Christmas Eve night:

We had worked that day… came home and readied ourselves to spend the evening with the family. I primped my girls and made them even more beautiful than they already are then turned my attentions on myself. By the time Ben got home and showered we were all ready. He came out of the bathroom smelling like heaven… I love when he wears cologne.

We drove in the rain to the parents house… and once inside we wasted no time stepping into action. We always take family pictures before we open presents and so we did many arrangements of everyone…. just my girls… all the kids… brother and sister and law with their son… just the brother and sister in law… parents… all of my family… and so on. After I hide away with the stocking stuffers that Grandma and I had bought for the girls. I filled the stockings and then laid them out in front of the tree. We’ve never pushed the Santa idea… I dunno why… it just didn’t seem right to me. In fact my youngest daughter asked this year if Santa was real. I asked her what she thought.. she said she thought I was Santa. I told her I dunno.

Anyways… we all sat around in our big circle… my brother in law handed out presents.  One by one they were opened.  Ben stood behind me.. his back was sore.. and sitting wasn’t a good idea for him. We texted each other back and forth little comments about stuff. Occasionally he’d grab my collar… and this warm feeling would rush over me… I’d smile. And then… it came.

“At the top of every hour tomorrow you will get 10 hits on each cheek with a different implement each time. All day until we go to sleep”

I liked the idea… he had promised me play time on Christmas and I had been looking forward to it… but with his back acting up… that was looking very unlikely. He told me he didn’t want to let me down… that he had every intention of taking care of his possession (smile).  I wasn’t going to get the long beating I was accustomed to but he was thinking on his feet so to speak and I was looking forward to it.  I replied… and smiled.

“If we wake up at 10:55, they start at 11:00”

I accused him of being a meany… but he knew I liked it. The night waged on and we headed home around 10:00, full and tired. We stayed up a bit longer to decompress but the days business had taken it’s toll… it was bed time. When we made it to bed we curled up to each other.. wished each other a Merry Christmas as it was after midnight already… and drifted off to sleep.

Christmas Day:

We woke up a little after ten… I felt groggy still as his hands wandered. This is not to say that I wasn’t accepting of Christmas morning sex… because I was. He took his time awaking my body fully… making each nerve end stand to attention before he headed south. His fingers glided over my pussy making me squirm a little. It took him no time to find my clit… rubbing it like only he can.. building the first of several orgasms I would have. My hand gripped his pillow.. the way I always do when I’m about to cum.  When I was there.. on the brink of exploding… I asked to cum… which was so graciously approved.

When the waves of pleasure subsided a bit… he climbed on top of me.. sliding deep inside of my cunt. He stayed there until he too came… then collapsed into me. I wrapped my arms around him… feeling him pressed against me… still buried deep inside of me… it was amazing. When his breathing returned to normal he sat back up…staying between my knees. He was going to make me cum again… most likely a couple more times.  I kept my legs spread for him as his fingers slipped into my pussy…. using our combined wetness to cover his fingers. He worked slowly until his hand submerged into me. As always, it felt amazing… he has my body conditioned to take just about anything he throws my way.

I asked to touch my clit…. and when my request was granted we worked together… building the most wonderful orgasm I’d felt all morning. He wasn’t done as I panted afterwards….. he pressed on… pushing me to where he wanted me to go.  Two more orgasms were had before I was exhausted and sore from all the attention.  Before long… he was up next to me… pulling me close to him. We laid there blissfully unaware to the rest of the world… only we existed.

After a bit we got up and cleaned up.  Ben brought out the tools of destruction for the day and laid them in a chair.  It wasn’t quite time for the first round.. and so we opened our presents for each other. We had decided we wanted to exchange with each other on the day off. I pulled his four boxes (there was five but he opened one the night before) out and sat them on the table. He opened his first and seemed quite pleased with his gifts. I opened my next…. though I knew what my big one was already as I had picked it out. Needless to say.. we were both happy.

Before we knew it… it was time to bend over the couch. I asked which implement he wanted… he said I could pick. I chose the smallest of the bunch.. it was too early to break out anything too big.  I bent over his side of the couch… he pulled up my shirt exposing my ass to him. I’m not sure if it was early but it seemed like he was not holding back as he swatted me ten times. Just as I thought it was done, he moved to the other cheek. I asked if it was two sets… as I didn’t remember it being two sets… apparently it was. So my ten swats were actually twenty… it was going to be a long day.

I went and made breakfast after… Ben came and helped. We chatted and enjoyed the morning together.  We’d never had a full Christmas alone… and as it was wonderful… later on in the day I did begin to miss my girls.  By the time I finished making breakfast it was spanking time again. I chose a different tool this time… the second to smallest. I was going to build up to the more ouchy of things…. though.. deep down.. I was going to avoid the crop like the plague. No thanks.

After the next set of twenty was applied… I dished us up breakfast and we dined. The next hour passed just as quickly as the one before it… amazing how that happens. This would be the theme of the day.  It’s weird how it felt like the day was long.. yet the hours passed so quickly. I found myself picking the smaller implements through out the day. Ben wished he had made a rule that I had to use them all before I could repeat and teased me that rules can be changed at his discretion. He didn’t though. I wanted to tell him a few times that I wasn’t going to use the crop but I feared he’d make me use it.

I only cried once… after I picked the big ass pancake spatula.  That thing packs a wallop… I’m telling you… holy crap.  There were a few times I was close other times though. I did a lot of complaining that it hurt and dancing around each time. He stepped up the swats each time I would repeat an implement… but I couldn’t help it!  Twenty singular swats is different than a long play session… its so broken up. It’s so different. In some ways it seemed more painful. Maybe it’s all in my head.

As the day wore down… I was starting to tire.  I was less eager to get up…  even if I would. I’d joke with him.. but we both knew I’d bend over and take what he gave me.  By the last set at 11:00 I was tired… I was ready to be done.  After the last ones… I laid down on the couch.. my head on his leg… and fell asleep. Ben woke me up when he was ready to go to bed.

Once in bed… he asked if I had a good day…. and I had. It was a lot of fun and being alone all day was nice as well. He said we would probably do this again as he very much liked it. I’m sure the rules will be different next time… especially after reading this. Thinking back.. maybe I should take out the crop parts (haha). That damn crop packs a sting that I’m not real fond of. It shoot through my body in this jolting sort of way. It’s probably my least favorite implement we have.

We kissed.. talked for a few minutes then curled up to go to sleep. I had twelve sets of spankings… all in all 240 total swats. I’m sure I get that in one play session… but I’d never thought of it before. That sounds huge to me. It’s amazing to me that how tiring that it was.. who knew that it’d be that way?  I know I didn’t. This was a first for us… and I’m happy to say it was all Ben. That makes it even more special to me. It makes me feel good that even when his back hurt.. he still looked after me… and my needs.  To me… that is love and devotion. He put himself aside to do this… and that is just wonderful to me.  It makes me feel so looked after and loved. I would have been fine waiting… as it wouldn’t be the first time I had… but this was important to him. I will hold that memory in my mind for the rest of my life. That Christmas where my needs were met on his terms. It’s good stuff.

So that was our Christmas… I hope all of yours were equally as wonderful no matter what you did. 🙂