Day 2: List your kinks.

I like to think of myself as a kinky person… but when it comes to actually listing the things that make me kinky… well that’s a different story.  It’s a bit of work…. like telling someone you’re a good person then being asked what makes you that.  I feel like I just am… and so describing it is hard.  There’s a kink checklist out there… but I think I’m going to go with the big ones and not outline everything that turns me on.  I’ll try my best!

Well I think we should start out with my number one thing… pain.  I make no secret of how much I love pain.  I love a good spanking.  My favorite implement is the cane.  There is something about pain that just does it for me.. that I crave.  I love for Ben to push me past my comfort zone out into uncharted territory.  I long for the head space that only a good beating can give me.

Another big thing for me… is control… or lack there of.  There is nothing like feeling his control over me…. it goes straight to my cunt and makes me ache for him.  My go to for getting myself off… is imagining him watching me rub my clit.  He talks to me… asking questions and making him repeat things that make me slightly uncomfortable.  There is something so sexy about it.  I love knowing that all he has to do is tell me… and I’ll do it.. struggle or not.  It’s incredible really… giving over so much power to another person.

Lately, my big interest has been objectification.  I think it’s a wide range of stuff… but my biggest pull is being used.  I love being used for Ben’s pleasure… just being holes for him to get satisfaction from.  It’s one of those things that just drives me insane.  It turns me on so much but I struggle with it because I want to be taken care of too because of that.  It’s addicting though.. and I look forward to each time he brings this out to play.

Anal is another big one for me.  Several years ago it was one of those things I would do.. but never crave.  Now is completely different.  I love anal.  I love it with and without lube for different reasons.  I love my nJoy plug.  I love Ben stretching my ass.. training it to take his cock with little effort.  We’ve come so far in this.. it’s rare when anal is painful for me now which I think is the change for me in my feelings towards it.

So there’s my biggies.  There’s other little things.. but I really wanted to focus on the ones I like the most.   In the future I’m sure we will develop others as we both really love trying new things.  After all, don’t we all grow and change?