So it seems we have come full circle once more…. and find ourselves neck deep in the holidays. It seems so odd that Christmas (or which ever holiday you and yours celebrate) is upon us once more. It seems the older I get the faster it arrives. When adults said as a child that time passes so quickly.. I always thought they were crazy. Christmas seemed to take years to arrive… and yet… now I understand.

I understand the stress of making it all come together between presents.. family get togethers… and dinners. As a kid, its just a magical holiday filled with fun songs and presents…. and now.. I see it so differently.   Now it’s a time to spend with the ones I love (and ones I tolerate lol). It’s a time to look passed all the stresses… and just love. To truly experience the gift that the holidays really are.  Yes.. there’s a lot of not so fun things about this season… but the good stuff far outweighs the bad in my opinion.

Tomorrow I’ll finish up my last day of work and then I’ll have a three day weekend. We are having our family get together tomorrow night. The kids will stay with the grandparents that night so they can be with their Dad on Christmas day leaving Ben and I alone. We have a day of relaxing… connecting with each other… and some Christmas spankings planned. It should be a lovely weekend… a nice mixture of us time and family time.

So put on your Christmas tunes… grab a glass of egg nog… and pull the family close. Before you know it, it will have passed us by yet again and all that you’ll have left are the empty boxes, new toys, and memories left till next year. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

❤ Sierra