Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

This is tough… because fantasies bare one’s soul.  I know I do a lot of that here but I always leave a little bit for myself.  I don’t share it all for various reasons.  There’s stuff I’ve fantasized about… and we’ve done I don’t share.  It’s a bit silly really, as being judged by strangers shouldn’t matter, but the fact of the matter is it’s a bit scary.  So because of that… I’ll throw out a few different fantasies of mine that I have… that doesn’t really mean they are interesting or weird.  Just are what they are.

Elevators.  I have a thing for elevators… Ive written about it before.  I always size them up… always wonder if it would work.  This fantasy will probably never come true as the risk is way too high I think.  I had someone offer it to me once but the elevator in question was way too quick.  There’s no way it would’ve worked.  Still, I think it’s really hot to have that rushed feeling of urgency to pull up my skirt… bend over and be taken.  Yum.

FFF threesome.  I came close to this years ago with an old girlfriend of mine.  It didn’t pan out.  It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to do it… to be sandwiched between to two soft women.  I can imagine their hands on me… fingers tracing over my skin… their lips against mine… our breasts touching.  Oh yes… good stuff.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman that can make me feel like that… and to have two of them… yeah… awesome.

Puppy or kitty play.  This is a recent addition.  I don’t really know what it is about it that drives that desire.  It could very well be all about exploring new things that does it… or the objectification of it, being his thing of pleasure.  I have this fantasy that involves being taken to a pet store to buy a collar and leash specifically for this and the slight humiliation of this.  Yeah.. it makes me tingly.  I don’t really have anything other  to expand on this… it just is.

That’s really the only things that come to mind right now.  So much of the things I imagined I’ve had the opportunity to try…. and most have been just as good or better than I expected.  I think I’m pretty lucky that way.  🙂