Late last night… post poker party at our house.. Ben and I cleaned up.  It didn’t take long before things were back in place.  I had hoped he would attack me… or at least make advancements as I had told him earlier in the day that I had wanted to (and I quote) fuck his brains out.   This didn’t happen.. and I was kind of disappointed to be honest.

We settled into the couch and he brought YouTube up on the television screen.  He searched for music videos and listened as I played on my phone.  He was listening to stuff I don’t really enjoy… so I kind of zoned out.  He said he loved the song that was on.. and how it meant a lot to him… that it reminded him of how our relationship had evolved.  He went back to the beginning to have me listen to it.

I listened… and I couldn’t see it.  He went back again… letting it play.. then stopping it to explain each part.  I could see a little of what he was saying.. but he was obviously getting more out of it than me. It happens.  Music speaks to everyone differently…. and this obviously spoke to just him.  It was so very obvious… as his eyes were glassy with tears.  It was sweet… and melted me.  I love seeing him like that… the soft side that loves me with every inch of himself.   He looked at me… talking to me… his eyes penetrating my soul.

“I know you don’t think I think about these kinds of things, but I do.”, he said… and he meant it.  This odd shock settled over me… maybe it was more of surprise.  I know how much he loves me and how I mean to him… but to hear him express such deep emotion… it’s always amazing.  It warms me so… knowing that he loves the evolution of our relationship.  That his dominance of me… his ownership of me… means just as much to him as my submission to him means to me.  I never fail to be amazed at how alike we are.

It was sweet… and wonderful.  I love that man with all that I am… he never ceases to make me marvel at him.  That’s something special I think. It never gets old.