2010.. what a year!  Every new year brings something new and unexpected… little did I or Ben know what lay in store when January 1st rolled over. I had taken my hiatus from blogging at the end of 2009… and didn’t actually start blogging again on this girl’s life until around February.. wait no, March.

The beginning of the year brought nipple piercings.  The first of many things that happened this year I never thought would. I hadn’t ever really had an inclination of wanting them. It didn’t take long before the seed Ben planted grew into a vision of something I wanted as well.  I liked the idea of getting piercings for him… it meant a lot to me to get them for him even if by the time I got them, it was for me as well.

April came… which brought our wedding anniversary. We stayed a weekend in Seattle to celebrate and had a wonderful time.  I love making our anniversaries special.. a way of reliving the day we married in different and special ways. It’s weird how I feel as Ben and I have always been together… and yet only three years of marriage had passed this year.  Though I know many people are like.. yeah… its been a lifetime in a bad way… I say this in such a good way. My life with Ben… its just so wonderful to me (pardon me as this will be another sappy post about how devoted I feel… how happy he makes me). I feel fortunate that we found each other.

May passed which brought mine and my daughters birthdays. It was a busy month… as it always is.  We had a birthday weekend celebration. Saturday kicked it off…. we had our friends over (a couple). We started out with dinner out then headed back to our place. There was booze… there was a board game (that was kind of lame)… and there was our first play session outside of just Ben and I. There wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between the two couples. We watched as our other guy friend topped his girlfriend. It was weird watching that… I had this weird sort sympathy for her.  It was a slow start to what would be our venture into a different life.

After they left… Ben and I continued drinking. I got so drunk that night. We were up till five am… me refilling his glass… and sucking his cock as he watched porn.  I felt so submissive to him that night… and little did I know that in a mere month I would give my will over to him.  That I would surrender my being to his will. It was an amazing night to say the least… I remember it well.   Sunday was spent being hungover.. though we managed to go out to dinner that night.  Monday was my actual birthday. Over all… the weekend was a success… leaving me a year older…. and running fast to a whirl wind that was about to be our life.

June rounded the corner… a date that will be something we will celebrate… for the rest of our lives.  Just as important as our wedding date.  I remember the afternoon well… the day I brought up ownership. I remember being on the couch… feeling that overwhelming submissive feeling again. It engulfed my every being from my head to my mind.  He said he’d never thought about it.. but we’d explore the possibility. On June 13th… we decided… I was his.. and there was no looking back. I have not regretted it one day since.. and I imagine I never will.

August brought vacation with the kids… and back to school. I always look forward to both. We did a variety of things for vacation this year…. but I think they were all enjoyable. Kids had a good time and that’s always important. Our washer broke down during that week… and I have a great memory of Ben and I wringing out wet towels in our driveway… laughing about how ghetto it was.  Its the little things we remember isn’t it?By the end of the month my oldest daughter went into middle school.. and I realized… I’m really not getting younger… and neither are they. Before I know it… our home will be empty and they’ll be off doing their own thing.  Changes… flashing by at crazy rate.

In September.. we had been already sticking our toe into extra relationships. By the middle of the month we had met Ashley… and made her an official part of our relationship. We had so much hope for this relationship… hopes that were never realized as by the middle of November… it was over. Such potential… completely shot out of the water.

October brought my youngest daughter’s birthday and Halloween. Another busy and stressful month. It was the beginning of a busy three month stretch of holidays.  We had a great Halloween party that was the best one we’d ever thrown.  Its strange telling all the people you know that the girl with us.. was indeed our girlfriend.. would’ve ever thought? Hopefully one day… we’ll be able to have someone else special to introduce to our friends.

Thanksgiving came and passed as did Christmas.. and now we find ourselves on the new year’s door step. I cannot believe all that has transpired this year. It has been a good year I think. I feel like we have grown so much in our relationship… as individuals. I look forward to what 2011 holds for us. What adventures and trials we will face. I look forward to growing in my submission to my Owner. There is so much I still have to learn… I know I’ll never stop learning. Whatever it brings… I will be by the side of Ben…. striving to make him happy.. to please him.   If I can do that… then I can do anything… survive anything.. all because I am his… and he loves me.  What more could I ask for?