His hand touches my face… the gentlest of caresses.  I smile instantly… that warm kind of smile, the one that you smile when you know you’re loved.   There’s a softness there… emotion portrayed in the simplest of gestures.  My head rests on his knee…. he strokes my cheek slowly.  And I wait to hear those words….

He sits there… eyes closed in the wake of his own powerful orgasm.  I wait on my knees… a sense of pride deep inside of me.  I love making him feel good.. no matter how long it takes.  It makes me feel just as good as he. His head is back on the couch cushion… I watch his chest rising and falling.  He is savoring the feeling.  I watch his face intently.. soaking up the small gifts of my submission to him.  And again.. I wait to hear those words.

A task set to me… I do them all the time.  From the simplest.. to the most complex.  Cleaning the house… making sure I get dinner done…. wearing my plug for a longer amount of time… doing research on something…  anything.  There are few rewards in doing them… besides the satisfaction of completing something set to me. Many times Ben will thank me and I love that… but what I really wait for is… those words.

Those words… they’d sound so condescending from anyone else.  They wouldn’t have the right ring… and certainly wouldn’t have the right reaction from me.  But from him… they mean everything.  Funny how something so mundane can have that effect. Funny how anyone vanilla.. would think I’m crazy.  For me… his approval is so important.  His satisfaction in what I do is so important.  All I need is to hear him say those words… and everything is right.

He uses them sparingly.  I only assume to not dull my reaction… to keep the weight of them meaningful. Nevertheless.. I wait for them each time it seems appropriate.. because it doesn’t fit everything.  When the time is right… I wait… to hear him say…

“Good girl.”

And I smile… my heart skips a beat… and everything is just as it should be.  His good girl.