I was freshly fucked… sitting obediently at my Owner’s feet.  He soaked up the feeling of having his cum swallowed… soaking up the feeling of being served well.  He ordered me to lay down on the floor below him.  I followed his direction… laying face down on the floor unsure of his intentions.  He told me to roll over.  I moved quickly then laid back with my legs flat our in front of me.

I looked up him… seeing his knees parted… his softening cock… and then his face.  He had this look on his face… one that is so hard to describe.  Maybe that of superior coolness… like sitting above a performing pet that he’d trained to follow direction exactly as he gave it.  It turned me on even more than I already was.

He told me to make myself cum.. for him.  I kept my eyes on his as I reached down… finding my wet slit waiting eagerly to be touched.  My fingers went directly to my clit… rubbing little circles.  The pace was quickened in no time… as I was eager to give him what he wanted.  I slid my fingers lower into my cunt… I could feel the the wetness around my two fingers.  The sound of my wetness echoed off the walls… louder than anything else it seemed.

“Cum for your Owner… cum laying there on the floor like the good slave you are”, he said… and I could feel my cunt tighten.  The shock waves in my clit were amazing.  And all the while I still watched.. only blinking my eyes a few times.  My mind wandered.. thinking of the words he said… telling myself to cum for him over and over.  I was so close… I could feel it.

Again he ordered me to cum… I was there… like climbing a rock wall… just barely at the top just needing that one last good push up and onto the plateau.  I rubbed faster… my breath shortened by the need to cum… and again he told me to cum.  Just like that, I came… my body shaking with waves of pleasure.   I panted… looking up at my Owner.  He looked pleased as he called me to him.

I moved over to him… laying my head against his thigh.  His hand stroked my hair and face… and I felt completely at ease.  I was swimming in this sea of submission… a perfect moment… the kind I ache for.   A minute or two passed before Ben told me it was time to go to bed.  We climbed into bed… pulling the covers up close to us.  We cuddled close to one another.. and I felt like I was floating.  To say I was happy and satisfied… is an understatement.  I truly love moments such as these.