Today was one of those lazy days. We slept in… and nothing is better than waking up naked next to the man I love. We had an appointment we had to make at 11:00 am and it was already just past ten. I was on my back… Ben was on his side pressed up against me… his hand on my throat. I love the delicious tingle that causes.. and he knows how much I love it. He knows the reaction it always causes.

I lifted my arms up above my head… my wrists crossed… his hands found them… holding them in place.  His other hand found it’s way to my pussy… rubbing it… grabbing it and making me gasp in pain. He had me suck him after the lust was too much to handle. I took him into my mouth… taking such pleasure in pleasing him. Oh how I love sucking his cock.

It wasn’t long till his cock was deep inside of me… sliding in and out… causing me to cry out with passion. Time was ticking away.. and I’m sure it was in the back of both our minds… but we still were both lost in each other.  He pounded away at me till he came deep inside of me. There was only a few minutes to cuddle before it was time to get our butts in action.

We showered and hurried off to our appointment then followed it up with lunch. After we headed home… we stripped back down and climbed into bed. We cuddled up close enjoying being alone. We had been needing some good quality time together as of late. So much has been going on with family and Ashley that we were needing some us time. I think it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the comings and goings of our life that it’s easy to lose time for just the two of us. We had the chance and we were going to take it.

We laid around and cuddled… I teased him about falling asleep. He said he couldn’t help it… he was just so comfortable laying next to me. That didn’t stop me from joking around with him. We moved around.. changing positions… till I was curled up to him. My thumb brushed around his nipple making him stir. He certainly wasn’t falling asleep now.

Once again he told me to suck his cock and I was only happy to oblige him. My lips wrapped around him… moving up and down slowly… tongue grazing the top side gently. My fingers groped his balls… bringing him dual pleasure.  Minutes passed as I used my mouth on him… changing it up.. speed… suction… pressure. I’d add my hand with the suction… then take it away only leaving my mouth. After a while I was rewarded with him cum. I swallowed every last drop.. continuing my work on him. I kept it gentle.. I knew he was sensitive. I wasn’t done though… not for me.. but for him.

After I had slowed… and then stopped… I joined him. I curled up under his arm… feeling ever so owned. I didn’t want anything in return… I felt completely at peace knowing that my Owner had been taken care of… that his need was sated. I smiled… being there with him… post pleasure. We laid like this.. until we both fell asleep… happy being with one another.

We dozed for a while… when I awoke… I felt a familiar arousal nagging at me. He had me spooned… and his cock was so close to my ass… I ached to feel it. I tested the waters… I wasn’t sure if I would be successful. He had came twice today already… I just might very well be pushing my luck. It’s been a very long time since we’ve spent a day in bed…. and I was going to use it for its worth.

I teased a bit… then went for it… putting my lips on his nipple again. He seemed really receptive to my advances made me oh so happy. He asked if I wanted to suck his cock again… I, of course, wanted to. What can I say? I’m cock hungry. *grin*. I went back for round three only this time… he teased my ass. He didn’t actually touch where I wanted him to, though. In my head I was shouting for him to stick his finger in my ass. My heart was racing… I so needed him.

When it finally became too much.. I begged him to fuck him ass. It was almost too much for me to handle… that need it crippled me. It was all I could think about when finally he agreed to give me what I so badly lusted after. He put me on my side… lubed up… and pressed into me. I gasped as he spread me. He pressed until he was completely buried inside of me. It felt amazing. He pumped away… my body responding most appreciatively. I could feel the orgasm growing in me… I pushed back against him in unison. When I got to the edge of cumming… I cried out for him to allow me to cum.

He barked to cum… and I slipped over the edge of gratification… him fucking me all the way through. When I came back down… and he was done with me… I asked him if I could cum again. He graciously granted one more release. I rolled onto my back.. my fingers found my clit and rubbed furiously. He kept telling me to cum… his fingers rubbing the inside of my thighs and my cunt. It didn’t take long till I was on the brink again… and told him so just as I came really hard once more.

I panted… trying to catch my breath. We embraced. I felt like I was floating. I was in this lovely submissive place. I love that he can take me to that place in so many different ways. I love that it doesn’t just take a beating… but that he can get there without much more than being in control of me.  He knows me so well.

Today was so amazing. It was so nice just to be together with no distractions. I feel like we regrouped. It was what we really needed I think. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do… it makes me feel like we can take on the world.. like nothing is too much for us to handle. I love that I have such an amazing partner… one I can share my life with. What an amazing day indeed.