taboo (adj)

1: forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers
2 : a banned on grounds of morality or taste <the subject is taboo> b : banned as constituting a risk <the area beyond is taboo, still alive with explosives — Robert Leckie>
To many people.. getting a tattoo of someone’s name on their body would be taboo.  It’s a mostly permanent thing… getting it removed from my understanding is painful and expensive so you’d better like what you are getting inked into your skin. Chances are… you’re going to the grave with it.
See the thing is… when you immortalize someone else on your body…  you just never know what the future holds. Will that person cheat on you which makes you decide to leave the relationship? What if you devote decades of your life to that person only for the two of you to grow apart? No matter if that relationship ends or not, the tattoo is still with you… serving as a constant reminder of that person.
Don’t get me wrong… that constant reminder can be a good thing. The point I’m making is that choosing to put someone else’s name on your body is a big decision.  It’s not something I’m sure I could do myself.  No matter how sure I am.  With that said… that hasn’t stopped ideas creeping in my head. Maybe not his name per say… but a tattoo of ownership just the same.
Ive seen it all over the BDSM themed sites. I’ve seen the pictures of the mark of ownership… I’ve read posts about them… questions about them… brands and tattoos alike.  I’ve read the emotion it draws out of people… how deeply both submissives and slaves want to wear the proof that they belong to their Owner.  I can’t help but to identify with that idea. In ways, that kind of surprises me… as I’ve always said I’d never get someone’s name tattooed on my body. I guess it just goes to show, people change.
I wonder what it would be like.. knowing that I’d forever wear on my skin the evidence that I belong to Ben.  There’s a special feeling that comes from that thought. I’ve thought of the process… if he’d pick it out… or if we would decide together. Where would it be placed on my body?  Would he taunt me with it as the day approached? Would I dread the impending pain or embrace it fully? Would it turn me on to no end?  Would it turn him on to no end?
I think my biggest question is, though, would I be at peace with it? I know I would be excited.. but in the back of my mind… the fact of the matter would be I was putting something on me I couldn’t get rid of. When the excitement wore off… what feelings would be left in the wake?  I’d like to think I’d be overjoyed… filled with a special sort of pride and gratefulness.  I would have something that no one else in the world had… it would be special. There would be no mistaking that he owned me… as the proof would be on display for all to see.
I’d love to be able to give him that… that much trust… and faith. I’d love to surrender to him something of such magnitude.  I think something like that has such power… its such a gesture of devotion… of commitment. I can only imagine the mental places it would take me to.  It would only further reaffirm what I already feel in my heart and mind… that I am his. I belong to him in every way that I possibly can… so why wouldn’t I want a visual reminder of that?
Of course, this is only talk. There has been no talk of such ideas thus far, and that’s okay.  I’m not sure what motivated me to talk about it out loud. Or write about it should I say?  All I know is that it does make me smile to think about and if that’s all that comes of this post… well hey… smiling is good for the soul.