And now for some non D/s related stuff…

There is something about reading blogs… at least, I think so. It’s funny how when you read a blog.. especially one you follow for an extended period of time…. how familiar you feel to the author. I know that a blog is just a small snippet of someone’s lives.. but it’s easy to fall into a comfortable knowledge of said blogger.

For me.. I’m mostly a lurker of blogs. I rarely ever comment.. mostly because I don’t have anything to say or add to what was already said.  It’s not that I don’t want to.. it’s just how I feel most comfortable. And so.. it’s easy for me to forget that these bloggers I read don’t really know anything about me.. that I know more about them.

I think its odd how familiar I feel when I read.. especially ones I’ve been following for years. Take for instance.. one of the first blogs I started reading some years ago… I think I’ve commented on once?  She just recently had a baby.. and I of course followed the whole journey to the birth. It was this that made me realize that she didn’t know who I was.. and yet I knew details about her life that some of her own family didn’t. It’s odd really. The comfort we bloggers have when we put our story out there. There are things we put out in electronic format that we wouldn’t dare share with most, if not all, of the people we know in the real world.

I think that makes us a strange little family… even the ones that don’t know each other. We have something in common that binds us together. No matter our reasons for blogging.. we all do. Our own little secret society.. whether we know each other or not.