Recently… I’ve really started to think about expanding our friends in the lifestyle. I’ve read a few blogs that talked about two Doms getting together with their slaves.  They share friendship and play.  I think that would be wonderful… to have friends we grow close to that we can be intimate with.  I know how hard this would probably be to pull off… to find people we both click with that also have a dynamic similar to ours.  It feels like a pipe dream… but a good one.

Ben and I have few friends… they are good ones though. We are particular about who we let into our lives… maybe too particular.  We have made a handful of lifestyle friends over the years but have since stopped going to munches. I think this limits our chances to making new friends to Fetlife… which seems impossible to make happen.  I think if we went to more events… perhaps we could find this dream of mine.  The thing is.. we aren’t big on events… though I can’t pin down exactly why. So maybe this isn’t really about the issue of making friends.. but more about why I think making friends of this nature would be nice.

Let’s face it… it would be totally hot to have two Dom’s plotting the demise of mine and my fellow submissive’s fate.  I have this vision… kneeling on the ground… next to an almost naked girl. The two of us on our knees… arms behind our backs… waiting for what is to come.  Ben and the other Dom would talk just low enough that we’d not be able to make out what they’re saying on the other side of the room. We’d feel alone and together all at the same time… anxious for something to happen.  Our elbows would brush as we grow tired of waiting… and yet we’d stay put… at the command of the men that own us.  When they finally advanced to us… they’d push us… share us… . push us to the brink of exhaustion and keep taking till they were done.  It would be a wonderful bonding moment for the four of us.  We’d share a unique tie to one another.  She and I would snooze curled up with each other on a spot picked out for us until it was time for us to part.

We would share vanilla stuff…. movie nights at each other’s places… darts… dinners out. Our dynamic would be there… and they’d love to remind us of that at any given moment. We’d be talking and out of the blue commanded to spread our legs at the dinner table.  We’d be cuddled up watching a movie.. then ordered on our knees to satisfy the bulge in their pants.  It would be fun… and it would be fulfilling.

Pipe dream.. maybe… but a fun pipe dream. I could come up with countless scenarios… and I’m sure that two Dom’s could come up with even more.  It makes me squirm to think about… and smile at the same time.