I went to bed last night.. wanting Ben. Wanting him in the way that fulfills me… but more in a way of needing to please him… to satisfy him.  I felt this deep need inside of me to have his cock in my mouth.. it was all I could think of. I tested the waters… stroking my fingers on his thigh. Ages seemed to pass before I was brave enough to move my hand to see if my efforts were going noticed. When I did, I was met with a hard cock awaiting my touch.

I touched him… teasing him… and hoped that he wouldn’t order me to pleasure him. I wanted to ask.. but I wanted to build up to the moment of asking. Luckily he didn’t ask… and so when I was ready.. I asked. Permission was given… I kissed his side… then got to my knees.

My lips slid down his shaft slowly.. I wanted to savor it. I wanted him to savor it. His hand roamed… fingers sliding over my ass, tracing the curve of it. His touch made me shiver a bit.. but I stayed focused.  I worked him over.. keeping it fresh… different speeds… adding my hands to keep his attention.  He did his own share of focusing… plunging his fingers deep inside of me… sending sounds of my wetness bouncing off the walls. There is no room left to wonder if I love sucking him…. the only proof needed is the wetness that gives me away.

As good as it felt… my focal point was still him. I would have been perfectly happy making him cum right then and there though he had plans off his own.  He told me to ride him… and so I climbed on top. I straddled his hips and he slipped into me with ease. I bounced up and down… mixing in some grinding against his hips. He teased my nipples… tweaking them between his thumb and forefinger. And then he asked…. he asked if I wanted to cum. I peddled around my answer. I wanted to, yes.. but I wanted to give him my full attention. If he really wanted me to cum, then I would… but as I told him… this was about him… not me.  He seemed to love that answer.

He told me to suck his cock some more… and directed me between his legs. I wrapped my arms around his thighs and took him back into my mouth almost in the same motion. It was clear to me… he was ready to cum. I pulled out all the moves that I know work.. the ones I use when he’s ready.. and not just wanting to enjoy the sensations of my mouth. Before long my efforts were rewarded with spurts of cum filling my throat. I swallowed… and continued sucking. I was gentle but wanting to draw out the feeling of release. He humored me for a few minutes before telling me it was enough. I stopped.. but let out a little whimper of unhappiness.

I laid my head against his inner thigh for a few before he wanted me at his side. I crawled up and buried my head in his side. I was so turned on I could barely handle it. I wasn’t going to dare to ask to cum…. I said this was about him.. and I meant it. I didn’t give myself fully to manipulate him to get what I wanted.  Of course, I wanted to be rewarded for my efforts.. but it didn’t matter if I was. I had done my job.. fulfilled my desire to give him pleasure.  When he said it was time to get ready to go to sleep… I was a bit sad.

He knew I wanted to cum… he could read it all over me I’m sure… and asked as much as we had climbed out of bed. I couldn’t look at him.. I felt very submissive.. very in my place. I was honest… that of course I wanted to cum.. how could I not after doing all that? I didn’t push for it… it was his decision. He asked what I would do if he didn’t let me… and I responded with… that I wouldn’t be cumming that night. He responded by asking how I wanted to cum. On my back. He instructed me to go ahead.

I climbed back on the bed… but was not followed by him. He stood at the end of the bed, looking over me like an instructor standing over a nervous student trying to show him all the things learned in the class.  It made me a little self conscious.. being laid out in front of him so exposed.. so open.  My fingers went to my clit and started to rub as I pushed through the feeling of nervousness of being the center of attention. He stood there… our eyes locked… I watched his facial expressions… looking up and down him.. his cock semi hard still. He was a vision.  He told me to cum… to cum for my owner. I rubbed faster and faster.. till I couldn’t keep my eyes open.. till I disappeared into the feelings that were building in my cunt. I could still hear him… his words.. his command when the orgasm hit me like a wave on the shore.

I laid there… breathing heavily… feeling the beating in my chest.. and the throbbing in my pussy… totally thankful for what he had allowed me. Without the permission.. I would have laid in bed for hours… thinking about nothing but wanting to cum. Now I could rest easy.. sated.. because of him. I crawled to him… and leaned into him, thanking him. He knows his property well… and takes quite good care of said property.

Even this morning I was left from the high of serving Ben. We talked about it… and I could still feel that happy little feeling inside. It made me want to rush home and do it all over again. I only hope he will allow my affections again tonight.