You know the say… don’t challenge your Dominant… he will take you up on said challenge. Last weekend he told me to purchase a ginger root when I was out grocery shopping. I believe his original plan was to use it that night as he had wanted to play with our asses. I told him that the root needed some fridge time so that changed the plan.

That left this weekend.  There wasn’t a lot of lead up to it… which was fine. I had a busy day at work and so wouldn’t have had too much time to focus on leading texts. Ben did send me a preparation text letting me know how he wanted me when he arrived home.

When I got home.. I showered and readied myself. I watched a movie as I waited for him to get home. As I heard him in the driveway I pulled off my tshirt and tossed it aside, kneeling naked in our living room. I waited as porn played on the television… but didn’t watch. I looked at the ground.. listening to him behind me. I was freezing… it took everything in me not to tremble from that cold.

When he came to me… he had striped down to nothing. His hands traced over my skin… over my nipples that were hardened from the frigid air.  He was so intimately in my bubble… so sweet… it made me melt. I could feel his cock poking into my back…. just ask he pushed me forward and dipped into my pussy. He fucked me with little to regard to my comfort… and I liked knowing that I was there to satisfy him.

When he was done, he gave me two tasks to complete while he showered.  I stayed on my hands and knees until he left the room… then hurried to finish the chores he had given. When I was done I bowed down in front of the bathroom door and waited. I was aware of everything he was doing from the sounds that echoed from the room. I could almost picture all the stuff he was doing… from putting on his deodorant to brushing his hair before he exited.  He bent down to me… telling me I was his good girl. If I were a cat.. I would have purred.

He walked me to the living room on my hands and knees. Sitting down on the couch… he pulled me to him to pleasure him with my mouth while he watched the images on the screen.  I do very much enjoy doing that while he watches porn. It was always a fantasy of mine… and now I get to live pretty frequently. It never gets old.

I worked him over as he sat there… his hands to his side never once touching me with his hands. I could feel how wet I was getting from it… and it made me feel all warm and tingly inside…. even if I wasn’t warm on the outside. I sucked his cock until I felt this frantic need inside of him being pushed out… he was going to cum.  He was going to use my mouth as a receptacle.  As his sperm emptied into my throat I choked and sputtered trying desperately to swallow it all. Once I was done… I licked out a few drops that I’d lost.

I laid my head against him… and he reassured me we weren’t done for the night. A few minutes passed and he decided my ass needed warming. I turned… leaving my ass in the air as he went through several different implements.  I was trying hard to stay on top of the pain he was giving but there is something about being cold that makes it harder. Ben and I agreed that its probably because my muscles are tensed which makes it harder to manage what he gives me.

After a little warming… he sent to me to the kitchen after a knife and ginger root. I did as I was told also grabbing a plastic bag to capture the peel off the root.  I rejoined him… sitting the things he asked for on the floor.  He handed me the bag and set to the task of peeling it. I wasn’t nervous… surprisingly.. just sat there watching him remove the skin to expose the flesh inside. He asked me what I though after he was done… I felt it… and pointed out a few spots that needed to be improved on.

When it was perfectly smoothed out and rinsed off.. he asked if I was ready. I was… and still not nervous. In hind sight… I should have been. I turned and put my ass in the air.  He touched the root to my ass… reminded me to relax… and started slowly working it in. Once it was half way in.. I could feel a tiny bit of warmth. By the time it was all the way in… the warmth was a little more intense.

Ben went to work on my ass… causing me to clinch each time the tool he used made contact with my skin. I was starting to feel panicky.  The heat was majorly intense already. I’m not sure if it was the juice that rolled down to my clit… over the lips of my pussy.. of it was the hook of the ginger pressing into my cunt that was burning. I couldn’t differentiate the two… all I knew was that it was on fire.  Just inside my ass was too… like a hot poker being shoved into me.

The tears broke… I was feeling out of control. My breathing was rapid and Ben could tell I was spiraling into disarray. He talked to me.. telling me to breathe… to calm down… that he owned me… and I was okay. I’m pretty sure at this point less than five minutes had passed… and already, I hated that damn ginger. It was more than I could take… and that’s saying a lot. I begged for him to take it out… I needed for him to take it out… please. He said two more minutes… and I groaned. Two minutes? I wanted it out then but like everything else, it wasn’t up to me. I was going to have to deal with it even if I didn’t want to.  I’m sure this is was a reminder (like I could forget?) of who was in charge. I asked for this after all… we would end on his terms, not mine.

I pushed through the heat in my ass… I was in melt down mode… I wanted so badly to be done.  I was for sure I was done…. I begged again for it to be removed… and yet there was still a minute left.  These seemed like the longest minutes of my life!  The burning was so overwhelming. I hated the fact that I knew it wouldn’t just completely subside the moment he took the ginger out… but it had to be less than what I was feeling in that moment. I pushed through the tears…. though I will admit that I was struggling big time.

When the two minutes passed, he told me to relax… and he slowly pulled it out. I was right about it not dissipating immediately but it was much better than when it was firmly planted inside of me. He pulled me to him… letting me cry against me. He asked if I wanted to go to bed and cuddle… I did. I hadn’t wanted that before. Before I wanted a thorough beating.. one I’ve been needing for some time. There would be no way I could have focused on a beating after being figged.. no way.. no how.

We climbed into bed… he pulled me close to him. He let me cry… it was what I needed. When I calmed down… he asked if I was going to be wanting to do that again. My answer was a resounding no. I thought for sure I was going to like it… and turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.  He told me he was so proud of me for trying it… that he’s proud that I’m always up for trying new things. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed on how it turned out.  I had pushed so hard to try figging… I kept mentioning it… and when I got it… I lasted less than ten minutes. Maybe even five. I was disappointed in myself to a point… I liked that he was proud… but it was hard to see why he would be.

He kept talking to me… telling me that all that mattered was that was proud and that I shouldn’t feel bad about it. I think he’s right…now.  I did try it…. and just because I didn’t like it.. didn’t make me me failure at it.  It just didn’t turn out to be my cup of tea.  There is no shame in being wrong… I couldn’t have known what it would really be like.

I had no idea I would have such a strong reaction to figging.  Ben and I had done plenty of research and such on the topic before we actually acted on it. There was such a broad spectrum of how people reacted to it… from a little tingle…. to a full on burning sensation. I guess I was on the far end… because it burned like hell.  I certainly never want to do it again… not even to see if it was just a really good root.  As the burn was disapating.. I already started to question if that was how I really felt… how quickly my mind forgot.  Even if my ass was feeling like that wasn’t too bad after all… my mind knows it was that bad after all.

So over all… it was a success… in that now I know that I don’t like it. You never know what you will and won’t enjoy unless you try it… and in doing so… I am educated. Experienced. Just for that feeling… it was worth it. Tonight may not have turned out like we had planned… but so many things in life don’t. I think its important to roll with the punches and take life as it comes.  Now I guess it’s time to find something else to fantasize about… to long for.  For now… that’s game… set… match.

My review…. thumbs down (haha).