Last month Sin wrote about figging…. and about her first experience with it. It wasn’t the first time I had heard of it… but it certainly made me feel differently about it. I never had much interest in it… I just kind of shrugged it off as just something else people did, but wasn’t something that made its way onto my to-do list. After reading what she wrote…. I had a very different look on it.

The Art of Figging she wrote about piqued my interest. I do love trying new things… and I love anal and this just seemed like a cool thing to do all of a sudden. It incorporated two things I enjoy… so hey, why not.

I didn’t say anything to Ben. I just let it stew in my mind… until the next day when she posted about her first experience. Let’s just say… after that I was totally wanting to try it. Her story left me totally horny… so much so I texted Ben at work with the link for him to read. I told him it was something we had to try…. that the idea of it made me really wet. He agreed that if I had that reaction, then yes, by all means we should try it.

I find that now it is my biggest obsession. I cannot wait to try it. I keep bringing it up to no avail. Anytime we are in a grocery store I have to swing by produce and check out the ginger root. I have even joked about him picking on out. Well.. sort of joked. I really want him to just do it. I want to know what its like from my own perspective. I want to know if I love it or hate it.. I want to add it to my list of things I’ve done like a badge of honor. I want to know when it’s coming…. I want to be have a date in my mind… something I can hold onto. I want to have experienced this by the end of 2010. I think that’s a realistic deadline.

See the thing about me is that when I set my heart on something… I rarely give up on them. I think about them all the time… mull them over… hope for them to come. I think it makes me a bit pushy sometimes…. I try not to be annoying about it. I feel like I need to remind him sometimes as all my whims aren’t always in the forefront of his mind.

I want him to know I’m serious about trying it.. and that it’s important to me. Sometimes he and I will both really want to do something… and yet time passes and it doesn’t happen.  I want for us to move past this… to be more aggressive about trying the things that turn us on. How ever will we know if it really does it for us if we don’t actually try it. Fantasies are great… but I prefer living them out.

So we shall see what the next two months holds… if it holds more waiting or if it holds some ginger deep in my ass. I hope that it’s the second option.  Trust me… I know if it’s good or bad… it’ll be fun getting there.. and a great story to tell.