Ah… love is in the air! As is the scent of flowers… and chocolate…

This year… I was gifted jewelry. Not just any jewelry.. but something with a lot of symbolism behind it. Some weeks back, Ben had talked about wanting to get me a locking anklet to wear. I am unable to wear my collar to work and he wanted me to have an outward sign of him ownership of me. He set me to the task to find something close to what he had in mind.

I ended up posting in the collar board on Fetlife to see if anyone could suggest where we could find said anklet. The owner of NotNillaDesigns responded saying she could make what he wanted and so Ben contacted her. They planned out exactly what he had in mind and she set to the task of making the anklet that would be wrapped around my leg at all times. I awaited its arrival impatiently. I was excited about having something new from him.

It arrived in the mail on Thursday and I took a picture to show him that it had arrived. I couldn’t wait for him to get home to lock it in place. When he finally did… we went into our room so that he could change out of his work clothes. I stayed patient… not wanting to bug him… and my patience was rewarded. He promptly locked it in place around my left ankle. There it has been since…. jingling as I walk. It makes him smile…. it makes me smile too.

We celebrated Valentines Day Saturday night in true romantic fashion.. and so today will be low key. And you know what, that is fine by me!

I hope everyone has a wonderful love day.. filled with happiness and obviously.. love. Whether it be your partner… your children… your friends.. I hope it is fulfilling in any capacity! And remember… that showing each other you love one another… is an everyday thing… not just a day in February. šŸ™‚

To my darling Ben… I love you more than words can describe… but I know you know that. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me… Happy Valentine’s Day my love! ā¤ eternally yours….. Sierra