All that’s missing here is a good spatula to spank her with.. that would make this picture just perfect.  Maybe he makes her hold it while he fucks her… that way she could feel it in her hands.  It would allow her time to anticipate the sting of the impending spanking.  Or maybe he would have her hold it in her teeth… there is something kind of exciting about that thought in my mind. Either way… I think a spatula is needed.


I was out shopping today. I had some Christmas money to spend still. I’m a picky shopper. I can go out and not find anything I really like. I am certainly not going to spend my money if I don’t love it.  I wandered around the store idly. I tried on a few things but nothing looked right when it was actually on me.  Once I exhausted this avenue I wandered over to the shoe section.  I almost immediately found a cute pair of wedges. I tried them on and much to my surprise I still loved them. Score.

I wandered to the kitchen section… as I always do. You never know what gems you will find on the spatula aisle.  A few stood out to me… and so I snapped three pictures, sending them to Ben. He always enjoys pictures like that…. I’m sure his mind immediately starts to plot.  Thoughts of how he’d use them and how he could make me squirm under each implement… or at least, in my head he does this.  In my head when I send the pictures… I think I’m crazy for showing him this new weapon of destruction.  Though in that same thought… I think of how awesome it’ll be to try it out.  I wonder how it will feel against ass… will it leave me sore the next day?  Will it leave interesting marks?  Will it be too overwhelming for me to handle?

He responds to my pictures… and eventually says I should get one… after I’ve left the store.  Luckily I’m still in the parking lot. I pull back into a parking spot.  I tell him I’ve already left and ask if he wants me to go back.  I almost sure he will say yes… and I wait.  Replies a simple yes.  I ask which one.. and just as I send it he tells me I can choose which one. I climb out of the car… a funny little smile on my face. I feel a little put out.. but push it back into the depths of my mind.  This is what he wants…. something so simple… its the least I can do.  All my feelings of being put out… wash away.. leaving only excitement for a new toy purchase.

I wandered back in…. not sure which one to pick. I was torn between two. One I knew for sure I wanted.. it was different than any I’ve had…. and different than the other two which were very similar.  I asked if I could pick two if I couldn’t make a decision.. and was told I could. So I picked up the two similiar ones… one stood out.  It was more sturdy than the other, and obvious necessity in spanking arenas.  And so, I grabbed two.. and headed to the check out.

Now all that’s left is for him to come home.. and see my new purchases.  I can’t wait to try them out… I’m sure he feels the same.  Too bad I have to wait till this weekend to try them out…