… the way they reddened my skin… the rhythm of the swings.  To say it’s intoxicating is an understating.  I being the person I am sexually.. wanted more.. to try new things.  And so we looked for new things to bring into our collection.

From there Ben decided he wanted to try something edgier… and thus the birth of the wire hanger.  The sting of it was incredible and very hard to take.  I had a love/hate relationship with it.  I loved the marks… but I struggled so much with the sharpness of the hits.  I loved how deep into subspace it would take me.. but hated how out of control I felt… how scared it would make me.  Funny how I still felt safe.. because he would wield it.  It has become something only used for punishments now.  It makes for a perfect implement for correction.

We decided to look for something more… I bought him a cane next.  I had always been afraid of it.. the terrible bite I had heard of scared me beyond belief.  I figured it couldn’t be worse than the hanger… and was ready to conquer my fears.  I was excited and nervous.  It would only take one session before I fell completely in love with it.  It was suddenly my favorite implement… and was the one I wanted him to use every time.  Who knew?   In all the new toys we’ve added to our collection… nothing has taken it’s place.

As far as other toys.. I had a favorite vibrator for a long time.  It was a yellow Doc Johnson… and I called it Sunshine.. cause it always made me smile.  It was one of the most perfect vibes I’ve ever encountered and aided in many orgasms before it met its untimely demise.  I wish now I had stocked up.  The only one that has come close was an anal vibe we bought last year.  It’s intense…. and I’m quite fond of it.  Then, of course, there is my njoy.  It is hands down the best butt plug out there.

So there you have it.. a run down of my favorite toys in our collection.  I’m sure it will continue to grow over the years. 🙂

Now maybe Ben will use one of our toys to give me birthday spankings today!  If that’s the case… I have 29 plus one to grow on coming!