The other day I told Ben that I had thought about what it would be like to be the one in charge. To be able to tell him what to do.  I know I’d never be able to do it (beside the obvious.. he’d never go for it reason) because it wouldn’t feel right. But there is the little part of me that thinks it would be so awesome. I’d be able to do whatever I wanted… and give him rules and see if he can keep up with them.

My biggest want… to be in charge of when he can get off.  However, that would backfire I think… as he is not nearly as sexual as me.  In the same line of thought… it could go completely different. I mean, the whole.. want what you can’t have kind of thing. That… my friends… is what I’d be after.  I would torment him… I’d make him painfully aware that he couldn’t cum when he wanted.  I’d have so many ideas prepared for him…

Oh the joys of being in charge even if only for a week… would be fun… because it’d be short enough that the weight of in the top position wouldn’t be too heavy. AND I’m sure it wouldn’t give me too much time to let it go to my head. It’d be ideal…. in theory. It’s like vacation… its fun for a little while but man is it nice to go home… to sleep in your own bed.

Alas.. this is only a fantasy.. because as Ben so eloquently put it… that’s never going to happen. That certainly makes me happy to hear… mostly because some dreams shouldn’t be lived.  But hey, a girl can dream.